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2019-10-12[ui] Fix new set of eTrice models wizardv_2.1.0Jan Belle8-71/+45
2019-10-11Merge "Bug 551966 - [fsm] allow subgraphs without init transition"Henrik Rentz-Reichert3-5/+107
2019-10-11Merge "Bug 550612 - [ui] Diagrams should be openable for non-critical validat...Juergen Haug6-25/+97
2019-10-11[releng] Ensure consistent versioning of eclipse pluginsJan Belle84-664/+694
2019-10-11Bug 551966 - [fsm] allow subgraphs without init transitionJuergen Haug3-5/+107
2019-10-09Bug 550612 - [ui] Diagrams should be openable for non-criticalHenrik Rentz-Reichert6-25/+97
2019-10-04[releng] Remove reproducible version qualifiersJan Belle1-19/+0
2019-10-04Merge "Bug 550895 - [editor] Initial transition validation error"v_2.0.0-RC15Juergen Haug1-81/+91
2019-09-30rebuild docJuergen Haug161-31985/+148
2019-09-29Bug 550895 - [editor] Initial transition validation errorHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-81/+91
2019-09-27[] Fix null pointer exception in room fragment providerJan Belle1-4/+8
2019-09-27[doc] Update imports and model documentation in reference documentationJan Belle1-46/+79
2019-09-27[common] Mark documentation rule as deprecatedJan Belle4-7/+23
2019-09-24[generator.launch] Fix dependency inference when using modelpathJan Belle15-69/+149
2019-09-19minor fixes contract monitorsJuergen Haug2-3/+11
2019-09-16[common] Fix inconsistency in modelpath providerJan Belle24-136/+169
2019-09-16[] Improve room scope providerJan Belle6-152/+151
2019-09-12[examples] Remove AspectJ example and runtimeJan Belle34-1258/+0
2019-09-06improved AbstractEditHandlerv_2.0.0-RC14Henrik Rentz-Reichert1-45/+19
2019-09-06Bug 550558 - [room.ui] Unresolved elements cause error popup in editorHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-27/+27
2019-09-06Bug 550613 - [ui] Add initial transition in diagrams automaticallyHenrik Rentz-Reichert4-3/+23
2019-09-01[generator] Remove support for data loggingJan Belle25-723/+0
2019-09-01[ui] Remove maven supportJan Belle25-1266/+7
2019-09-01[examples] Remove outdated generator reference projectsJan Belle102-10675/+0
2019-09-01[examples] Add Gradle build for traffic light simulatorJan Belle3-6/+14
2019-08-30[examples] Remove obsolete traffic light example projectJan Belle53-5135/+0
2019-08-29[generator] Fix generation dependency on eclipse project fileJan Belle8-22/+6
2019-08-29[examples] Add Gradle build for examples, tutorials, templatesJan Belle23-69/+193
2019-08-27removes unused images from documentationHayden Wen137-31507/+0
2019-08-27replaces the screenshots with outdated action code formatHayden Wen3-0/+0
2019-08-26added RoomModel template with correct namespace + minor improvementsJuergen Haug6-13/+80
2019-08-23Merge "Bug 550296 - [ui] fixed error markers of ValidatorExentionsManager"Juergen Haug4-50/+68
2019-08-22[modellib] Restructure and rename models to conform naming conventionJan Belle209-2622/+3913
2019-08-22Bug 550296 - [ui] fixed error markers of ValidatorExentionsManagerJuergen Haug4-50/+68
2019-08-20Bug 550253 - fixed inherited dataclass operations + added warn for ctorv_2.0.0-RC13Juergen Haug4-27/+34
2019-08-20Merge "Bug 548621 - Contract monitor refactoring, validation, test and docu"Juergen Haug61-885/+5028
2019-08-19Bug 550217 - [room.ui] restricted import quickfix to RoomClasses onlyJuergen Haug1-1/+2
2019-08-19Bug 548621 - Contract monitor refactoring, validation, test and docuJuergen Haug61-885/+5028
2019-08-16Bug 550141 - [room] improve implementation of scopingHenrik Rentz-Reichert12-598/+338
2019-08-09Bug 541775 - [generator.fsm] State machine without initial transitionJuergen Haug6-19/+81
2019-08-08[examples] Migrate examples, tutorials, templates to imports without uriJan Belle220-19884/+435
2019-07-22Bug 549448 - [dialog] reference selection behaves like editorJuergen Haug7-18/+120
2019-07-19[ui] improved usability of imports + removed deprecated warningv_2.0.0-RC12Juergen Haug9-100/+140
2019-07-17[core] allow annotations type to be importedJuergen Haug1-0/+1
2019-07-17Bug 549333 - [ui] Improve highlight of annotations and commentsJuergen Haug6-31/+62
2019-07-12fixed NPEv_2.0.0-RC11Juergen Haug1-7/+7
2019-07-10Bug 549132 - [room.ui] Add hyperlink to namespace importsJuergen Haug5-157/+107
2019-07-01Bug 548621 - integrated first version of interface contractsChristian Hilden59-10/+3836
2019-06-28Bug 539945 - Provide C++ option for the C code generatorHenrik Rentz-Reichert46-137/+312
2019-06-24fixed NPE in java timingServiceJuergen Haug1-2/+5

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