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Provide a with an inital build description in Git root
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+The EPP Build
+The Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) provides the download packages based on the
+content of the yearly Simultaneous Release. The download packages are provided
+from (
+Build a Package Locally
+It's *easy* to run the build locally! All you need is Maven and then you need
+to tell the build which package(s) to build via profile. As an example, the
+following command from the root of the Git repository builds the RCP/RAP package
+against the Simultaneous Release staging p2 repository:
+mvn clean verify -Pepp.package.rcp
+This build creates output in two places:
+1. tar.gz/zip archives with the packages in `packages/org.eclipse.epp.package.rcp.product/target/products/` and
+2. a p2 repository with the EPP artifacts in `repository/`.
+Available Profiles
+Each package uses its own profile:
+- epp.package.automotive
+- epp.package.cpp
+- epp.package.dsl
+- epp.package.jee
+- epp.package.modeling
+- epp.package.parallel
+- epp.package.php
+- epp.package.rcp
+- epp.package.reporting
+- epp.package.scout
+- epp.package.standard
+- epp.package.testing
+With the signing profile enabled, the build artifacts (bundles, features) and the
+Windows and Mac OSX executables are signed. This is done by using the Eclipse Foundation
+internal signing service and can be activated only if the build is running there.
+- eclipse-sign

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