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2006-10-16[161042] mgolubev - [GMFGraph]: Correct error mesage in case if Compartment ↵ashatalin1-2/+7
has no figure
2006-05-30need to provide dependenciesatikhomirov1-0/+12
2006-05-30#131365 - mirror diagram elements and make them point to newly generated figuresatikhomirov1-1/+39
2006-05-30Parts of #131365 - CanvasProcessor didn't assured original.CustomFigures ↵atikhomirov1-3/+18
were copied into mirrored.FigureGallery, plus, overlooked the fact FigureAccessors were not added into corresponding CustomFigure
2006-05-24get rid of bogus config passing into ConverterOutcomeatikhomirov3-6/+15
2006-05-23#140887 Remove Child interface from GMFGraph.atikhomirov5-122/+348
Although the need to reference child figures persist, thus FigureHandle was introduced, to allow diagramElements to reference either *generateable* figures (Figure subclasses) or *just-use* figures (like CustomFigure and FigureAccessor). Refactoring performed with #131365 "Mirror GMFGraph model when generating standalone figure plugin" in mind
2006-04-20[mgolubev] #131365 mirror diagram elements while generating figure code - ↵atikhomirov1-0/+2
tests and fix for connections
2006-04-10Refactor latest fix for #128779 - StandaloneGalleryConverter moved to ↵atikhomirov1-0/+120
gmfgraph.codegen, dependencies of oeg.tests and oeg.graphdef.codegen.ui updated.
2006-02-06refactor - moved EmitterFactory/Dispatcher infrastructure to gmf.common to ↵atikhomirov10-589/+0
enable its use in oeg.codegen
2006-02-06major refactoring of gmfgraph codegen utilizing dispatcher infrastructureatikhomirov7-10/+228
2006-02-05provisional framework that supports (double-)dispatch from templates toatikhomirov6-0/+371
a) avoid lengthy if instanceof elseif checks, b) solve scope and name visibility issues when extracting common code into jetinc

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