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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2008-04-24bug 228766 - NPEs from bundle shapev200804241828Andrew Niefer1-1/+2
2008-04-24Bug 225778 - Add director application to SDK downloadv200804241059DJ Houghton1-0/+7
2008-04-22Bug 228281 Wrong update URL for p2 featureJohn Arthorne1-1/+1
2008-04-17add ecf ssl fragmentsPascal Rapicault2-0/+3
2008-04-17bug 227699 - add ssl fragmentsPascal Rapicault1-0/+16
2008-04-11Bug 222445 Move extensionlocation repo implementationSimon Kaegi3-0/+9
2008-04-11Removed obsolete features.DJ Houghton14-1158/+0
2008-04-11Bug 226708 - Compile errors in nightly buildsv20080411-1400DJ Houghton3-0/+21
2008-04-11Bug 226708 - Compile errors in nightly buildsv20080411DJ Houghton1-0/+7
2008-04-08Bug 226142 - Create new test project for testing bundles not in the SDKDJ Houghton2-0/+2
2008-04-07Bug 225783 - p2 feature should require ECF instead of including itv20080407-1540DJ Houghton1-7/+28
2008-04-07Bug 225783 - p2 feature should require ECF instead of including itv20080407-1412DJ Houghton1-28/+7
2008-04-07Bug 221919 Missing p2 sourceKim Moir5-0/+567
2008-04-07Bug 221919 Missing p2 sourceKim Moir5-567/+0
2008-04-07Bug 221919 Missing p2 sourceKim Moir5-0/+567
2008-03-24Better feature nameJohn Arthorne1-1/+1
2008-03-18Bug 221509 releng failures in I20080304-1113v20080407v20080324John Arthorne1-1/+2
2008-03-17Bug 221509 releng failures in I20080304-1113John Arthorne2-1/+2
2008-03-12Add feature.propertiesv20080314-1053v200803131930Pascal Rapicault1-1/+4
2008-03-11Bug 222340 - sat4j unzipped in the SDKPascal Rapicault6-12/+24
2008-03-10release project filePascal Rapicault1-0/+17
2008-03-10add sat4jPascal Rapicault7-6/+75
2008-03-10adding sat4jPascal Rapicault2-0/+4
2008-03-05Added obsolete feature back for the nightly builds.DJ Houghton2-0/+219
2008-03-05Bug 221509 p2 bundles are missing legal files - releng failures in I20080304-...v200803051016John Arthorne6-2/+818
2008-03-04Updated feature directories.v200803041026DJ Houghton4-1/+18
2008-03-04Bug 219499 - [prov] Consume ECF builds regularlyDJ Houghton2-8/+8
2008-03-04Moved feature.xml to right folder.v200803041017v200803040739DJ Houghton4-17/+0
2008-03-03merging p2Integration branchv20080303-1632Pascal Rapicault8-36/+349
2008-02-29Have proper name in project description so we can import correctly.DJ Houghton2-2/+2
2008-02-29add .projectPascal Rapicault2-0/+22
2008-02-27Bug 219499 - [prov] Consume ECF builds regularlyRoot_p2IntegrationDJ Houghton2-8/+8
2008-02-26*** empty log message ***v20080226Pascal Rapicault2-2/+11
2008-02-26change location of p2.relengPascal Rapicault2-2/+2
2008-02-22New bundle locationsJohn Arthorne2-74/+74
2008-02-22p2 relengJohn Arthorne24-0/+1298

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