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authorMarkus Knauer2014-05-23 17:21:11 +0000
committerMarkus Knauer2014-05-23 17:21:11 +0000
commit88b0fdab81800d6b03782892de64bf6879298f91 (patch)
tree51a474fa48d399cbdf5d9061cdda3a7379208a8f /releng
parent70bb92f3fa7b026ab7f1c405ff1356a4c602031e (diff)
Allow to set an additional wormhole p2 repository for test builds
By enabling the p2.wormhole profile it is possible to contribute an additional p2 repository for testing purposes. This profile is activated by a Java property that defines at the same time the URL of the additional p2 repository. The additional wormhole repository may be a composite p2 repository. Example: -Depp.wormhole.repository=file:///tmp/my.own.p2.repo/ Change-Id: I53075a6ebbb33b8d666e715d1c21c52cddfa0b2e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
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1 files changed, 25 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/releng/org.eclipse.epp.config/parent/pom.xml b/releng/org.eclipse.epp.config/parent/pom.xml
index 407862ae..7f12619f 100644
--- a/releng/org.eclipse.epp.config/parent/pom.xml
+++ b/releng/org.eclipse.epp.config/parent/pom.xml
@@ -381,6 +381,31 @@
+ <!--
+ This profile needs to stay disabled for release builds, but may serve as a testing
+ facility when carrying out tests with various p2 repositories. One possible use case
+ is to add a p2 repository to the build that provides newer or different artifacts.
+ In order to do this one needs to activate this profile explicitely and provide the
+ p2 repository URL with a Java property.
+ Example: -Depp.wormhole.repository=file:///tmp/myown.p2.repo/
+ -->
+ <profile>
+ <id>p2.wormhole</id>
+ <activation>
+ <property>
+ <name>epp.wormhole.repository</name>
+ </property>
+ </activation>
+ <repositories>
+ <repository>
+ <id>epp.wormhole.repository</id>
+ <layout>p2</layout>
+ <url>${epp.wormhole.repository}</url>
+ </repository>
+ </repositories>
+ </profile>

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