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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-05-11[562321] Improved Undo/Redo actionsGlenn Plouhinec1-0/+58
2019-09-06Diffs depending on pseudo-conflicts do not reject the other sidelgoubet1-2/+2
2019-08-30Fix diff, conflict detection and merging of non-unique attributeslgoubet13-2/+759
2019-07-17Fix detection of pseudo conflicts on single-valued attribute changeslgoubet7-4/+124
2019-05-23Merging single-valued containment changes can lead to dangling elements3.3.7M5lgoubet5-0/+203
2017-09-07[518760] Remove legacy JUnit3 artefactsMathieu Cartaud1-21/+0
2017-07-06[516524] Use more efficient feature look-up in ReferenceUtilPhilip Langer1-4/+10
2017-06-27[487151] Accept all non-conflicting changes fails to merge some diffsMartin Fleck6-0/+52
2017-06-27[514415] Relationships between diffs should be cachedMartin Fleck3-7/+428
2017-06-06Revert "Use more efficient feature look-up in ReferenceUtil"Laurent Goubet1-10/+4
2017-05-23[516524] Use more efficient feature look-up in ReferenceUtilPhilip Langer1-4/+10
2017-03-14Improve final state and MergeData when mergingLaurent Delaigue3-110/+124
2017-02-10Take advantage of multiple type catch of Java 7Philip Langer4-19/+7
2017-02-01[509791] Avoid use of Iterators.emptyIterator()Laurent Delaigue2-7/+6
2017-01-24[510704] Add equivalent diffs in same conflictLaurent Delaigue2-2/+97
2017-01-24Fix useless TODO markers in different placesLaurent Delaigue1-10/+5
2017-01-24Merge test suite 'AtLeastLuna' with 'AllTests'Laurent Delaigue2-67/+6
2017-01-20Merge algorithm refactoringLaurent Delaigue13-760/+1217
2017-01-13[508665] Delete EnumerationLiteral classifier changes from comparisonPhilip Langer2-2/+134
2017-01-13[483798] Introduce and use context in adapter factoriesMartin Fleck3-2/+349
2016-10-13[503035] Fix BreadthFirstIterator where some nodes may never be usedMathieu Cartaud1-14/+155
2016-10-13[501864] Refactoring of group providers & filtersLaurent Delaigue2-5/+188
2016-09-12Add support for additive mergeLaurent Delaigue1-0/+10
2016-09-12[442897] Fix markers issue in SMVMathieu Cartaud3-25/+33
2016-07-12Do not consider a container deletion to conflict with unsets under itLaurent Goubet7-98/+148
2016-07-11Format with mars formatter files forgotten in previous iterationMathieu Cartaud1-1/+2
2016-06-15Switch to Eclipse mars.2Mathieu Cartaud44-923/+939
2016-06-03Store all file URIs that have initially been in scopePhilip Langer2-1/+64
2016-05-31[493650] Fix order of merged childrenLaurent Delaigue4-290/+480
2016-05-10[492261] Merge ResourceAttChange in the right resourceMathieu Cartaud9-1/+303
2016-05-09[493255] Fix scalable conflict detectorLaurent Delaigue7-64/+159
2016-04-27[492341] Res Att Change correctly implies diffs3.2.0M7Mathieu Cartaud14-3/+200
2016-02-03[487011] Fix wrong conflict detectionMathieu Cartaud12-2/+231
2016-02-01Scalable conflict detectorMathieu Cartaud1-3/+3
2016-01-26[485266] Fix merge consequences for delete/move conflictsMathieu Cartaud24-2/+635
2016-01-08[484579] Fix merge consequences algorithmMathieu Cartaud10-1/+484
2016-01-05[484557] ResourceAttachment vs Attribute conflictsLaurent Delaigue15-1/+425
2015-12-04[479449] Raise conflict for addition to single-valued containment refPhilip Langer5-2/+113
2015-10-15Extract EMFCompareConfiguration from EMFCompareRCPUIPluginMathieu Cartaud1-16/+17
2015-10-05[478620] Cherry pick operation hangsAlexandra Buzila1-79/+123
2015-09-29[477767] Introduce new MatchingStrategy for models shared with git3.2.0M2Axel Richard1-3/+0
2015-09-24Manage move of empty papyrus resourcesLaurent Delaigue1-0/+3
2015-09-18Remove dependency to rcp in Delaigue8-967/+2
2015-09-02[475401] Add three-way tests for RootIDMatchingStrategyStefan Dirix56-0/+830
2015-09-02[475401] Modify RootIDMatchingStrategy to only return unique mappingsStefan Dirix27-1/+422
2015-07-31Only mark conflicting files as conflicting instead of the whole modelLaurent Goubet1-0/+179
2015-06-10[469237] Merge Refining diffs if all refined diffs have been mergedAxel Richard2-1/+89
2015-05-28[467576] Correct Handling of Proxies in ReqEngineMichael Borkowski2-2/+100
2015-05-13[458971] Fix infinite loop in Graph.BreadthFirstIterator#prune()Axel Richard1-0/+27
2015-03-17[461224] Fix NoSuchElementException in Graph.Axel Richard1-0/+56

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