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2006-08-25[124826] mgolubev - Support nodes with border itemsatikhomirov2-1/+25
2006-08-24[154687] mgolubev - Support scalable polygonsatikhomirov12-2/+199
2006-06-26show components of data structure in label textdstadnik3-6/+6
2006-06-13Added about.html to all plug-ins per
2006-06-12#144264 ClassCastException when opening remote fileashatalin1-1/+31
2006-05-25[mgolubev] #143222 Remove 'Nodes Diagram Label' menu itematikhomirov1-2/+14
2006-05-23#140887 Remove Child interface from GMFGraph.atikhomirov9-52/+114
2006-05-17#139127 Provide an option for labels to display node icondstadnik33-1/+188
2006-05-17workaround to deal with unwillingness to have create Label command for canvas...atikhomirov1-1/+58
2006-05-17regenerated with EMF RC3 to fix illegal thread access issueatikhomirov1-19/+62
2006-05-14overriding recent changes introduced (along with fixing #133836) in GMFMap mo...atikhomirov2-1/+1
2006-05-03regenerated with EMF RC2atikhomirov2-194/+417
2006-05-02properties regenerated, few old properties removedatikhomirov1-208/+1
2006-05-02#132015 translation issues - reorganize file to explicitly state what keys ne...atikhomirov1-44/+2
2006-05-02[mgolubev] #139139 Compilation error in the generated diagram code if Diagram...atikhomirov1-1/+2
2006-04-20#136877 Provide inital offset from the host link for the link labeldstadnik6-0/+203
2006-04-20#135017 use geographical constants from PositionConstantsdstadnik1-1/+4
2006-04-12Added dependency version ranges.rgronback1-7/+7
2006-04-10[mgolubev] #135017 Respect resize constraints defined in .gmfgraphatikhomirov1-0/+1
2006-03-15regenerated with M5. Completely clear to get rid of outdate...atikhomirov48-238/+186
2006-03-07BasicFont extends Font, finally ;)atikhomirov5-0/+20
2006-03-07no need to show resolved childrenatikhomirov1-21/+0
2006-03-02EMF-generated wizards moved under GMF categoryatikhomirov2-6/+1
2006-02-27Updating .genmodel in accordance with latest changes in gmfgraph model.ashatalin9-194/+5
2006-02-24need access to figure/figure ref's parent for DMGT's check of external label ...atikhomirov1-0/+1
2006-02-22#129047 get rid of explicit edit/label features, use generic and feature-rich...atikhomirov6-0/+184
2006-02-17Changing default values for fill and outline Shape properties.ashatalin44-44/+44
2006-02-15[mgolubev] #127252 layout supportatikhomirov57-40/+950
2006-02-14#127461 add label diagram element in gmfgraph modeldstadnik6-0/+152
2006-02-13[mgolubev] #127252 layout supportatikhomirov53-83/+2051
2006-02-04connection stoped own its decorationsatikhomirov1-58/+29
2006-01-29Added .qualifier to version number, in accordance with
2006-01-13Corrected provider name.rgronback1-2/+2
2006-01-05move towards more draw2d-like modelatikhomirov73-158/+1795
2005-12-13temporarily move resolvedChildren to shape only, need to come up with better ...atikhomirov2-0/+22
2005-12-12minor updates according to recent commentsatikhomirov3-7/+55
2005-12-06updated copytights and includesatikhomirov1-4/+9
2005-12-06#114177 gmfgraph model to replace diadef modelatikhomirov126-0/+8943

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