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authorMickael Istria2019-05-14 09:06:53 +0000
committerMickael Istria2019-05-14 09:06:53 +0000
commit6eb85ea374d94ca4656f455842219e1739e102ea (patch)
treedaface306d0f8f4bce9230354f55a38c936a65dd /packages
parent1cafedc1fecee933a77577e4f9b483a6c6ff6136 (diff)
Improve JS package description
Change-Id: If5174f395319c0ae7aa71eb848f527cd7c8f790b Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/packages/org.eclipse.epp.package.javascript.feature/ b/packages/org.eclipse.epp.package.javascript.feature/
index 7c5e99e4..0584a703 100644
--- a/packages/org.eclipse.epp.package.javascript.feature/
+++ b/packages/org.eclipse.epp.package.javascript.feature/
@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@
testPlan is the fully qualified URL to the test plan for this package
- packageName="Eclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers"
+ packageName="Eclipse IDE for Web and JavaScript Developers (includes Incubating components)"
maintainer="Eclipse Packaging Project"
testPlan="" >
<!-- Description is wrapped in CDATA tags to allow you to insert HTML code if necessary -->
- <description><![CDATA[The essential tools for any JavaScript developer, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML languages support, Git client, and Mylyn.]]></description>
+ <description><![CDATA[The essential tools for any JavaScript developer, including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Yaml, Markdown... languages support; Kubernetes, Angular and React frameworks support; Node.js debugger; Git client; Mylyn task management; integrated terminal and remote filesystem explorer; Web and application server management.]]></description>
<!-- packageTesters is a list of the people that are testing the package -->
<tester>Mickael Istria</tester>

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