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2018-06-19Force version qualifier update for Photon RC4 (4.8.0 RC4)PHOTON_RMarkus Knauer45-45/+45
Change-Id: I5aed23c15d3e770d3efce8955cff4a8f9c16eb4e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-06-19Bug 535504 - Restore appName to "Eclipse"Mickael Istria28-28/+14
The appName is a technical identifier, not part of branding. Changing it can lead to some errors on some OS and also can create (minor but yet annoying) behavior change for people upgrading as OS may fail at identifying the application as it used to. So reverting it to previous name to avoid useless trouble without reducing the UX or branding. Change-Id: I9e740480d5c64e2a497febf9ed95ab298890a9fb Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <> Also-By: Holger Voormann <>
2018-06-18Reference wtp photon repo, not neonnickboldt1-4/+4
Change-Id: Ic5d48abeddc5ca8221b14d33ee84ad330afc329d Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-06-18Update N&N URLs of all packages to Photon releaseMarkus Knauer14-30/+27
Change-Id: I5280df3c5a4384d81ece2067ffcb80da630ea692 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-06-18Add incubation marker to Rust packageMarkus Knauer2-3/+3
Change-Id: I08936052ffae886374938e30cd9bb3f260606792 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-06-16Force version qualifier update for Photon RC4 (4.8.0 RC4)Markus Knauer45-45/+45
Change-Id: I30e0de2f015a75659539d53d9dea78964bb3a784 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-06-15Add '-name' to launcher argGunnar Wagenknecht14-17/+31
Fixes issues with Open File functionality. Bug: 535504 Signed-off-by: Gunnar Wagenknecht <>
2018-06-14Update versions and strings for Photon RC4 (4.8.0 RC4)Markus Knauer59-59/+59
Change-Id: I4cbcd8d32a4bc4aa29ad22aaf2fcc8ee15f58b9e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-06-07link to testing guides (smoke tests) for JEE package; rename and convert ↵nickboldt2-11/+50
from md to adoc for the JS test doc; add names so we know who's doing the testing / maintaining the docs Change-Id: I33665787cee0f1305387195da36c6b3052e4ef6e Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-06-05Revert "Bug 534703 - [Photon] [committers] Include Tip of the Day feature"Gunnar Wagenknecht1-2/+0
This reverts commit 57cb0d2705bf212cd485e3ce6f46e3ae14ab9315.
2018-06-05Update versions and strings for Photon RC3 (4.8.0 RC3)Markus Knauer60-60/+60
Change-Id: If74851841d8f08e52ef9f6acce3c0c9754799a14 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-05-31Update versions and strings for Photon RC2 (4.8.0 RC2)Markus Knauer59-59/+59
Change-Id: Ib284f378608503e790b06023ecc6d2cf20b9d45a Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-05-24Update versions and strings for Photon RC1 (4.8.0 RC1)Markus Knauer59-59/+59
Change-Id: I4923cfcde5f4770374b799e1ddd744c38f44e604 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-05-24Bug 535002: [Tips] [Photon] [modeling] Include tips in modeling packageWim Jongman1-0/+1
* Tips feature included Change-Id: I126a8a0d03629961fa42bba1376be3ac9ea53995 Signed-off-by: Wim Jongman <>
2018-05-24Bug 534618 - [Tips] [Photon] [jee] Include Tip of the DayWim Jongman1-0/+2
Tips feature included Change-Id: I5043c4249b3f5a998ab4a4093d0ae0f1b22fa327 Signed-off-by: Wim Jongman <>
2018-05-24Bug 534999 - [Tips] [Photon] [Webtools] Include Tip of the Day featureWim Jongman1-0/+1
Added tips feature to the feature list. ** Please note that there are no specific tips for this package yet. Change-Id: I3fc6b77d588c5db94c431a28256c4f0d0e6dd378 Signed-off-by: Wim Jongman <>
2018-05-24Update website content of PHP packageDawid Pakuła1-6/+7
- N&N URLs - List of package maintainers Change-Id: I7c199db76e3d6f5b9dca781fbfa9796b4787617c Signed-off-by: Dawid Pakuła <>
2018-05-24Bug 529012 - feature.xml is invalid according to its DTDAndreas Sewe12-24/+0
Remove 'requires' element from XML if empty. Change-Id: I2c22f73d620fdd72fd835bc50b488f9d7558c101 Signed-off-by: Andreas Sewe <>
2018-05-23Bug 534703 - [Photon] [committers] Include Tip of the Day featureWim Jongman1-0/+2
Added Tips to features list Change-Id: I28be60f2b90b68671ca4e53c3c39218de78fb393 Signed-off-by: Wim Jongman <>
