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diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/tutorials/diagram/createShape.html b/doc/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/tutorials/diagram/createShape.html
index 40fad895b..b58a5d9a7 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/tutorials/diagram/createShape.html
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/tutorials/diagram/createShape.html
@@ -839,7 +839,7 @@ LogicPaletteFactory class demonstrates how to accomplish this.<SPAN
wraps that ID which is used later to decide which notation and semantic
elements to create when the tool is invoked.<SPAN
style="mso-spacerun:yes">  </SPAN>There are two main types of tools
-clients <SPAN class="GramE">need can</SPAN> incarnate to create shapes.<SPAN
+clients <SPAN class="GramE">need </SPAN> to create shapes.<SPAN
style="mso-spacerun:yes">  </SPAN><SPAN class="GramE">The<SPAN
style="mso-spacerun:yes">  </SPAN>CreationTool</SPAN> class is used to
create shapes or nodes on the diagram surface or the

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