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AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2012-02-01[runtime.c] added MSC Logger to runtime.cThomas Schuetz9-31/+57
2012-01-31[generator.c] added const instances for ROMThomas Schuetz14-37/+359
2012-01-31[generator.c.reference] structure editor bug Thomas Schuetz2-0/+154
2012-01-30[generator.c] first version of Generator for SubSystem and RunnerThomas Schuetz16-449/+347
2012-01-30[generator.c.tests] moved testcases for C-generator to generator.c.testsThomas Schuetz18-709/+0
2012-01-30[generator.c] added Prototype for etPort_receiveThomas Schuetz2-10/+6
2012-01-25[generator.c] first version of generator for ProtocolClassThomas Schuetz9-0/+598
2012-01-17[runtime.c] added interface and implementation for portable loggerThomas Schuetz13-18/+210
2012-01-16[generator, runtime.c.reference] removed initialization for attributes, ↵Thomas Schuetz10-24/+124
fixed tests after renaming runtime
2012-01-16[runtime.c] changed naming convention for runtime to prefix et (for eTrice)Thomas Schuetz11-171/+83
2012-01-16[runtime.c] added macro ADD_TESTCASE for more convenienceThomas Schuetz3-16/+7
2012-01-14[generator.c.reference] added Testcase for Operations in generated DataClassesThomas Schuetz3-7/+23
2012-01-12[generator.c.reference] cleaned up testcases for runtime.c and generator.cThomas Schuetz16-70/+159
2012-01-11[runtime.c] moved runtime files from generator.c.reference to runtime.cThomas Schuetz17-712/+52
2012-01-11[generator.c.reference] extended datatypes.h for standardized eTrice ↵Thomas Schuetz11-163/+830
C-runtime types (etUInt32 ...), changed types for RUnit to runtime types
2012-01-02[generator.c.reference] first version of runtime messaging for C, cleaned up ↵Thomas Schuetz26-873/+642
unneeded "interface for port class" in Java ProtocolClass Generator, regenerated integration.tests
2011-12-28[generator.c] c-gen structures, msg-IDs, ... for ProtocolClassThomas Schuetz14-0/+926
2011-12-28[generator.c.reference] reference project for development of c-generatorThomas Schuetz13-0/+787

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