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2019-07-08Bug 541781 - Support dynamically registered MessageDigest implementationsY20190715-2335Y20190715-0900I20190715-1800I20190714-1800I20190713-1800I20190713-1105I20190713-0230I20190712-1800Mykola Nikishov10-0/+173
Extend o.e.e.p2.artifact.repository.artifactChecksums extension point with attribute providerName to support custom MessageDigest implementations as per Java Security API. To get an instance of custom MessageDigest in ChecksumProducer's getMessageDigest(String, String), look for service object under interface filtered by providerName property and pass it to's getInstance(String, Provider). Throws NoSuchProviderException if no such service was found. Bundle that contributes such implementation should register it with the Framework service registry under interface The registration properties of the service should contain property 'providerName' with value of type String as returned by implementation's The same value should be used for providerName attribute in artifactChecksums extension point. o.e.equinox.p2.artifact.checksums.bouncycastle bundle demonstrates how this works by adding support for Whirlpool and DSTU7564 message digests using the Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs [1]. It is not part of the distribution and used by unit tests only. [1] Change-Id: I0cfd06ceca6e1911d69bab09331399500a00dcee Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <>

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