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2014-03-03[428843] test aspects generation unders xtend / xpandR3_1_maintenanceskovalsky15-132/+287
2014-02-19[428582] - ExecutionException on "Generate With Xtend2" invocation whenskovalsky1-4/+5
2014-02-19[releng]: Ad hoc category for features not included to aggregation mgolubev2-2/+4
2014-02-19[releng]: Follow the same naming conventions for featuresmgolubev1-1/+1
2014-02-19[releng]: Fix for buildmgolubev3-33/+1
2014-02-19[427269] - Xtend2 templates: cover by unit testsskovalsky69-83/+2489
2014-02-19Merge branch 'R3_1_maintenance' of ssh://
2014-02-19[releng] pom.xml for test-sample' projects, needed for testsmgolubev8-0/+201
2014-02-19[releng] missed pom.xml for test-samplesmgolubev1-0/+34
2014-02-19[releng] [386838] xtend2 generation, backported to 3.1.1 as an optionalmgolubev7-47/+405
2014-02-19[388804] TOE regenerated with Kepler SR2skovalsky18-307/+565
2014-02-19Merge branch 'R3_1_maintenance' of ssh://
2014-02-19[388804] taipan regenerated with Kepler SR2skovalsky15-343/+100
2014-02-19[427269] - tests for generation of small ad hoc samplesmgolubev258-0/+25915
2014-02-19[425803] - change ecorePackage to getEcorePackage() due to conflict withmgolubev1-2/+2
2014-02-19[428558] [releng] Xtend generation plugins lack about.html andmgolubev3-15/+5
2014-02-19[386838] cleanup, remove dead codeskovalsky7-64/+121
2014-02-19[368521] - Taipan regenerated with : separate modeling-assistant codemgolubev7-0/+556
2014-02-19[386838] xtend2 generation, backported to 3.1.1 as an optional featuremgolubev237-0/+32308
2014-02-19[402747] - compartments targetEP. Process parent link request.mgolubev3-0/+42
2014-02-19[368521] - separate modeling-assistant code from editpart code withmgolubev46-2116/+427
2014-02-19[262948] minor: allow customization of GraphicalNodeEditPolicy via localmgolubev2-3/+11
2014-02-19[418566] regernerated with kepler SR1, (manually cherry picked frommgolubev81-6546/+6548
2014-02-19Fix compilation errors in qvto files due to enum type errors.ghillairet2-2/+6
2014-02-19[386838] xtend2 generation, backported to 3.1.1 as an optional featuremgolubev8-0/+700
2014-02-19releng: fix feature update site url, should bemgolubev3-3/+3
2014-02-19[386835] - warnings / deprecations removedmgolubev5-18/+14
2014-02-19[422725] - Export-Package in favor of Provide-Packagemgolubev4-8/+13
2013-09-19testcase corrected: changed defaults for organizing imports in kepler+mgolubev1-2/+3
2013-09-19[416943] - while investigating the prerequisite failure, disabling themgolubev1-0/+5
2013-09-19[releng] Orbit repo switched to Kepler SR1 mgolubev1-72/+2
2013-09-19[releng] switched to use eclipse-jarsigner ghillairet2-94/+109
2013-09-19[releng] test eclipse-jarsignerghillairet1-2/+2
2013-09-18[417494] - fix references to eclipse-signing-maven-pluginghillairet2-82/+98
2013-09-18[releng] after decomissioned, old signing dies notmgolubev1-6/+11
2013-09-18[releng] - eclipse-signing-maven-plugin updated to 1.0.5mgolubev1-1/+1
2013-06-12[410477] - TOE sample regeneratedskovalsky3-143/+10
2013-06-12[410477] - same-generated code for wizards (xxx.diagram.part) isskovalsky8-135/+247
2013-06-12[386838] fqn separator constant made visible for subclasses (formgolubev1-1/+1
2013-06-07[410191] - Missing about.html inmgolubev2-1/+30
2013-05-22temporarily switched back to Juno repo, see problems with build #450mgolubev1-1/+2
2013-05-22cleanup: SimpleMap feature is already included as org.eclipse.gmf.tooling.sim...mgolubev4-201/+0
2013-05-22typo: NPE fixed mgolubev1-1/+1
2013-05-22Switched to use Kepler orbit & repomgolubev1-2/+20
2013-05-16CCE (and possible CCE's in similar places) when using ComboBox-basedmgolubev3-6/+6
2013-05-12[388804] - Taipan regenerated with LinkLabelDragPolicy extracted to GMFTmgolubev6-21/+10
2013-05-12[407830] - LinkLabelDragPolicy extracted to GMFT runtimemgolubev2-14/+44
2013-05-12[388804] - Samples regenerated with fixed: #407830mgolubev19-119/+29
2013-05-12[407830] - Extract NodeLabelDragPolicy to GMFT runtimemgolubev3-24/+55
2013-05-12[283129] - test case for view=MSG/edit=PRINTF, view=PRINTF/edit=MSG skovalsky5-509/+113

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