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2013-12-18[nobug] support fragments generation.fragmentgenerationKrzysztof Daniel5-9/+157
This is one giant hack and needs total rewrite, but it would be good if the repo2runnable could write the .info file on the basis of metadata. Change-Id: Iacb22ccdf9e72a9415bb845f1cf2944f59382f0d Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-17Bug 422054: Create profile from existing bundles.infoI20131224-0800Krzysztof Daniel17-23/+998
I've hijacked the bug for the purpose of something that is remotely connected to the problem. Previous commit extends simpleconfigurator to load bundles from different locations, but such an extension breaks p2, as the content of OSGi application no longer corresponds to profile. In order to fix that, following things are done: 0. A fragment must contain valid P2 metadata next to the .info file. 1. User profile is dropped when there is master configuration change. Also, when fragments are changed. 2. When a new surrogate profile is created, P2 will add to the master profile all the units that are found in the fragments repos. Therefore new user profile will contain all the units that were installed by the simpleconfigurator. Fragment repos must be runnable. 3. The director application must be configured with extensions if it is supposed to work. Change-Id: I6e857ea51dd32ae7fab39d9c39bec8a91eb203b7 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-17bug 421935: Extend simpleconfigurator to read .info files from manyKrzysztof Daniel41-50/+1033
locations. Locations should be passed to the simpleconfigurator via the p2.fragments java property and separated using ",". Each location may contain multiple fragments. A fragment consist of a directory shaped as: + extension-parent-dir + + artifacts.xml + content.xml + plugins/* + features/* Or a link file (f.e. which contains a single java property ("link") pointing to another location in the system. The *.info file may contain relative or absolute paths to plugins. Relative paths will be resolved against the extension root. The simpleconfigurator, if configured with extensions, will attempt to load them all at startup, duplicates will be removed. It is the responsibility of the fragment provider to ensure that all fragments will lead to a valid Eclipse installation, AS NO VALIDATION OR INTEGRITY CHECK IS PERFORMED. Bundles that can't be loaded due to unsatisfied constraints will result in errors handled by OSGi (written to the .log in the configuration area). Change-Id: Ib2689c072f3149b29ed77797d7df7b209d9abde7 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-11bug 423827 - Disable "Treat above errors like fatal compile errors"I20131217-0800I20131212-1600I20131211-2000Krzysztof Daniel25-25/+604
Change-Id: If2b8652ff7deed04dea308880d444f1b4e7c6ffe Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-10bug 423628 - False positives warnings in the official build.I20131211-0800I20131210-2000I20131210-0800Krzysztof Daniel34-98/+197
False positives are caused by projects settings being different than build settings. Typical example is that project is configured to warn about local variable hiding a field, and suppression is added, but the regular releng build is not configured to warn, and it finds unnecessary suppression. I have did following things: * fixed warnings that I was able to fix (renamed variables, added generics, comments, etc, etc). * reduced the number of warnings in tests * commented warnings that must not be suppresed in the workspace unless we want "Unnecessary @SuppressWarnings" at build time. Change-Id: Iab2c962e5c331eab170b5f6e08d9bb29d05f0cc4
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build -I20131209-2000Krzysztof Daniel1-0/+4
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui.sdk.scheduler Warnings ignored as viewers operate using Object and generics don't add any value here. Change-Id: I07cb090373c5d4765b49195a297fa98fccdff2c8 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662 - Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel10-35/+72
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui.discovery Change-Id: Iec3ef1ec194481d950d313a0f3ce24ce6a7fa93f Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel1-0/+1 Change-Id: I9cedbed4c0aac82961e41c88d9dfc355c972f934 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build Krzysztof Daniel1-1/+1
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.installer Change-Id: I7cd69e8d493b3b67eabdff3acf81b100d6ea79d5 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662 - Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel6-3/+11
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.discovery.compatibility Change-Id: Ieaf254570551fef783d1cc6bbf79daf51847d5fa
2013-12-09bug 418662 - Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel2-0/+10
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer Change-Id: Ib768c55c6eb09d6dd95664137e8b7b853f2f594b Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel8-12/+46
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher.eclipse Change-Id: I02f9f6367913e01988f5e65452d2c52c7898a5a7 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel1-37/+37
org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator.manipulator Change-Id: Idfce90273e5e357f1adbac3aa78d2d7cd1e53197 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build -Krzysztof Daniel7-62/+66
