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2018-01-26Bug 530397 - [Gtk] Make gdbus initialization dynamic (launcher part)I20180130-2000Leo Ufimtsev3-19/+0
Remove setting of system property as gdbus is now initialized dynamically. Verified with SWT's dynamic gdbus patch. Change-Id: Ia591865568bd2c3c8d84c5473b10404e26788df8 Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2018-01-26Bug 530012 – [gtk] Update make_linux to simplify building of launcher.I20180129-2000I20180129-0605I20180129-0540I20180128-2000I20180127-1500I20180127-0150I20180126-2040Leo Ufimtsev4-66/+93
Details: - This makes make_linux.mak independent, i.e the following works: make -f make_linux.mak clean all It does so by assuming default values if they are not set by However, still overrides values for backwards compatibility. I.e, I expect it will work fine with build servers. - I migrated some linux-specific logic from to make_linux.mak * JAVA_HOME detection that I added earlier, * linux specific x86/x86_64 flags - Added a new target: dev_build_install This can be invoked like: export DEV_ECLIPSE="your/eclipse" make -f make_linux.mak clean dev_build_install It builds the launcher/lib and then you can test the output in your dev eclipse. (see target for details.). Test strategy: I've done some very through testing, I'm pretty confident it shouldn't break anything. I've accounted for x86/x86_64 differences. I've added a print statement that prints info about variables: $(info Input info: ....) This line generates the same values for when you run as well as when make_linux is invoked directly. Produced eclipse and work well. Tested on Fedora 27, Wayland, gtk3.22, x86_64. Bug: Change-Id: I07ec8f453acd93d368e5e8f927fa65354da0f68b Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2018-01-23Binaries v20180123-0032I20180124-0800I20180123-2000I20180123-1010I20180123-0800genie.releng1-1/+1
2018-01-23Bug 529695 --launcher.openFile with relative path crashesLeo Ufimtsev1-3/+3
Crash is caused due to a null pointer. program (path) is a global var. It's being read by strlen before it's set. eclispe.c:417:run() -> parseArgs() -> next = checkPath(next, getProgramDir(), 0); checkPath() : paths[1] = .. programDir; buffer = malloc(.. _tcslen(paths[1])...) << strlen on a null. But it's only set later: eclispe.c:417:run() -> parseArgs() << used here. -> _run() { -> program = _tcsdup( argv[0] ); << set here. } Solution is fairly trivial, just set "program" before it's used. Verified on Linux Fedora 27. I don't see it causing issues on other platforms, it's a very minor fix. Should probably be good to merge. Bug: Change-Id: I379970ecce553ef4f78a246a96ee9ac647471739 Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2018-01-22Binaries v20180122-0705I20180122-2000I20180122-0800genie.releng1-1/+1
2018-01-22Bug 530028: Set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.10 for launcherLakshmi Shanmugam1-1/+2
Change-Id: Idd662b24bcadaa07f980f1e78bcc8b9c5078844e Signed-off-by: Lakshmi Shanmugam <>
2018-01-18Bug 528229 - Build launcher on Eclipse Foundation InfraSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-30/+30
Change-Id: I19d93468be6033d41424155ba6413248ead5af99 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2018-01-18Bug 528414 (swtWaylandLauncher) Part 2: Replace x11 with gdbusLeo Ufimtsev8-205/+245
eclipseGtk.c overhaul replacing x11 machinery with gio's gdbus for wayland support. Results: - Launcher works on wayland - All x11 is gone (at least for gtk3). - Files no longer separated via colons. - Verified on Wayland (and x11). - Also added a makefile to accelerate future development efforts and make it more obvious on how to test launcher. Technical notes: - Old machinery used to set windowProperty via x11 atoms, files were separated via colons ':'. This had issues with local urls'. - New machinery checks if there is a session on: org.eclipse.swt and if so, it passes files via a gdbus array with each file being a separate item. (I.e, colons not used anymore). - The mutex/launcher window stuff was all related to x11. gdbus doesn't use that anymore, locks are internall to gtk/glib. - A few additional minor fixes/patches (code style etc...). Test Strategy: - Below were done on both Wayland and X11: - Fedora 27, Gtk3.22. (Probably works on gtk2, but not tested). 1) Open eclipse with file(s) : ./eclipse /tmp/myfile1 [OK] ./eclipse /tmp/myfile1 /tmp/myfile2 [OK] 2) Open multiple eclipses at the same time: [OK] ./eclipse /tmp/myfile1 /tmp/myfile2 & ./eclipse /tmp/myfile3 /tmp/myfile3 3) Open eclipse. Once opened, run launcher again to pass files. [OK] ./eclipse ... ./eclipse /tmp/myfile 4) Open eclipse with launcher flag: ./eclipse --launcher.openFile /tmp/myfile1 Bug: Change-Id: I73ab1e8b603deee803693f022f0c4c90ea3c43c9 Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2018-01-18Bug 528229 - Build launcher on Eclipse Foundation InfraSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-6/+6
