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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-09-29[generator.c] Restore capability to produce data logsJan Belle3-0/+205
2020-06-29[runtime.c] changes for runtimeJuergen Haug11-114/+253
2020-06-04Bug 563928 - wrong order of calls in etMessageService_pushMessageHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-1/+1
2020-04-30[runtime.c] Add comments to previous fix of deadlock caused by etTimerJan Belle2-1/+13
2020-04-24[runtime.c] Fix deadlock caused by posix implementation of etTimerJan Belle2-17/+8
2020-04-21[generator] Fix uri to file path conversionJan Belle1-1/+0
2020-03-30[releng] Use eTrice Gradle plugins in buildJan Belle1-1/+25
2020-03-27Bug 558626: Problems setting properties of threadsHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-10/+71
2019-11-25Bug 552836 Race condition in shutdown sequence of Runner causes SEGVHenrik Rentz-Reichert5-2/+17
2019-11-11Bug 552897 - [runtime.c] reduce warnings using C compilerv_3.0.1Henrik Rentz-Reichert4-4/+7
2019-11-11Bug 552599 - [runtime.c] fixed compile issue for linuxJuergen Haug2-1/+4
2019-09-01[generator] Remove support for data loggingJan Belle3-205/+0
2019-07-01Bug 548621 - integrated first version of interface contractsChristian Hilden2-0/+17
2019-06-28Bug 539945 - Provide C++ option for the C code generatorHenrik Rentz-Reichert37-114/+177
2019-06-07Bug 538027 - switching from EPL-1.0 to EPL-2.0Henrik Rentz-Reichert121-242/+484
2019-06-07Bug 546346: logger interface shall be separated from concrete outputHenrik Rentz-Reichert9-23/+401
2019-05-15Bug 546770 - improve and complete memory managementHenrik Rentz-Reichert10-141/+459
2019-05-10Merge "Bug 546770 - improve and complete memory management"Henrik Rentz-Reichert8-66/+465
2019-05-03Bug 546770 - improve and complete memory managementHenrik Rentz-Reichert9-66/+466
2019-04-26Bug 546142 - etRuntime should give access to message service statisticsHenrik Rentz-Reichert11-16/+292
2019-03-08Bug 544839 - [etunit] added test case skipJuergen Haug2-0/+13
2019-01-17set gradle compile to c99Juergen Haug2-1/+2
2018-08-31bug 538027 - switching from EPL-1.0 to EPL-2.0Henrik Rentz-Reichert1-2/+2
2018-07-18[etUnit] fixed test case timing for javaJuergen Haug1-6/+4
2018-07-18Bug 537144 [etUnit] fixed test case timeJuergen Haug1-1/+7
2018-06-27[runtime.c] etunit buffer overflow protection + shorter file namesJuergen Haug2-32/+34
2018-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into newfsmgen_finalizeJuergen Haug2-22/+22
2018-06-18[runtime.c] Refactor etStaticDeque apiJan Belle2-22/+22
2018-02-05Merge branch 'master' into newfsmgen_finalizeJuergen Haug3-38/+77
2017-12-14[releng] compile xtend files in gradle buildJan Belle3-38/+77
2017-12-08Bug 511330 - [core.genmodel.fsm] introduce simplified generator modelHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-0/+3
2017-10-22[runtime.c] static deque implementationJan Belle2-0/+147
2017-10-10[] activated persistency testsJan Belle1-3/+1
2017-09-29[runtime.c] new osal for socketsJan Belle3-0/+260
2017-09-18Merge branch 'newbuild'Jan Belle2-1/+29
2017-09-17cleaned up buildnewbuildJan Belle1-1/+0
2017-09-16[tests] fixed missing linker library flags for linuxJan Belle1-1/+0
2017-09-15[etUnit] consistent reset of countersJuergen Haug2-23/+5
2017-09-13[tests] gradle build for runtime and generator testsJan Belle1-2/+9
2017-09-12[generator.common.tests] gradle build for common generator testsJan Belle1-0/+23
2017-06-23modellib and runtime.c updates for testingJuergen Haug2-0/+48
2017-01-03[runtime.cpp] Applied generator changes to the SystemServicesProtocolJan Belle1-10/+24
2016-12-21[runtime.c] Fixed POSIX TcpService implementationJan Belle1-6/+26
2016-10-13[runtime.c] Minor changes in the posix implementation of etThreadJan Belle1-7/+4
2016-10-10[runtime.cpp.tests] Initial commit of MessageServiceControllerTest,Jan Belle1-0/+4
2016-09-29Merge "[runtime.c, runtime.cpp, modellib.cpp] added WindowsMinGW_ST target im...Thomas Schuetz9-4/+206
2016-09-29[runtime.c, runtime.cpp, modellib.cpp] added WindowsMinGW_ST targetThomas Schuetz9-4/+206
2016-09-29[runtime.cpp.tests] Initial commit of MessageServiceTestJan Belle1-7/+11
2016-08-12[cpp] Improvements + fixed data passing, data classes and attribute initJuergen Haug2-9/+13
2016-05-29block comment in etDatatypes fixedThomas Jung4-4/+9

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