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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/bundles/ b/bundles/
index 30795ebff..65bb3e0b1 100644
--- a/bundles/
+++ b/bundles/
@@ -25,14 +25,13 @@ Missing_IU=The installable unit {0} has not been found.
Missing_Required_Argument=Missing required argument -{0}.
Help_A_list_of_properties_in_the_form_key_value_pairs=A list of properties in the form key=value pairs. Effective only when a new profile is created.
Help_A_list_of_URLs_denoting_artifact_repositories=A list of URL's denoting artifact repositories.
-Help_A_list_of_URLs_denoting_colocated_repositories=A list of URL's denoting colocated meta-data and artifact repositories.
+Help_A_list_of_URLs_denoting_colocated_repositories=A list of URL's denoting co-located meta-data and artifact repositories.
Help_A_list_of_URLs_denoting_metadata_repositories=A list of URL's denoting meta-data repositories.
Ambigous_Command=Cannot execute both {0} and {1} in one invocation.
Application_NoManager=The repository manager is not available.
Application_NoRepositories=Unable to load repositories.
Help_Defines_flavor_to_use_for_created_profile=Defines what flavor to use for a newly created profile.
Help_Defines_what_profile_to_use_for_the_actions=Defines what profile to use for the actions.
-flavor_0_inconsistent_with_flavor_1=Install flavor {0} not consistent with profile flavor {1}.
Help_Indicates_that_the_product_can_be_moved=Indicates that the product resulting from the installation can be moved. Effective only when a new profile is created.
Installing=Installing {0} {1}.
Help_Installs_the_listed_IUs=Installs the listed IU's. Each entry in the list is in the form <id> [ '/' <version> ].
@@ -56,9 +55,10 @@ Help_The_NL_when_profile_is_created=The language to use when the profile is crea
Help_The_OS_when_profile_is_created=The OS to use when the profile is created.
Help_The_WS_when_profile_is_created=The windowing system to use when the profile is created.
unable_to_parse_0_to_uri_1=Unable to parse {0} into an URI: {1}.
-unable_to_start_bundle_0=Unable to start bundle {0}.
-unable_to_stop_bundle_0=Unable to stop bundle {0}.
unknown_option_0=Unknown option {0}. Use -help for a list of known options.
Help_Missing_argument=The argument specifying what to install or uninstall is missing.
-Missing_profile = The profile to revert to is not being found.
-Missing_registry=The profile registry could not be loaded
+Missing_profile = The profile to revert to could not be found.
+problem_CallingDirector=A problem occured while invoking the director.
+problem_repoMustBeURI = The repository location ({0}) must be a URI.
+unableToWriteLogFile=Unable to write to the log file {0}.

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