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2016-07-13Bug 486952 - [osgi R7] set property whenY20160811-1000Y20160804-1000Y20160728-1000Y20160721-1000Y20160714-1000I20160809-1300I20160809-1100I20160803-2000I20160803-0800I20160802-2000I20160802-0800I20160801-2000I20160801-0800I20160731-2000I20160726-1400I20160726-0800I20160719-0800I20160716-1900Thomas Watson2-0/+19
derived Change-Id: I7ff18cea64a58827ab74374c2b8db5fb97b80837 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-07-08Update test bundle version for OxygenI20160712-1000I20160712-0800I20160708-1700Thomas Watson2-2/+2
Change-Id: I9c59435f622119a8e2c8d11d9682e015634933f2 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-07-08Bug 416164 - Correctly handle spurious wake ups.Thomas Watson1-42/+59
Replace forStop may with a single AtomicReference that we can hand out to waiting threads and notify when the framework stops Change-Id: I1f6da6b9c896ba1bc2397bccfd9b34899a497bce Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-07-06Bug 497407 - Handle @initial locations for bundle update operationsY20160707-1000Thomas Watson2-1/+69
Change-Id: I396cf341934c0de5f0b589ba691a913f0745766a Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-30Bug 497092 - Use INFO event from uninstalled/updated bundle revisionI20160705-1600Thomas Watson3-2/+59
If trying to open a zip file and an IOException is thrown then check if the bundle revision still exists in the list of revisions for the bundle. If it does not then the revision was removed as part of an uninstall or update operation. In this case just use an INFO event. Change-Id: I975061a2e963be1c7b9752401aae6d70eddda003 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-28Bug 496465 - Prep for 4.7 (Oxygen) and 4.6.1 (Neon.1) maintenance buildsThomas Watson31-32/+32
Change-Id: I141bdbfacdcfbc14a5f138669f71ba6fb84f47a8 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-24Bug 496034 - hold no locks while creating ModuleClassLoadersThomas Watson1-43/+57
Change-Id: I0a16d4fd7b7ff5dbdb862b555612af5a7d3d7482 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-24Revert "Bug 496034 - Obtain readLock on ModuleDatabase before ↵Thomas Watson1-37/+13
classLoaderMonitor" This reverts commit 171aebbb2152cf89061c8618dd836341dbd83530. Change-Id: Ic4fb1b6c96ca01f61cc357a58e0f37cfd25ab585
2016-06-16Bug 496259 - Remove implementation of UniversalUniqueIdentifierThomas Watson3-272/+2
Change-Id: I1d72a774f7cde0dd9942aa2af00b506352f3a92f Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-16Revert "Bug 449765 - Framework should provide a persistent UUID"Thomas Watson8-130/+277
This reverts commit 3841a41167128ab80ffe8f05bf793694f5c28400. Change-Id: I90c3d843d6593997f1ff38922a3662d2f4131509
2016-06-15Bug 449765 - Framework should provide a persistent UUIDThomas Watson8-277/+130
Change-Id: Ic26c63aa5fbec649786070447c737bd81cf5521d Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-14Bug 496034 - update framework version for OxygenThomas Watson2-2/+2
Change-Id: If5da24773cc48a70eb919fb326a7a260ac084172 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-14Bug 496034 - Obtain readLock on ModuleDatabase before classLoaderMonitorThomas Watson1-13/+37
To prevent potential out of order locks between the ModuleDatabase read/write lock and the classLoaderMonitor lock we obtain the readLock on the ModuleDatabase before the classLoaderMonitor. This is because during the refresh operation the removed wirings will close the BundleLoader while holding the writeLock, this eventually nests a lock with the classLoaderMonitor monitor lock. Since we call foreign hook code while holding the classLoaderMonitor monitor lock we should be consistent in the order locks are obtained to prevent potential deadlocks by the hooks. Change-Id: I0987756b2046ca8d8076bc7ad01a2cc9e87e18ff Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-13Bug 493385 - Update to latest resolver codeThomas Watson6-403/+212
FELIX-5254: Improve structure of permutations to use unmodifiable capability lists Change-Id: Ia7934d56198c6f0486acb3ded60ef7620d84ef20 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-13Bug 493385 - Update to latest resolver codeThomas Watson2-583/+474
Clean up the felix resolver code Maintain state of resolve process in ResolveSession instead of passing loads of arguments all over the place. Extract out common code for resolving between dynamic and regurlar resolution. Change-Id: I2418fa87b472e35643e5da78a617fc6135ca10ad Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-13Bug 493387 - Resolver timeout can be improved by overriding the LoggerThomas Watson2-3/+19