org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator Change-Id: I476cbc282ba67403b71743d0703a0a6e0dbc1769 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662: Get rid of compile warnings in official build:Krzysztof Daniel2-2/+29
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository Change-Id: I63eda541f7e81b9687e50414ae793d2f99086a88 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662 - Get rid of compile warnings in officialKrzysztof Daniel9-87/+97
build:org.eclipse.equinox.frameworkadmin.equinox Change-Id: Ic38817e9e77b7caa67372b650bd78cf4d2591c26 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09bug 418662 - Get rid of compile warnings in official buildKrzysztof Daniel6-92/+94
framework admin Change-Id: I770e1b05b78d2917c989ec1f2cc62b2612c21cd4 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-12-09Bug 409073 - Cannot install items from .p2f file (no repository found)Hamdan Msheik2-148/+162
Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <> Signed-off-by: Hamdan Msheik <>
2013-12-09Bug - 401942 Fixed migration page scroll bar issue.Hamdan Msheik4-23/+95
Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <> Signed-off-by: Hamdan Msheik <>
2013-11-28bug 422043 - 7 ConfigurationTests failed in official buildI20131209-0800I20131208-2000I20131203-0800Krzysztof Daniel3-27/+5
Partial revert of commits 10bcad9, b776de6, 1413f8a, 0dae0e9. What is left: * usage of canonical paths in the configuration tests. This is a real fix for this bug, as Configuration could write Windows specific paths, which were not handled properly in tests (java paths were using Unix-like convention - "/" and lower-case drive letters, while tests were adopting Windows convention - "\" when the tmp path was configured via command line. * I've also left changes responsible for improved deleting of work directories - current clean up method couldn't delete readonly children, so every child is now being made readable, writeable and executable before being deleted. Change-Id: I3686fbfc19950f454f945d01c53b149c9a2d93ab Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-27bug 422043 - 7 ConfigurationTests failed in official buildKrzysztof Daniel2-11/+12
Use canonical paths also when iterating over the sites. Change-Id: I99dc527bc9e8f8f9368d735c87c2eea5ee577c5f Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-26bug 422043: 7 ConfigurationTests failed in official build Krzysztof Daniel1-14/+15
Use canocical path when referring to update sites in the tests. Change-Id: If88d410ae5926ee78a958a9631d18e836513356b Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-25bug 422043 - 7 ConfigurationTests failed in official buildI20131126-0800Krzysztof Daniel1-4/+8
Instrumentation. It's likely that tests fail because configuration uses windows specific line delimiters, but tests use unix like ones. Change-Id: I4994cb5bcf950b257e89b18672f51e089a5a3277 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-21bug 422043 - 7 ConfigurationTests failed in official buildKrzysztof Daniel3-5/+32
Instrumentation to sysout important paths. Also: Improved tests cleaning. Change-Id: Ia9fa1dd1ae6d70e183825bc8dd662f7cc26745ee Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-19Bug 422032 - Generify comparator in SimpleConfiguratorManipulatorUtils.I20131119-0800Alexander Kurtakov1-12/+7
Make use of 1.5 features for simplicity and readability. Change-Id: I0c97b59a985bd953385008703c72b2bc2ae2ff1e Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-19Bug 422025 - Generify DeltaApplierAlexander Kurtakov1-11/+11
P2 has moved to Java 1.5 now and DeltaApplier not being properly generified clutters the build logs and platform reports. It's better to get rid of these warnings in order to make important problems more visible. Change-Id: Iceb37a42dcfe9e52ddde2a81cb836ceaa6ae80be Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-19Bug 422026 - Get rid of ColletionUtils.empty[Set|List|Map]Alexander Kurtakov44-154/+84
Now that p2 has Java 1.5 as a minimum there is no reason to not use the JVM methods. Change-Id: I89444e8d1e174c316e2b17fb4f53bc7b1d097c0a Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-18bug 421704 - equinox.p2.tests and equinox.p2.tests.ui failed on LinuxKrzysztof Daniel1-11/+0
Don't skip some tests when run on java 1.6. 1.7 is a required BREE. Change-Id: I966275f840f76b4979bdcb38e4c567e4f5c8e6dd Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-15Bug 421824 - Use *Scope.INSTANCEAlexander Kurtakov4-7/+7
*Scope constructors are deprecated and using the INSTANCE static field is recommended. Change-Id: I56de8e03818ef4abe45c9b7097cbf5ae1d92ce14 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-15Bug 421814 - Fix deprecated usages in tests.Alexander Kurtakov6-20/+6
Use Hamcrest matchers directly instead of via deprecated junit class. Change-Id: Iec5e4b6c482a85f5ed6b05020c1af85ec83d39ec Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-15Bug 421798 - Fix various warnings.Alexander Kurtakov39-67/+56
* Remove unneeded casts. * Remove unneeded throws. * Remove unneeded semicolons. Change-Id: I7454ea216cfc194a0d394550feecc29042d23363 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-14Bug 421768 - Remove useless @SuppressWarnings.Alexander Kurtakov6-6/+6
Now that 1.5 is official it's better to get rid of some old warnings. Change-Id: I57a9fbb1872e92e81884ee4fac5ac1febfdf807a Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-14Bug 421770 - Remove duplicated Bundle-ActivationPolicy.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+0
Change-Id: I9645309dd9c1db3555e7d9122e9482e5bdd2cf85 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-14Bug 421771 - Don't use deprecated junit Assert.Alexander Kurtakov9-12/+10
