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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.1Merge remote branch 'origin/master'Cedric Brun9 years
1.2Try and use all export actions corresponding to at least one of the filelgoubet8 years
1.3[400074] compute diff count with "all" diff groups, not just the firstLaurent Goubet7 years
2.1[421609] ProximityEObjectMatcher detects match even when Distance function sa...cbrun6 years
3.0Missed one pomLaurent Goubet5 years
3.1Build with latest tycho and jarsigner versionsLaurent Goubet3 years
3.2switch neon tp to fixed update sitesLaurent Goubet3 years
3.3[506723] Fix merge dependencies for cascading diffsMathieu Cartaud3 years
R0_7_maintenance[202250] serialization of emfdiff is now functionnalcbrun13 years
R0_8_maintenancestart the 0.8.1 releasecbrun12 years
api_embellishmentMerge branch 'master' into api_embellishmentMikaël Barbero7 years
axrichard/modelmergeui[398361] Model Merge UIAxel Richard7 years
axrichard/performanceAdd performance tests pluginsAxel Richard6 years
cno/bugMultiDiagbug in displaying related diagrams in multi-diagram case.Cedric Notot7 years
cno/decoratorsBug fixes:Cedric Notot7 years
cno/multiDiagGMF Engine : ResourceAttachmentChange managementCedric Notot7 years
eclipse/masteradd Kepler final target platform definitionMikaël Barbero7 years
logical_experimentationMerge branch 'master' into logical_experimentationLaurent Goubet7 years
logical_resourcesInitial provisioning of the logical model integration's examplelgoubet9 years
masterMerge a deleted Sirius node from right to left throws a WrappedExceptionGlenn Plouhinec7 days
master4Tweaking max distance's computation.cbrun7 years
mergetestsMake the "scope" unit tests pass : we had an NPE with scoped matching.lgoubet9 years
originmove subversive from indigo to helioscbrun9 years
performanceupdate performance target platformsMikaël Barbero6 years
tmpadd initial version of setup modelMikaël Barbero6 years

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