Change-Id: I21176d7ed461d0f8b53d0d04be7d39563566b7a5 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2018-01-18Bug 528229 - Build launcher on Eclipse Foundation InfraSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-2/+2
-Increment minor version photon release Change-Id: I0bddb0ddedb8f61430fe340be23e40e91b3a52c8 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2018-01-03Bug 528926 – [gtk] should find java on it's own if notI20180110-0100I20180109-2000I20180108-2000I20180107-2000I20180106-1500I20180105-2000I20180104-2000I20180104-0030I20180103-2000Leo Ufimtsev1-0/+11
specified. Bug: Change-Id: I23e3d9d7aed0ea7702329e7e705120539420f5dc Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2017-09-25Bug 520176: Fix disabled macOS 10.13 menu barS4_8_0_M3aS4_8_0_M3I20171103-1105I20171103-0715I20171103-0405I20171102-2000I20171101-2000I20171031-2000I20171030-2000I20171030-0400I20171029-2000I20171028-1500I20171027-2340I20171027-2000I20171025-2000I20171025-0800I20171024-2000I20171024-0800I20171023-2000I20171023-0800I20171022-2000I20171022-0800I20171021-1500I20171020-2000I20171019-2000I20171018-2000I20171017-2000I20171017-0515I20171016-2000I20171015-2000I20171015-0655I20171014-1500I20171013-2000I20171012-2000I20171011-2000I20171011-0305I20171010-2000I20171009-2000I20171008-2000I20171007-1500I20171006-2000I20171005-2000I20171004-2000I20171004-0315I20171003-2000I20171002-2000I20171001-2000I20170930-1500I20170929-2000I20170928-2000I20170927-2000I20170927-0420I20170926-2000I20170925-2000Torkild U. Resheim1-30/+1
* De-list locales that are not supported by Eclipse Change-Id: Ica03e96b88471b424a7f6d420f52121489bfb250 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Torkild U. Resheim <>
2017-09-21Binaries v20170921-0535I20170924-2000I20170923-1500I20170922-2000I20170921-2000Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-09-21Bug 457921 - [RCP] RCP application menu not shown when launched fromTill Brychcy2-11/+4
Eclipse on OS X 10.9 Change-Id: Ie9b23c0f7c80c0b3c80b5fd41a18d61a54e392eb Signed-off-by: Till Brychcy <>
2017-09-18Bug 506976 - Info.plist "CFBundleGetInfoString" is out of dateThomas Watson1-3/+3
Change-Id: I8afa18505c905fd5271f8af5102d6bd6d29022d2 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2017-09-15Bug 520636 - Make sure Eclipse starts with Java 9Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-0/+6
-making the changes mac specific Change-Id: I402169a44dc28f83c8a676b2dce50848ba2fcf31 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2017-09-15Bug 520636 - Make sure Eclipse starts with Java 9Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-1/+5
- eclipse doesn't restart with java 9 Change-Id: Ia5ae1413fd4f0d42082d4fa7dde2c11de3181e6e Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2017-09-15Binaries v20170915-0946Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-09-15Bug 520636 - Make sure Eclipse starts with Java 9Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti5-81/+70
- Based on work done by Arun Thondapu Change-Id: I737b2cab75f34c3b5b58b55744496de3c90a5bbe Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2017-09-11Binaries v20170911-0535I20170912-0800I20170911-2000I20170911-0800Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-08-09Update versions for PhotonI20170818-0100I20170818-0040I20170817-2140I20170817-2000I20170816-2000I20170815-2000I20170815-0035I20170814-2000I20170814-0635I20170814-0300I20170813-2000I20170812-1500I20170811-2000I20170810-2000I20170809-2000Thomas Watson2-2/+2
2017-08-07Bug 520630 - Fix warnings catched by CDTAlexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
CDT shows few warnings about missing parenthesis. Add them to reduce warnings. Change-Id: I26fa647c9c96ae741e4582f71c9db674f3056df2 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2017-07-21Binaries v20170721-0458Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-06-27Bug 518812 - Remove mozilla workarounds from launcherAlexander Kurtakov7-345/+3