Changing from junit.framework to org.junit is enough. Change-Id: I541d00c1dd6652003d4df51a66fb98d1e3342625 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-11-13Bug 421339 - Accept java 1.5Krzysztof Daniel75-1120/+1014
Make 1.5 setting default in Eclipse (P2 is compiled as 1.5 with tycho anyway). Drop jsr14. Change-Id: I848d7865211126ad32a226914a046f9553a48f04 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-12Revert "bug 420260: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on theKrzysztof Daniel7-70/+1
Mac " This reverts commit 8c9187a7cdfca9ae0c93566c5f383a6c7e6137bf, as it was released only for instrumentation. Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <> Change-Id: I5ca7c147d8434b3a72b84d38953817ff541b9066
2013-11-12bug 420260 - org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on the MacKrzysztof Daniel5-13/+13
use domain that can be resolved by Eclipse Foundation infrastructure (avoid depending on proxy while executing tests). Change-Id: I113d43930b9fd0dd5a6079677d54e8e2e6708ba6 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-12Bug 419418: testSimpleRepositoryPerformanceOnLoadReadonlyLocalRepositoryI20131112-0800Krzysztof Daniel1-10/+7
fails when invoked with maven surefire Tests rely on changing privileges, which cannot be changed without platform. Platform can't be installed into surefire, because it depends on bundles in the reactor, and would cause circular dependencies. So, the proper way is to use File API to manage file attributes. Change-Id: I93ab9eaaf9891b265e0ef4fbabe3f22a66616738 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-12Bug 417179 - Configure reconciler testsKrzysztof Daniel5-3/+231
This approach relies on a build order of reactor modules - the reconciler product needs to be built before reconciler tests are executed. The product is passed via the surefire configuration. Change-Id: If44e10e4f30ca47b92a5427bc8feec3453a8e25f Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-12Bug 417073: Configuration for tycho-surefire-pluginKrzysztof Daniel6-13/+55
Test bundles are now built as test bundles, not as regular plugins, and therefore can be executed by tycho surefire. Small changes in the requirements are required, because there is no full Eclipse available at test time, so all dependencies need to be listed. Also-By: Mickael Istria <> Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <> Change-Id: Icdc78a92d93c2d8e0c62c8cc6d49bbfb7de147af
2013-11-07Bug 419419: test233240_artifactsDeleted fails when invoked with maven surefireKrzysztof Daniel1-6/+10
Tycho surefire uses maven convention for bundles that constitute test environment, so every plugin has "-" instead of "_". This doesn't work for P2 test, because P2 generator generates bundles with "_". So, the test case has to explicitly use that character in bundle name. Change-Id: I1c01b979de2f5527d6f813272ecf27406a9813f2 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-11-04bug 420260: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on the Mac I20131105-0800Krzysztof Daniel7-1/+70
This is a temporary instrumentation to gather thread dumps when a test takes longer than 60 seconds. Change-Id: I242857ccdd600d954e539e656a3fb0e0613f747d Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-10-29Bug 420588 - Unanticipated comparator errors in I20131028-2000I20131030-2000I20131030-1400I20131030-0800I20131029-2000Pascal Rapicault1-0/+1
2013-10-29Bug 416565 - p2 shared install test failuresKrzysztof Daniel24-4/+90
This commit rebuilds internal test repository containing verifier application, and makes further rebuilds easier by providing complete sources of a repository projects that can be build immediately after checkout. Change-Id: Iea19e78024ec65dfe24c4e7e21932b016531f3b9 Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Daniel <>
2013-10-28411046 Simple configurator uses framework.wiring 1.2 APITobias Oberlies1-1/+1
- Adapt lower bound of package import statement so that it reflects the actually needed API level of the org.osgi.framework.wiring package. Bug: 411046 Change-Id: Ie20d87034ed4605b42b42a5b9e551d22b9184ff4
2013-10-28360786 Fix javadoc of TestAgentProviderTobias Oberlies1-1/+1
Bug: 360786
2013-10-25360786 Only mirror referenced artifacts in MirrorApplicaitonTobias Oberlies6-5/+224
- Fix the MirrorApplication so that it doesn't mirror any artifacts when the selected units have no associated artifacts. Before, all artifacts were mirrored. - Also: Added test that only referenced artifacts are mirrored when units with associated artifacts are mirrored. This case wasn't covered either. - Also: Fix typo in related test. - Also: Added test utility class TestAgentProvider, which gives each test a separate IProvisioningAgent and in that way prevents side-effects between the tests (e.g. in the stateful repository managers). Bug: 360786 Change-Id: I8032eac42212feb55798e3e2b06b3c98f8f55d97 Signed-off-by: Tobias Oberlies <>
2013-10-17Bug 417458: Remote bundle discovery is broken on JDK 7u40I20131023-2000I20131022-1300I20131022-0800Tomasz Zarna4-5/+53
Change-Id: I8112dd677bb97b3ce2bdb7880054ff15815b80c0 Signed-off-by: Tomasz Zarna <>
2013-10-11Bug 416565 - p2 test failures due to signed inner jarsI20131015-0800Thomas Watson1-95/+121
Update verifier application to stop using PlatformAdmin
2013-10-09Bug 418844: Icons for p2 menuMickael Istria4-3/+6
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>

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