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2006-02-24[mgolubev] #129328 handle MapMode access in a variety of waysatikhomirov9-23/+138
2006-02-20[michael.golubev] #128620 Split org.eclipse.gmf.codegen.util.Generatorashatalin2-38/+61
- Do not cache templates if dynamicTemplates == true - template classLoader could be specified if using dynamicTemplates
2006-02-16[mgolubev] uncompilable code using ToolbarLayoutatikhomirov2-40/+94
2006-02-15#125175 Allow toolsmith to use different (sub)set of templates for editor ↵ashatalin1-28/+29
code generation
2006-02-15[mgolubev] #127252 layout supportatikhomirov26-50/+381
2006-02-13solve interim issue with figure/figureMarker parentsatikhomirov2-2/+2
2006-02-13[mgolubev] #127252 layout supportatikhomirov27-67/+1006
2006-02-06minor refactoringatikhomirov1-8/+7
2006-02-06refactor - moved EmitterFactory/Dispatcher infrastructure to gmf.common to ↵atikhomirov38-786/+191
enable its use in oeg.codegen
2006-02-06major refactoring of gmfgraph codegen utilizing dispatcher infrastructureatikhomirov47-1881/+1343
2006-02-05provisional framework that supports (double-)dispatch from templates toatikhomirov17-1300/+1187
a) avoid lengthy if instanceof elseif checks, b) solve scope and name visibility issues when extracting common code into jetinc
2006-02-04Added org.eclipse.gmf.common to buildDoc.xml and cleaned up plug-in and ↵rgronback2-2/+22
provider namings.
2006-02-04provide option to use importManageratikhomirov12-1126/+1185
2006-01-29Added .qualifier to version number, in accordance with ↵I20060129-1145rgronback1-1/+1 to enable PDE build to generate version qualifier.
2006-01-26Correcting color-relative file namesashatalin5-57/+57
2006-01-25support figure's preferred sizeatikhomirov5-711/+896
2006-01-25support Figure.color attributesatikhomirov12-630/+1348
2006-01-23- Generating figures for Child nodeashatalin8-19/+84
- Transforming coordinates for rounded rectangles
2006-01-10Setting scale only for Polyline & Polygon decorations.ashatalin3-52/+72
2006-01-10As a part of implementstionashatalin4-162/+171
#114178,114179 "Shortcutting" diagram elements.
2006-01-07@generated comments ws addedashatalin8-13/+52
2006-01-06 some templates to support #114177 (graphical definition model) - with GEF ↵atikhomirov20-0/+1539
IFigure code as an outcome

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