2018-05-22Add 27 missing DTP features to the reporting and jee packagesnickboldt2-0/+56
Change-Id: Id342537189b6b7a5f9c96d4f3ad844e0e20e6063 Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-05-22Bug 534698: Change package name to Eclipse IDE for Scientific ComputingGreg Watson7-15/+16
Change-Id: Ic700a04060ddff959c5bb49c7ddf27326e2d6d88 Signed-off-by: Greg Watson <>
2018-05-17Update versions and strings for Photon M7 (4.8.0 M7)Markus Knauer59-59/+59
Change-Id: I7b64122c4666d5b0f8c2d20a4acf41065c38a72e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-05-15Bug 534617 Add Tip of the Day to the Java PackageWim Jongman1-0/+2
Added tips to product Change-Id: I16fe9d6e15d7a827da7b27269865f91d775173e8 Signed-off-by: Wim Jongman <>
2018-05-14Update CDT repo for upcoming 9.5 release part of Photon.Jonah Graham1-4/+4
Change-Id: Idb803c7c49a556caac8203f10619a053432f64d8
2018-05-04Add CDT optional features to the CPP package.Doug Schaefer1-3/+8
This will ensure everyone has access to these exciting features. BTW, this includes the Launch Bar and Arduino support. Change-Id: I7e233b95015c4fcb6580cc15d0bcf211a82400af
2018-05-02Bug 532728 - Corrosion - Eclipse's Rust IDEMickael Istria41-0/+1730
With EPL-2.0 Change-Id: Ib235bbf5c5a7a73c7cd353745b054fa465e561ec Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2018-04-24Remove the deprecated "Modeling Discovery" from the packagecbrun5-22/+4
This feature from the package is now source of a few problems: * it requires frequent interactions with the teams publishing the solutions into the release train and such involvement has been pretty low in the last few years, leading to a number of un-installable solutions. * it introduce a dependency to the Amalgam project, from a plugin point of view, and from a HTTP request point of view as the catalog is retrieved from the Amalgam download area. Considering these issues and the fact that it can be replaced by the use of the Marketplace client (already enabled in the package) and that the later has way more features it seems like a good idea to revise this packaging to remove it. Change-Id: If026f74262fb56e3275544119fdd6f3ec386d4ae Signed-off-by: Cedric Brun <>
2018-03-20Bug 532235 - contribute WTP for Photon M7; re-add ↵nickboldt2-6/+4
org.eclipse.jpt.jaxb.eclipselink.feature and org.eclipse.jpt.dbws.eclipselink.feature (same commit, but this time the upstream simrel repo has been rebuilt already) Change-Id: I83b857342be604269e59277e621df24192c75af0 Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-19s/Eclipse for.../Eclipse IDE for.../Mickael Istria11-17/+17
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2018-03-15Update versions and strings for Photon M6 (4.8.0 M6)Markus Knauer55-55/+55
Change-Id: I69ef50e65369c09531c6735621423dfdfcbcfe71 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-03-13temporarily remove org.eclipse.jpt.dbws.eclipselink.feature and ↵nickboldt2-4/+6
org.eclipse.jpt.jaxb.eclipselink.feature as they depend on org.eclipse.persistence.moxy which can't find package com.sun.codemodel Change-Id: I4bf0ed717af0422b6f021dfba79992beef3d022b Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-13Bug 518941 - About image for PhotonMickael Istria13-0/+0
Change-Id: Iffd7caec9a1c9471cc6532f143ff9814826ba972 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2018-03-02Bug 528430 - m2e to download sources by defaultMickael Istria5-0/+7
While downloading sources do introduce a bandwidth and disk space cost, it does enable a way richer assistance (hover, parameter names, javadoc...) automatically and immediately. It seems worth having it on by default as the value seems worth the price. Change-Id: Iccd71ab95f87b9309aba6f4fcd7a88ceec9230e3 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2018-03-01Bug 518941 - New Splash Screen for PhotonMickael Istria39-39/+39
Change-Id: Idf5dd79b57939297986c06d0926c432469dbdbcc Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2018-02-01Update copyright year 2017 -> 2018Markus Knauer41-69/+69
Change-Id: I640c5c5dcabb0c9547d10e89a2bedc2b661d77cd Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-02-01Revert "Add config.a.jre.javase dependency to CPP package for testing"Markus Knauer1-10/+0
This reverts commit dbf4dbc8bf504f97f5e02921209cb8af51098ba4.
