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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-11-19Bug 422032 - Generify comparator in SimpleConfiguratorManipulatorUtils.I20131119-0800Alexander Kurtakov1-12/+7
2013-11-19Bug 422025 - Generify DeltaApplierAlexander Kurtakov1-11/+11
2013-11-19Bug 422026 - Get rid of ColletionUtils.empty[Set|List|Map]Alexander Kurtakov44-154/+84
2013-11-18bug 421704 - equinox.p2.tests and equinox.p2.tests.ui failed on LinuxKrzysztof Daniel1-11/+0
2013-11-15Bug 421824 - Use *Scope.INSTANCEAlexander Kurtakov4-7/+7
2013-11-15Bug 421814 - Fix deprecated usages in tests.Alexander Kurtakov6-20/+6
2013-11-15Bug 421798 - Fix various warnings.Alexander Kurtakov39-67/+56
2013-11-14Bug 421768 - Remove useless @SuppressWarnings.Alexander Kurtakov6-6/+6
2013-11-14Bug 421770 - Remove duplicated Bundle-ActivationPolicy.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+0
2013-11-14Bug 421771 - Don't use deprecated junit Assert.Alexander Kurtakov9-12/+10
2013-11-13Bug 421339 - Accept java 1.5Krzysztof Daniel75-1120/+1014
2013-11-12Revert "bug 420260: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on theKrzysztof Daniel7-70/+1
2013-11-12bug 420260 - org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on the MacKrzysztof Daniel5-13/+13
2013-11-12Bug 419418: testSimpleRepositoryPerformanceOnLoadReadonlyLocalRepositoryI20131112-0800Krzysztof Daniel1-10/+7
2013-11-12Bug 417179 - Configure reconciler testsKrzysztof Daniel5-3/+231
2013-11-12Bug 417073: Configuration for tycho-surefire-pluginKrzysztof Daniel6-13/+55
2013-11-07Bug 419419: test233240_artifactsDeleted fails when invoked with maven surefireKrzysztof Daniel1-6/+10
2013-11-04bug 420260: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests take 1.5h longer on the Mac I20131105-0800Krzysztof Daniel7-1/+70
2013-10-29Bug 420588 - Unanticipated comparator errors in I20131028-2000I20131030-2000I20131030-1400I20131030-0800I20131029-2000Pascal Rapicault1-0/+1
2013-10-29Bug 416565 - p2 shared install test failuresKrzysztof Daniel24-4/+90
2013-10-28411046 Simple configurator uses framework.wiring 1.2 APITobias Oberlies1-1/+1
2013-10-28360786 Fix javadoc of TestAgentProviderTobias Oberlies1-1/+1
2013-10-25360786 Only mirror referenced artifacts in MirrorApplicaitonTobias Oberlies6-5/+224
2013-10-17Bug 417458: Remote bundle discovery is broken on JDK 7u40I20131023-2000I20131022-1300I20131022-0800Tomasz Zarna4-5/+53
2013-10-11Bug 416565 - p2 test failures due to signed inner jarsI20131015-0800Thomas Watson1-95/+121
2013-10-09Bug 418844: Icons for p2 menuMickael Istria4-3/+6
2013-10-05Bug 405911 - 3 p2 bundles don't produce (or, package) their .sourceI20131009-0430I20131008-2330Pascal Rapicault1-1/+22
2013-10-04Bug 405911 - 3 p2 bundles don't produce (or, package) their .sourceThomas Watson8-9/+9
2013-10-04Bug 405911 - 3 p2 bundles don't produce (or, package) their .sourceThomas Watson1-1/+1
2013-09-28Update verifier applicationI20131001-0800Pascal Rapicault13-0/+0
2013-09-18Added a change to test Gerrit.I20130924-1130I20130924-0800I20130918-2000Ian Bull1-0/+1
2013-09-13Bug 416980 - ControlListViewer.class appears to have changed, though qualifie...I20130918-0800I20130917-2000I20130917-0800I20130916-2330I20130916-2000I20130916-0900I20130915-2000I20130914-1900I20130914-1500I20130913-2000Thomas Watson1-1/+2
2013-09-12Bug 416731 - root pom does not have to have parent pomI20130912-2000Krzysztof Daniel1-7/+0
2013-09-12Bug 417071 - -XstartOnFirstThread prevents ui tests from runningKrzysztof Daniel1-1/+1
2013-09-12Bug 416676 - Enabling standalone p2 builds and document how to run theKrzysztof Daniel1-0/+34
2013-09-11Fixed compiler warningsI20130911-2000John Arthorne3-7/+4
2013-09-11Bug 416195 - remove or null out sat4j projects in p2 repositoryPascal Rapicault403-397/+0
2013-09-11Bug 411419 - 38 pom files specify <executionEnvironment>Krzysztof Daniel7-76/+0
2013-09-11Bug 409790 - how does o.e.e.p2.ui.sdk.scheduler compile on JDK 1.5?Krzysztof Daniel1-12/+0
2013-09-05Incremented test bundle version for Luna streamI20130910-2000I20130910-0800I20130909-2000I20130908-2000I20130906-2000John Arthorne8-8/+8
2013-09-04Fixed compiler warningI20130905-2000I20130904-2000John Arthorne1-3/+6
2013-09-04Bug 415942 - Set code.ignoredWarnings for test bundles in order to use global...John Arthorne7-16/+16
2013-09-04Add group id to p2 test parent pomJohn Arthorne1-1/+2
2013-09-04Don't sign inner jars in p2 testsJohn Arthorne1-0/+1
2013-09-04Create parent pom for p2 testsJohn Arthorne1-0/+26
2013-09-03Added a suppress warning instead of closing the stream.I20130903-2000Ian Bull1-10/+3
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official buildIan Bull2-2/+0
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official buildIan Bull1-2/+9
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official buildIan Bull1-1/+10
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official build Ian Bull1-1/+1

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