used by the resolver Change-Id: I2722ac5512e070a3fbb3e4da0e6c527c7eb1552c Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-06-13Bug 495497 - [9] JavaSE-9.profile Execution Environment should setMarkus Keller1-3/+3
compiler levels to 9 Change-Id: Ie0dfe4a179688002708a1f690cabb53a3da48515 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <> Signed-off-by: Markus Keller <>
2016-06-03Bug 495333 - ContextFinder returns null from getResourcesR4_6I20160606-1100I20160603-1000Thomas Watson3-5/+110
If there are no classes loaded from bundle class loaders on the stack then ContextFinder.getResources can return null. This fix ensures an empty enumeration is returned instead. Change-Id: I07fe25eeaf8d02ea92cbe130794cdd2a011ae481 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-25Bug 494522 - repeating comparator errors related to solaris sparcv9Y20160526-1000I20160602-1000I20160601-2000I20160601-1000I20160531-2330I20160531-2000I20160530-2000I20160529-2000I20160528-1500I20160527-2000I20160525-2000Thomas Watson1-1/+2
launcher Change-Id: I37c31f68984736d1c7a7c178ecb63717c6812aaf Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-22Bug 494151 - Eclipse crashes after displaying splash screen withI20160524-2000I20160523-2000I20160522-2000Arun Thondapu1-0/+1
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Touch fragment to force qualifier update Change-Id: Ieda16c0f0dec8f471aee46b3c36cd7f24af3663b Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2016-05-19Bug 491519 - Need 64-bit launcher for Solaris/SPARCI20160521-1500I20160520-2000I20160519-1730Arun Thondapu16-6/+288
Change-Id: Id75d6db2a397e8e8da9a3fc5648bdff6199bb83c Signed-off-by: Arun Thondapu <>
2016-05-18Binaries v20160518-1044Y20160519-1000I20160519-1100I20160518-2000Arun Thondapu20-20/+20
2016-05-18Bug 493797 - [HiDPI][Win32][GTK] Adapts Launcher to 'integer' scalingSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-7/+8
which is default for Eclipse/SWT Change-Id: Ie2fa7b5c8e65216d3852bb1daee60be06e0f8927 Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2016-05-16Bug 440886 - Launcher for HPUX is not generatedI20160517-2000I20160516-2000Thomas Watson1-6/+6
Change-Id: If7fa6abe206afb2a0088308a23e35941d661c4f4 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-05Bug 493004 - Need to update versions for Neon of various bundlesY20160513-1000Y20160505-1000I20160515-2000I20160514-1500I20160513-2000I20160512-1000I20160511-2000I20160511-0400I20160510-2000I20160509-2000I20160508-2000I20160507-1500I20160506-2000I20160506-1030I20160506-0830I20160505-2000Thomas Watson2-2/+2
Still need to update org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.win32.win32.x86_64 Change-Id: I02602192be33dcf7c8737287d22535dfae6ec326 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-04Bug 493004 - Need to update versions for Neon of various bundlesI20160504-2000Thomas Watson34-34/+34
Change-Id: Ifcdaec083a338863e480f3fa553ba607106d6628 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-03Bug 492890 - add test for native code attributes with special filterI20160504-0035I20160503-2000Thomas Watson1-0/+26
chars Change-Id: I2fcf8daf79130b1d351ffa1f549c04d8ccabf750 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-05-02Fix compile warnings about NLSI20160502-2000Thomas Watson1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ieb4f9b1aeacd5c75212996b0bdbc844b5cc51072 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-28Bug 492013 - repeating comparator errors related to launcher featureThomas Watson22-523/+0
Clean up remaining solaris x86 and sparc stuff Change-Id: I0471eda0054ff9661e32dd86178f3ec4128e4441 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-27Bug 475074 - Data race onY20160428-1430Y20160428-1000I20160501-2000I20160430-2000I20160429-2300I20160429-2000I20160428-0800I20160427-2000Thomas Watson1-7/+19
org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.reliablefile.ReliableFile.lastGenerationFile & lastGenerations Change-Id: Ie4133aaa52cc7b5a8c8cdba7f8ae0c349f4cf7b4 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-27Bug 491908 - Update Info.plist to match Neon releaseMikael Barbero1-3/+3
Change-Id: I3e33e004dbdf978ced4cfa3e96e5c1f4557340f0 Signed-off-by: Mikaël Barbero <>
2016-04-27Bug 492013 - comparator error in I20160419-0800 related to launcherI20160427-1200Thomas Watson1-0/+1
feature Change-Id: Ifc88aae27f562cb0a6d3786c5e37ff34cf05a418 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-22Bug 471682 - disable OldStylePluginTests when compat fragment is missingI20160427-0800I20160427-0400I20160426-2330I20160426-2000I20160426-1615I20160426-1430I20160426-1245I20160426-1105I20160426-1045I20160426-1000I20160426-0800I20160426-0130I20160426-0030I20160425-2230I20160425-2000I20160425-1300I20160425-0800I20160424-2245I20160424-2000Thomas Watson1-2/+33