Mozilla/Xulrunner support is being removed from SWT thus applying workarounds for it in launcher is no longer needed. Change-Id: If86168662b6c2ad244df85363233f623b1066fba Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2017-06-22Bug 517929 - Update POMs in the master for 4.8 release I20170622-0950Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
Point to 4.8 parent pom. Change-Id: I1620cbf3b7a5520257c374f1c57f16311e0a4b63 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2017-05-31Binaries v20170531-0733Y20170622-1000Y20170620-0625Y20170619-2325Y20170618-0415Y20170615-1000Y20170608-1000Y20170601-1000S4_7_0_RC4aS4_7_0_RC4S4_7_0_RC3R4_7I20170616-0530I20170615-2000I20170614-2000I20170613-2000I20170612-0950I20170610-0940I20170608-0530I20170607-2000I20170607-1100I20170607-0800I20170607-0215I20170606-2000I20170606-0800I20170605-2000I20170605-0800I20170604-2000I20170604-0800I20170603-1500I20170603-0800I20170603-0100I20170602-2000I20170531-2000I20170531-0800Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-05-31Bug 517507: Remove Java 9 hacks that were added to the launcher inArun Thondapu5-74/+81
Oxygen M7 Revert "Bug 493761: Platform won't launch on Java 9-ea builds (InjectionException: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct)" This reverts commit 4295e27d8e41283eadba7aa2e098126b22c5a7a9. This reverts commit 28ff351cfc1b33eb84c70b295e8a86bf8b70d21f. This reverts commit 2e0869c0e8cf5f4125a3237f22ed6f166a065fbb.
2017-05-29Bug 517013 - Avoid memcpy@GLIBC_2.14 dependency on Linux x86_64Martin Oberhuber7-1/+39
On newer Linux x86_64 hosts like REL7, an optimized version of memcpy() is available in glibc and linked in by default. The drawback of linking that optimized version is, that the resulting binaries don't run any more on older Linux distributions like REL6 (where that optimized memcpy@GLIBC_2.14 is not available). This fix avoids the problem by replacing memcpy() with memmove() on Linux x86_64 hosts only. To be safe, it also compiles with -fno-builtin-memcpy -fno-builtin-memmove on Linux x86_64. See also bug 515155 for a very similar fix in SWT to support REL6. Change-Id: I39bc8d4975015eb52f35d3d02eae921bf6d66478 Signed-off-by: Martin Oberhuber <> Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2017-05-11Revert "Bug 516349 - [Mac] Cannot Restart on Java 9-ea builds ↵Arun Thondapu1-11/+2
(NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct)" This reverts commit ad13b29e1e8388dda5021e3c10824aa5c44d2e2a. Change-Id: I88de81b238b000bf4b6db7dfe12e67693fb53f4b
2017-05-11Binaries v20170511-0914Y20170511-1000Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-05-11Bug 516349 - [Mac] Cannot Restart on Java 9-ea buildsTill Brychcy1-2/+11
(NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct) Change-Id: I3eba0c07f9a53aaf212050d6594ceacea91855e2 Signed-off-by: Till Brychcy <>
2017-05-03Binaries v20170503-1700Y20170504-1000I20170510-0800I20170509-2000I20170509-1300I20170509-1100I20170509-0945I20170509-0800I20170508-2000I20170508-0800I20170507-2000I20170506-2000I20170505-2000I20170504-2000I20170503-2000Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-05-03Bug 493761: Platform won't launch on Java 9-ea buildsArun Thondapu1-1/+5
(InjectionException: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct) --permit-illegal-access VM argument is needed to run eclipse with Java 9 but Java 8 does not recognize this argument and fails to start up. This patch prevents passing the --permit-illegal-access argument to the JVM if it is present in the VM argument list and the JVM version is < 9. Change-Id: Id39176a1e4f092d59063111667dd738a0b951ad4 Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2017-04-30Bug 515548 - Drop support for ppc32 on platformI20170501-2000I20170430-2000Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti4-8/+0
Do not copy ppc32 launcher. do not create ppc32 fragment Change-Id: I99bb6c6227e5af795ffff654873e13ad7de33666 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <> Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2017-04-28Binaries v20170428-1711I20170429-2000I20170429-1330I20170429-1230I20170428-2000Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2017-04-28Bug 493761: Platform won't launch on Java 9-ea buildsArun Thondapu1-2/+2
(InjectionException: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct) Fix Windows build failure by declaring variables at the beginning of the block (Windows build seems to be using an old version of VS compiler not compliant with C99) Change-Id: If19501943ee90e959fcc71fc8dc32b9a3a906124 Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2017-04-28Bug 493761: Platform won't launch on Java 9-ea buildsArun Thondapu5-81/+70
