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2012-05-14Merge branch '3.0.M7-build' of ssh://
2012-05-14[379363] - @generated, @model and @ordered are expected EMF javadocmgolubev1-1/+18
2012-05-14[379064] - fixed NotDefinedException: Cannot get the parent identifiermgolubev2-11/+46
2012-05-13[379358] Fixed: ParserTest fails under GMF 3.0M7skovalsky3-26/+29
2012-05-13[379354] generation fails if enum parser has no editFeatures setmgolubev1-3/+5
2012-05-10[M7] - rollback for promotion destination, build artifacts to be savedmgolubev1-4/+2
2012-05-10[M7] dont try to delete old contents of /milestonesmgolubev1-0/+2
2012-05-09[M7] Explicitly requiring gmft-runtime+qvtlibrarymgolubev1-0/+2
2012-05-09[M7] rollback for version updgrademgolubev2-2/+2
2012-05-09[M7] Desperate attempt to fix build #183mgolubev1-1/+2
2012-05-09[M7] trying to fix build #182mgolubev2-2/+2
2012-05-09[M7] trying to fix build #180mgolubev1-1/+1
2012-05-09[M7] use juno staging repositorymgolubev1-2/+2
2012-05-09[M7] - trying to promote tomgolubev1-2/+2
2012-05-09[M7] - Some tests blinks at Hudson, disabled for M7 to be investigatedmgolubev3-4/+11
2012-05-09[M7-tests] - some tests uses manually constructed (not bridged) GMFGen'smgolubev1-1/+1
2012-05-09requiring pde.core@3.8.0 for Juno M7 build mgolubev3-60/+72
2012-05-02[237059] - sample diagram regenerated after: "custom reparent-aware3.0.M7-merging-allmgolubev5-34/+9
2012-05-02[237059] - fixed, custom reparent-aware editpolicy is generated for allmgolubev4-5/+13
2012-05-02[368169] - custom reparent editpolicy is exported (separate commit tomgolubev1-0/+1
2012-05-02[237059] - fix for drag-drop (reparenting) problems back-ported tomgolubev6-124/+53
2012-05-02[368169] - common API for VisualIDRegistires exported (separate commitskovalsky1-0/+1
2012-05-02[368169] - common API for all VisualIDRegistries is extracted andskovalsky3-0/+233
2012-05-01[372479] - minor refactoring: common templates structure for callingmgolubev1-1/+4
2012-05-01[374609] - sample diagram merged after merging the templates withmgolubev3-97/+46
2012-05-01Merge branch '3.0.M7.merging-all.2.samples' into 3.0.M7-merging-all.4.372479....mgolubev218-0/+34203
2012-05-01Merge branch '372479-diagram-updater-API' intomgolubev168-136/+290
2012-05-01obsolete code removed, obsolete ECore package name fixed, regeneratedmgolubev6-77/+75
2012-05-01[374609] - showcase diagram: OCL labels, node+link visual effectsmgolubev158-0/+26915
2012-05-01[374609] - TOE sample to showcase [158116] and [368398]mgolubev60-0/+7290
2012-04-30minor refactoring: we don't need getOclTrackerFactory anymore, suppliedmgolubev1-7/+2
2012-04-30[368398] - minor: removing empty lines in generated codemgolubev1-9/+9
2012-04-30[368398] post-merge - the ocl-tracker support is now in the GMFT-runtimemgolubev1-3/+3
2012-04-30[158116][368398] - post-merge refactoring to have the '--IA' hints formgolubev5-30/+15
2012-04-30rollback: all builders are back after merging sessionmgolubev1-0/+19
2012-04-30[368398] - merged with [158116] with respect to OclTracker in mgolubev4-24/+25
2012-04-29[368398] - Common base class for all visual effects reexportedskovalsky1-0/+1
2012-04-29[368398] - Common super class for all VisualEffect's extracted toskovalsky1-0/+176
2012-04-29[368398] - merging typo fixed: (use 'or' not '||' in ocl/templates)mgolubev1-3/+3
2012-04-29[158116][368398] Regenerated to avoid duplicate classifier IDs aftermgolubev4-22/+22
2012-04-29Allow VisualEffectMappings's for LinkMappings - bridge and templatesskovalsky3-21/+121
2012-04-29weird dependency to org.hamcrest removedmgolubev15-141/+160
2012-04-29completing the merge for failed cherry pickmgolubev2-4/+1
2012-04-29Support VisualEffect's for nodes, initial revisionmgolubev4-167/+406
2012-04-29Generate auto-updatable OCL expression-based labelsmgolubev7-22/+122
2012-04-29Intorducing GenVisualEffect's - the codegen input that bounds it allskovalsky17-9/+1230
2012-04-29Missed icons for new elementsmgolubev5-0/+0
2012-04-29GMFMap - introduce VisualEffectMapping - bounds some OCL expression toskovalsky42-19/+3566
2012-04-29temporarily disabled long-running builders to simplify mergemgolubev1-19/+0
2012-04-29Merge branch '158116-(workaround)-copy-directedit-to-gmfruntime' into 3.0.M7-...mgolubev93-530/+5379

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