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Document JS package test-cases.
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+# TODO: Automate tests
+Running manual tests is very expensive. The test cases below should be considered for automation!
+# Test Cases for JS EPP package
+Any failure to those test cases should be reported to EPP or other project causing the error, and shared with EPP mailing-list.
+There is big room for improvements in these test-cases (more test-case, more detailed steps...). Feel free to contribute!
+## Startup
+. Startup package on a new workspace
+. Check: error log doesn't report issue
+## New Static Web Project enables HTML, CSS and JS
+. Create a new Static Web Project
+. Create/Open an HTML file => Check completion, highlighting and other features are enabled
+. Create/Open an CSS file => Check completion, highlighting and other features are enabled
+. Create/Open an JS file => Check completion, highlighting and other features are enabled
+## Import an existing JS project
+. File > Open Projects from Filesystem... Pick a JS project such as mathjs (on GitHub), proceed
+. Check: Project has the JavaScript nature and right content
+## Editing JS
+. From the mathjs project above, pick an interesting .js file
+. Check: syntax highlighting, completion... are enabled and work as expected
+## Node/NPM actions
+. From the mathjs project above
+. Check: Run As actions are available on projet, package.json and work as expected
+## Debug
+. From the mathjs project above
+. put a breakpoint, start debug
+. Check: breakpoint is hit, values are visibile, step into/over and debugger in general works \ No newline at end of file

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