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authorAlex Blewitt2015-08-31 08:56:41 +0000
committerAlex Blewitt2015-08-31 08:56:41 +0000
commitf95c32bf1a73a13c50836db407acce8ea6c25eb0 (patch)
treede24d1b7fa74cea924a75425dd76b4914e3e28c2 /features/org.eclipse.equinox.executable.feature/bin
parent04d970f72e421446cac0947b1f81898b16e04ac2 (diff)
Bug 475924 - Measure activator class loading at bundle start
In order for a bundle to be started, the appropriate BundleActivator must be located, then executed with a call to start(). However, the lookup of the class itself may take some time, with the result that the overall loading time of the bundle is not accurately represented. By moving the start of the debug loading time to the start of the method, the lookup for the BundleActivator class can be measured as well as the call to start(). Change-Id: I6e69cdc7109bfb90d3b9bb61c52171a4fad6f900 Signed-off-by: Alex Blewitt <>
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