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2017-06-16Bug 486941 - [osgi R7] Framework extensions may require capabilitiesThomas Watson1-3/+3
2017-06-16Bug 486941 - [osgi R7] Framework extensions may require capabilitiesThomas Watson1-5/+0
2017-03-02Bug 512707 - Add support for recursive class processingY20170321-2315Y20170321-0120Y20170316-0500Y20170309-1000S4_7_0_M6I20170327-2000I20170326-2000I20170325-2000I20170324-2000I20170323-2000I20170322-2000I20170321-2000I20170320-2000I20170319-2000I20170318-2000I20170317-2000I20170316-2000I20170315-2000I20170315-0500I20170314-2000I20170313-2000I20170312-2000I20170311-2000I20170310-2000I20170308-2000I20170308-0800I20170307-2000I20170307-0800I20170307-0610I20170307-0450I20170307-0420I20170307-0410I20170307-0150I20170306-2000I20170306-0800I20170305-2000I20170304-2000I20170303-2000I20170302-2000Thomas Watson1-1/+34
2016-10-25Bug 506460 - openConnection(URL u, Proxy p) is unsupported when multipleI20161025-2000Thomas Watson1-4/+9
2016-08-30Bug 492890 - Must escape values in a Bundle-NativeCode header when theyY20160901-1000I20160906-0800Thomas Watson2-0/+9
2016-08-12Bug 497576 - [equinox framework] augmenting bundle metadataThomas Watson1-3/+36
2016-04-07Bug 490902 - LinkageError in parallel class loading of ModuleClassLoaderThomas Watson5-0/+63
2016-03-24Bug 490374 - Enable framework tests for gerrit build jobThomas Watson2-4/+4
2016-03-22Bug 490008 - Add to test override of main attributes for package infoThomas Watson5-0/+75
2016-03-21Bug 490008 - Add a test for package info in manifest main attributesI20160322-0800Thomas Watson2-10/+19
2015-09-23Bug 478234 - ResolverHookFactory services are looked up and used during dynam...I20150929-0800Thomas Watson2-0/+39
2015-08-11Bug 471551 - SchemaFactory - Loading behaves differently by switchingI20150811-1400Thomas Watson2-0/+47
2015-07-09Bug 470527 - Replace `new Boolean` with `Boolean.valueOf`I20150714-0800Alex Blewitt1-1/+1
2015-05-30Bug 468817 - Implementation of BundleFileWrapper.getResourceURL does notI20150601-2000I20150531-2000Thomas Watson1-1/+3
2015-05-29Bug 468817 - Implementation of BundleFileWrapper.getResourceURL does notI20150529-2000Thomas Watson1-21/+78
2015-03-18Bug 462423 - URLStreamHandlerService registrationsThomas Watson2-0/+58
2015-02-24Bug 460637 - BundleFileWrapper does not wrap the invocation toThomas Watson2-0/+72
2014-11-03Bug 449484 - Add configuration property to allow bundles to provideThomas Watson1-0/+6
2014-08-28Bug 442641 - Add test case for system bundle NLSThomas Watson2-0/+13
2014-07-14Bug 438904 - Global buddy class loading is not working for packages in aThomas Watson5-0/+42
2014-01-27Bug 426445 - unable to load native code in fragmentThomas Watson3-0/+42
2013-12-19Bug 424386 - StorageHook has no call back when the generation is deletedI20131231-0800I20131224-0800Thomas Watson1-0/+6
2013-12-18Bug 424346 - Need ability to reject byte code weavingThomas Watson2-0/+43
2013-12-09[Bug 423479] TestsJohn Ross2-0/+11
2013-10-17Bug 419725 - IllegalStateException while resolving bundles when a persistentl...Thomas Watson4-0/+78
2013-08-12Bug 412228 - Framework.waitForStop doesn't reliably time outThomas Watson2-0/+36
2013-07-31Bug 414070 - Add tests to verify shutdown sort orderI20130807-2000I20130807-0800I20130806-2000I20130806-0800I20130805-2000I20130805-0800I20130804-2300Thomas Watson9-17/+49
2013-07-12Add tests for Old 2.0 style plugins.Thomas Watson14-0/+216
2013-07-01[Bug 411829] StorageHookFactory validates factory class of StorageHookThomas Watson1-1/+1
2013-07-01[Bug 411829] Tests for bundle install, update, and framework restart with per...John Ross1-1/+7
2013-06-26Bug 407416 - [unity] Allow storage hooks to validate the Generation.Thomas Watson1-0/+10
2013-06-26[Bug 407416] Test framework discards bundles at load time when storage hooks ...John Ross2-0/+62
2013-05-23Bug 408873 - [unity] TCCL is not getting set correctlyThomas Watson1-4/+12
2013-05-07Bug 407430 - [unity] lazy starting no longer waits if another thread triggers...Thomas Watson5-0/+90
2013-05-03Bug 375784 - osgi.context.bootdelegation can cause unexpected fwk parent clas...Thomas Watson3-0/+126
2013-02-21Merge branch 'master' into twatson/containerThomas Watson1-0/+11
2013-02-11Bug 385944 - No validation on Eclipse-BuddyPolicy causes class cast exceptionv20130211-183648Thomas Watson1-0/+11
2012-09-06Merge branch 'master' into twatson/containerMergeThomas Watson27-654/+0
2012-09-06Bug 344111 - IllegalStateException in Watson2-0/+63
2012-07-16remove internal console implementationThomas Watson3-118/+0
2012-07-16remove composite implementationThomas Watson24-536/+0
2011-09-28Remove +x on non-executable filesBJ Hargrave3-0/+0
2011-05-13Bug 345743 - BundleWiring.listResources does not work properly for directoy c...v20110513Thomas Watson2-0/+2
2011-05-02update copyrightsThomas Watson19-5/+145
2011-04-05Bug 341887 - Tests for new functionality in Equinox consoleThomas Watson1-10/+39
2011-03-25Bug 312612 - Tests for the Equinox consolev20110328Thomas Watson3-0/+89
2011-01-08Bug 292135 - Add listeners to FrameworkLogThomas Watson2-0/+35
2011-01-05Fix copyrightThomas Watson1-1/+1
2010-03-18Bug 306181 - Cannot install new software after updating to last I-buildv20100322-1720Thomas Watson5-0/+79
2010-02-01 Bug 301319 - Compiler warnings in I20100129-1300Thomas Watson1-0/+1

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