(InjectionException: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/PostConstruct) --add-modules VM argument is needed to run eclipse with Java 9 but Java 8 does not recognize this argument and fails to start up. This patch prevents passing the --add-modules argument to the JVM if it is present in the VM argument list and the JVM version is < 9. Tested with different builds of Java 8 and Java 9 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also tested with both formats of specifying the argument (one-arg with "=", or two-arg). Change-Id: I0d4c6ba2ba0e41982a89d7da1aef6c78f276f65c Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2017-04-28Bug 515548 - Drop support for ppc32 on platformI20170428-0830I20170428-0700Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-10/+0
Change-Id: If455746e3e366d273f3ca6bccb09661327736940 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2017-04-07Bug 512282 - Rebuild eclipse launchers for linux ppc64 and ppc64le usingArun Thondapu1-5/+7
the machines provided by redhat Adjust default JAVA_HOME values in the build script for Linux Change-Id: I5eaa0c83ffb308e696ebde52ca651a647d9de875 Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2017-01-11Bug 509525 - Stop packaging Unix buildsY20170112-1300Y20170112-1000Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti5-141/+1
Change-Id: I5a394ddd6b8e3a0656d4e86a3995660fdbf94e68 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2016-12-19Bug 509313 - Update CDT configurations for launcher nativesY20161229-1000Y20161223-1030Y20161222-1000I20170102-2000I20170101-2000I20161231-2000I20161230-2000I20161229-2000I20161228-2000I20161227-2000I20161226-2000I20161225-2000I20161224-2000I20161223-2000I20161223-0615I20161222-2000I20161221-2000I20161221-0400I20161220-2000I20161220-0530I20161219-2000Alexander Kurtakov1-5/+8
* Updates for .cproject format changes. * Add gdk-pixbuf include path. * Remove space at end of glib include path making CDT to not resolve it. * Switch to the modern X11 include path. Change-Id: I167ebcd4abf8c659ef36d25d712bb68098bd4e6e Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-12-19Bug 509311 - Replace GtkSignalFunc with GCallbackAlexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
GtkSignalFunc is gone in GTK3 and GGcallback is available in the min GLib required. Change-Id: If72db866935d1b0bb4b48c6abc93b2cc870822ca Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-12-13Binaries v20161213-1256Y20161215-1200I20161215-2000I20161215-0915I20161215-0830I20161215-0730I20161215-0130I20161214-2000I20161214-1005I20161213-2000Arun Thondapu1-1/+1
2016-12-13Bug 508576 - Simplify GTK initializationAlexander Kurtakov3-17/+9
Function gtk_init_with_args is present in the min GTK version required so there is no need to check for it's existence and try gtk_init_check after that. Also g_error_free is mandatory function so no need for if(g_error_free) g_error_free(...). Change-Id: Idd13fb1009e0b0e434e0a409487863dd3ea06325 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-12-02Bug 508577 - Remove NETSCAPE_FIXAlexander Kurtakov2-9/+2
Function not implemented and not used anywhere. Change-Id: I52bdc4fa7e05c9c9a94526eedc3aa933cb9eb637 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-11-29Bug 508291 - Remove unneeded gtk callsAlexander Kurtakov3-7/+0
Function gtk_set_locale call is not needed with gtk 2.24+ as gtk_init does it by default. Also remove other unused binding too. Change-Id: I92ca6d16d502ddbd2ef8603320cffdd59afa6996 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-11-22Bug 507979 - Fix gcc -Wmisleading-indentation warningsAlexander Kurtakov3-4/+4
Use tabs consistently to not confuse gcc blocks has misleading formatting. Change-Id: I91af853c643b9edf0dc54b9677bb8269c451bf76 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-11-03Bug 452486 - Remove Motif leftoversAlexander Kurtakov26-3223/+3
Delete the actual motif code. Change-Id: I94257d7da060ba6b9a4156497a7a189926b00db9 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-11-02Bug 492570 - Info.plist "CFBundleGetInfoString" is out of dateY20161103-1000Thomas Watson1-3/+3
Change-Id: Iae8e4268f8b7322aa2713cc78e541404bbd96fdd Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-10-27Bug 506597 - Build failure on I20161026-2000Thomas Watson2-2/+2
Change-Id: I949cd02866112dca9a5fda67cdbbb1e280ee05df Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>

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