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2010-03-09[138179] Allow to define labels based on attributes of referenced objects - ...atikhomirov1-20/+34
2010-03-05[138179] Allow to define labels based on attributes of referenced objects - ...atikhomirov1-0/+32
2010-02-26[247542] generate only actually used preference pages, item 4 - provide means...atikhomirov1-0/+5
2010-02-26[242150] Allow specification of the output folderatikhomirov1-0/+5
2009-09-25[283717] explicitly generate boilerplate code for custom property tabsv20090929-1734atikhomirov1-3/+17
2009-03-17[268990] update gmfgen with new nsURI to reflect changes in 2.2 streamatikhomirov1-1/+1
2009-02-25[236869] Provide id for ToolEntry to allow palette customization - allow refe...atikhomirov1-1/+1
2009-02-24marked deprecated attributes with appropriate description, made them read-onlyatikhomirov1-6/+30
2009-02-16[236869] Provide id for ToolEntry to allow palette customizationatikhomirov1-0/+5
2009-02-16[264373] - EMF content provider for project explorer is brokenashatalin1-2/+10
2008-12-12[258455] Allow to reference figure models (e.g. GMFGraph) from GMFGenv20081212-1717atikhomirov1-0/+7
2008-12-11[230014] refctor MetricProvider - do not use legacy contributionItemService f...atikhomirov1-2/+6
2008-12-11[226149] refactored ValidationProvider not to use legacy contributionItemProv...atikhomirov1-1/+5
2008-12-10[230418] - non-containment contexts for constraints. Forgot to update gmfgen'...atikhomirov1-4/+0
2008-12-02[244419] label parser customization: support for boilerplate custom parser im...atikhomirov1-0/+17
2008-10-14[250772] Support custom preferencesatikhomirov1-0/+17
2008-10-14[174961] Menu actions - refactor LoadResource and CreateShortcut actions to u...atikhomirov1-0/+1
2008-10-08[174961] Menu actions - refactor previously generated actions to match genera...v20081008-1925atikhomirov1-8/+49
2008-10-01[174961] Menu actions - do not generate provider when the same can be achieve...v20081001-1925atikhomirov1-2/+10
2008-09-24MenuManager, which is also ContributionItem, doesn't have any owner, nor it's...atikhomirov1-1/+1
2008-09-23[174961] Code generation support for custom actionsatikhomirov1-8/+30
2008-09-16[247311] support boilerplate code generation for custom preference pagesatikhomirov1-0/+5
2008-08-29[244419] Support for custom parser - finalize parsers/labelmodelfacet relatio...atikhomirov1-17/+16
2008-08-29[245681] allow to specify whether link is reroutabledstadnik1-4/+12
2008-08-25[235113] alternative parser access, step 1: introduce separate entity into ge...atikhomirov1-6/+85
2008-08-22[243151] mgolubev - explicit source/target for linksatikhomirov1-2/+15
2008-08-13[231322] allow to specify editable featuresdstadnik1-0/+2
2008-07-01[227127] support literal values for feature initializers. step 1: models upda...atikhomirov1-0/+6
2008-06-05[206348] tree branch option is true by defaultdstadnik1-1/+1
2008-05-19[232761] support new diagram prefsdstadnik1-0/+15
2008-05-07[228913] updated ValueExpression use in GMFGen to better accomodate codegen n...atikhomirov1-31/+19
2008-05-05[228913] cleaned isCopy and java provider's getOperationName that are not in ...atikhomirov1-6/+12
2008-04-18with [221352] resolved, we are safe to use readonly backreferences again, wit...atikhomirov1-156/+33
2008-04-14[226149] Refactor Validation/Constraints: explicit context groupings instead ...atikhomirov1-9/+30
2008-03-05[221347] refactor/simplify ElementInitializers - op that is no longer in use ...atikhomirov1-3/+0
2008-03-04with EMF 2.4M5, it's no longer possible to use read-only opposite for contain...atikhomirov1-31/+152
2008-02-29[150177] phase IV, fix last use of qualified class names in ElementInitialize...atikhomirov1-28/+0
2008-02-27[150177] phase II, generated facility to perform metamodel operations (like i...atikhomirov1-0/+18
2007-11-19[206348] support tree routingdstadnik1-0/+2
2007-09-13rewrite validation prov in xpanddstadnik1-0/+1
2007-09-10expose more ops in gmfgendstadnik1-0/+7
2007-09-07regenerate; add java expr accessor to the modeldstadnik1-1/+4
2007-06-12add method to find modeling assistant child nodesdstadnik1-0/+5
2007-06-12[191924] - Adopt lite generator to use newly created /navigator/NavigatorLabe...ashatalin1-6/+0
2007-06-12fix provider qname accessor namedstadnik1-1/+1
2007-05-22F5 triggering update of selected element addedashatalin1-0/+5
2007-05-22[123240] clean gmfgen uses of required pluginsatikhomirov1-5/+4
2007-05-18switching to nsURI format which uses year to denote model version (same way E...atikhomirov1-1/+1
2007-05-18[186339] Allow to specify custom notation styles in view factorydstadnik1-0/+6
2007-05-15Generating VisualIDRegistry using XPAND.ashatalin1-0/+3

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