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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
14 hoursBug 571669: redisable notarization as part of main buildHEADmasterJonah Graham1-26/+26
2 days[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 RJonah Graham3-5/+5
4 days[releng] Name artifacts RC2Jonah Graham3-4/+4
11 daysPlace mirros at top of list and use httpsJonah Graham2-3/+3
11 daysAdd a mirrors.php for convenient links to files via mirrors.Jonah Graham2-0/+75
11 days[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 RC1Jonah Graham3-4/+4
12 daysBug 573734: Use latest release p2 URL for JustJJonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-05-27[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 M3 (fixup)Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-05-26[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 M3Jonah Graham2-3/+3
2021-05-26Bug 571669: Don't request status if initial upload failsJonah Graham1-8/+12
2021-05-26Bug 571669: reenable notarization as part of main buildJonah Graham1-25/+25
2021-05-24Bug 573734 - Switch to JustJ 16Holger Voormann1-1/+1
2021-05-06[releng] Add dash license script to EPPJonah Graham1-0/+46
2021-05-06[releng] Make sure no changes happen when dry-runningbug571669Jonah Graham1-2/+2
2021-05-05[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 M2Jonah Graham3-4/+4
2021-05-05Bug 571669: disable notarization as part of main buildJonah Graham1-25/+25
2021-05-02Bug 571669: Log the commands to the individual log filesJonah Graham1-2/+2
2021-05-02Bug 571669: Create a log file that lists unnotarized filesJonah Graham1-0/+2
2021-05-02Bug 571669: Try to curl again on 503/502 http code in macOS notarizeJonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-04-30Bug 567916: Use CBI snapshot for correct continueOnFail behaviourJonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-04-30[releng] Update to latest CBI plug-ins and revert to default URLs for CBIJonah Graham2-3/+1
2021-04-30Revert "Bug 571669: disable notarization as part of main build"Jonah Graham1-23/+23
2021-04-16Bug 571669 - Use stable URL rather than IPs to access notarization serviceMikaƫl Barbero1-3/+3
2021-04-15[releng] make sure the parent directories are in place before the mvJonah Graham1-0/+1
2021-03-29[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-06 M1Jonah Graham8-12/+13
2021-03-28Bug 572348: New profile eclipse-package-dmg (fixup)Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-03-26Bug 572348: New profile eclipse-package-dmgJonah Graham1-20/+27
2021-03-26Bug 572346: Remove pack200 jarsJonah Graham2-36/+0
2021-03-12Bug 571897: Use new URLs ahead of new release of CBI2021-03_RJonah Graham1-0/+3
2021-03-12Bug 568574: Touch all files as part of promoting the buildJonah Graham1-0/+15
2021-03-11[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-03 RC2Jonah Graham3-5/+5
2021-03-10Bug 571669: disable notarization as part of main buildJonah Graham1-23/+23
2021-03-04[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-03 RC1Jonah Graham3-4/+4
2021-03-03Bug 570822: Exclude non-SimRel p2 content from EPP's p2 reposJonah Graham3-1/+23
2021-03-02Bug 568117: Handle case where there was no staging repo alreadyJonah Graham1-1/+3
2021-02-25Bug 568117: Update promote-a-build script for new infraJonah Graham2-138/+71
2021-02-25[releng] Prepare repo for 2020-12 M3Jonah Graham3-4/+4
2021-02-25Run the notarization with CWD of $WORKSPACEJonah Graham1-3/+5
2021-02-20Bug 568117: Don't fail build on failed notarizationJonah Graham1-2/+11
2021-02-19Bug 568117: Copy build results to download server staging areaJonah Graham3-10/+98
2021-02-11Bug 571037: Remove Corrosion p2 repo input and outputJonah Graham1-5/+0
2021-02-11Bug 571132 - Remove JavaScript packageMickael Istria1-1/+1
2021-02-09Bug 571037: Remove Rust packageMickael Istria1-1/+1
2021-02-04[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-03 M2Jonah Graham2-3/+3
2021-02-02Bug 570821: Comment (rather than fix) case of removing a packageJonah Graham1-0/+4
2021-02-02Bug 570821: Remove Jubula/Testing packageMickael Istria1-1/+1
2021-02-01Build with Tycho 2.2.0Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2021-02-01Use JustJ 15.0.2Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2021-01-14[releng] Add missing -p to mkdirJonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-01-14[releng] Prepare repo for 2021-03 M1 (4.18 -> 4.19 part of change)Jonah Graham5-6/+6

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