2018-02-01Add config.a.jre.javase dependency to CPP package for testingMarkus Knauer1-0/+10
Change-Id: Ic58fba75c9d88d8fb5900de754e3d3c54673cb9e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-01-31Remove org.eclipse.rse.* from various packagesMarkus Knauer5-12/+0
With Photon M5 the RSE project is not part of the Simultaneous Release any more. Remove all dependencies to its artifacts from the packages - CPP - Javascript - JEE - Reporting Change-Id: Ibea2d265223c3bced7d7f658a6cc49ea5f84f759 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2018-01-31Update versions and strings for Photon M5 (4.8.0 M5)Markus Knauer55-55/+55
Change-Id: If9b82a5a3b0143c5ead867359cd830731ccf9378 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2017-12-15Bug 490754 - Adopt editor discovery for Reporting packageMickael Istria1-0/+2
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2017-12-04Update versions and strings for Photon M4 (4.8.0 M4)Markus Knauer55-55/+55
Change-Id: Iee29746ab97fd922eb2fbe5be30d7148efe0de90 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2017-12-04Re-enable Eclipse MPC in Photon M4Markus Knauer1-3/+0
This reverts commit 2843e67b15bea68b99746912782862916dff6c01. Change-Id: I81f4470ab6b7ef585e65dd74bbdffe48735c6baa Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2017-11-02Update versions and strings for Photon M3 (4.8.0 M3)Markus Knauer55-55/+55
Change-Id: I32433708d5078d89ed8defa1845cce1cd802b2e9 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2017-10-05Name app "Eclipse IDE" (not just Eclipse)Mickael Istria18-30/+30
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <> Change-Id: I61ea3e41d7f1bdcc02d35b0d55338b074f46bef6
2017-10-04Bug 518941 - Link to new splash discussionMickael Istria1-0/+0
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2017-10-04Bug 525426 - a Help > Contribute menuMickael Istria10-3/+121
Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <> Change-Id: I0d7148722a7748eed9103a14540eddfa4f34c52b
2017-09-29Bug 521549 - Configure RSS feeds directly in o.e.e.p.committersAndreas Sewe3-1/+19
This also cherry-picks 7a868d30, which fixes Bug 525315, the broken localization. Change-Id: If98f9fd142d21fb4d194a8a76fb9a11161b3b928 Signed-off-by: Andreas Sewe <>
2017-09-28Add ALL-SYSTEM as root modules in all packagesMarkus Knauer13-0/+13
For using Eclipse on Java 9 ALL-SYSTEM need to be configured for the root modules. Add '--add-modules=ALL-SYSTEM' to the eclipse.ini of all packages. Bug: Change-Id: Id2422ca93a5bc4b238c9e188f75ac4ff21709936 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <> (cherry picked from commit 51c86287889f77524327c1af40714cb4813281e7)
2017-09-22Enable "Eclipse News" feed by defaultAndreas Sewe1-2/+1
With the "Eclipse News" feed shortened to 20 items (Bug 521737), it becomes feasible to poll this by default. Change-Id: I2a48cda91a1c1d18e2d5eeaee448784cc1b4fa7a Signed-off-by: Andreas Sewe <>
2017-09-21Update versions and strings for Photon M2 (4.8.0 M2)Markus Knauer55-55/+55
Change-Id: I3d4bcbfdbc118505f8432ee1e4ef02355b2bf84e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>

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