Change-Id: Icf3f29081860d4f165c21c4e871941117b36cfea Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-21Binaries v20160421-0830Y20160421-1000Arun Thondapu22-22/+22
2016-04-21Bug 488910 - [HiDpi][GTK] splash screen should show the correct sizeSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3-3/+34
based on the scaling selected -Completed the necessary testing for the launcher. This solves the splash cropping problem Change-Id: I1a234c7842589a6acbedf83196b86ea66ee2387a Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <>
2016-04-20Bug 489714 - [Hidpi][Win32] Splash screen getting cropped for higherNiraj Modi2-2/+28
zoom values like 150%/200%. Change-Id: I30b1f6741c4e422d3b84da706fa30d3b8e516453 Signed-off-by: Niraj Modi <>
2016-04-14Bug 429343 - 64-bit version of Eclipse for Solaris/X86_64I20160419-0800I20160417-1112Thomas Watson1-20/+0
Change-Id: I66180c309e6089facb703344a7b9ff7972671df2 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-08Bug 429335 - Need 64-bit launcher for Solaris/X86_64Y20160414-1000I20160412-0800Arun Thondapu16-5/+327
Change-Id: Ia15b66b2ac38b55b6d931f11a88c6308209ce514
2016-04-08Bug 491254 - Should remove win32.win32.ia64 module from build Thomas Watson1-1/+0
Change-Id: I94661f1af2768a03388a8cfc62ee7bd2ad450972 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-07Bug 490902 - LinkageError in parallel class loading of ModuleClassLoaderThomas Watson9-4/+143
Attempt at a testcase to reproduce Change-Id: I0f3660b06e4c5cba6c8fe98f31c94d87ece19bf0 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-04-01Bug 490890 - Avoid holding system properties objectY20160407-1000I20160405-0800Thomas Watson3-24/+135
Change-Id: I9ad88f33b03e3130ea73e990e107025f53b1abe0 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-30Bug 478310 - improve ClasspathManager internal javadocY20160331-1000Thomas Watson1-13/+15
Change-Id: Ibcec86e9938a9283b78f7a887583b1d1e9d645a7 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-30Revert "Bug 429335 - Need 64-bit launcher for Solaris/X86_64"I20160330-1230Thomas Watson16-327/+5
This reverts commit fbf4e7bbb85949f0cc7f759254baae0f9b6449c3.
2016-03-30Bug 429335 - Need 64-bit launcher for Solaris/X86_64I20160330-0930Arun Thondapu16-5/+327
Change-Id: Ia15b66b2ac38b55b6d931f11a88c6308209ce514
2016-03-29Bug 489686 - Some bundles in Orbit Recipes cannot be used in targetThomas Watson3-13/+53
platform, p2 hangs Change-Id: I3ca09f6789af33f1ab0a86ce44ced87720fcf0ee Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-25Bug 489669 - Some bundles decrease versions compared to Mars.2I20160329-0800Thomas Watson2-2/+2
Change-Id: I127134ef79bfee32c5370e91e46f4a4d15a04f05 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-24Bug 488935 - Avoid "workspace dirt" in the launcher bundlesMat Booth20-26/+23
Change the ant task to copy the artifacts in the maven "target" directory and include them in the bundle via tycho-packaging-plugin instead of This is the idiomatic way to include dynamic or generated artifacts. Change-Id: Ib60544a804b2e1d4b93627a9360e7ee6ffdfe4f1 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-03-24Bug 490374 - Enable framework tests for gerrit build jobThomas Watson6-52/+59
Change-Id: I4f575a3fbcffc919487f3fe77e9f8ccb29da8427 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-22Bug 490008 - Avoid storing complete jar Manifest objectY20160324-1000Alex Blewitt4-38/+222
Storing a whole Manifest for what is essentially minimal data is very space intensive. Not only does this result in an additional 1/2Mb of string data, the other data structures (particularly HashMaps) store dby Manifest objects ends up being able to reduce the start-up of a generic Eclipse SDK instance from a minimum of around 44Mb to 39Mb after performing repeated GC operations. The custom data structures are not necessarily as optimal as they could be (for example, repeated -Vendor strings aren't interned or uniquifed) but if nothing is present then a singleton NONE instance is used and no HashMap is instantiated. For an initial implementation it does well. Change-Id: I7e0a049a3cfeb42f49695576bb2feb71be8700ed Signed-off-by: Alex Blewitt <> Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>
2016-03-22Bug 490008 - Add to test override of main attributes for package infoThomas Watson5-0/+75
Change-Id: I0d5dc773bd768525082045afaabfb6d631606238 Signed-off-by: Thomas Watson <>

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