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2013-10-01Do not force refresh after change of group/filter, it is uselessMikaël Barbero1-2/+0
Change-Id: Ia9186db6cd0fc1b9620a8ab0f50b81e0f74edcc1
2013-10-01Do not call the same method twice when we already stored the result.Mikaël Barbero1-1/+1
Change-Id: I954d7b116ddb3a1e38447521dfd6318173488f43
2013-10-01Extract isThreeWay methodMikaël Barbero1-10/+20
Change-Id: I0eaf8ff16f6b4194b4819ebb915d27f9c9bf13b7
2013-10-01Add cross referencer to to retrieve TreeNode from EObjectMikaël Barbero1-8/+17
The cross referencer is specific to each group provider because each create their own TreeNodes. It let us retrieve the proper TreeNode from the command stack listener to update the selection in the tree without re-creating a new TreeNode. Change-Id: I5a886a180bd2a1d9bc744d25c11931433e447112
2013-09-30Simplify the instanceof chain testsMikaël Barbero1-13/+7
Change-Id: I582196971ca3803ace14071e17aec65ec0260281
2013-09-30Refresh StructureMergeViewer from notifications of displayed nodesMikaël Barbero2-1/+1
Change-Id: Ic8bab08f0e98b7509d747ae87e81fbb0dc3368d0
2013-09-30Always create a match accessor, even when one side is nullMikaël Barbero3-7/+166
Without the fix, no content merge viewer was displayed for the null side. Change-Id: Ibb6aec33f73bd99c1758ea352de2dce6ab54285f
2013-09-27Update UML Specific AccessorsAxel Richard1-1/+3
Remove specific accessors factoris and implementations for UML many and single structural features. These cases are now managed by default accessors factories and implementations (containment reference change, many and single structural features) Change-Id: I97bae4348795ef03b4f56a7f01cb5e05835cb2fd
2013-09-26[417790] Highlighting of required diffMikaël Barbero4-16/+41
It was wrong in accept/reject mode for remote changes by mixing the handling of merge ltr/rtl and accept/reject Bug: 417790 Change-Id: I03b78d6b718c019d72a663b3d7a9f179d9d4a595
2013-09-24[416400] - Fix IOWrappedException by adding a ConflictMergerAxel Richard1-0/+36
The merge of conflicts was not managed yet. Add a new Merger for conflict with a ranking of 15 (higher than ReferenceMerger and AttributeMerger). Bug: 416400 Change-Id: Id38da2f67db570f276518e8cba81636bcc777669
2013-09-23Remove deprecated methods.Mikaël Barbero1-2/+7
Change-Id: Id66bfdc5c54a582bf80f55053960f2169ac6a083
2013-09-23[416699] - Fix markers not properly displayed in the gutter barAxel Richard2-3/+3
Some tree nodes were created and then could not be marked. Bug: 416699 Change-Id: Ia12ac405da32860c15546386c12e422858489b7b
2013-09-09Ensure that !EMFResourceMapping.equals(SimpleResourceMapping)Mikaël Barbero4-1/+535
hashCode() and equals() of ResourceMapping only delegate to model objects. This is wrong as our own implementation for EMF should not be equals to simple resource implementation if we want to override default behavior. Change-Id: I5a51c09df4dc88a3db72d53b1e7d1dc7af8b0e0a
2013-09-06[416441] - Enhance "Show consequences" dropdown menuAxel Richard4-2/+249
Manage the case where only one side is readable (new icons, new texts) Bug: 416441
2013-08-14Display number of computed and filtered differences in structure viewerMikaël Barbero2-11/+47
2013-08-14Workaround bug 293926 only when installed on 3.7 and previous releasesMikaël Barbero1-1/+16
2013-08-14Restore label display on top of structure merge viewerMikaël Barbero5-6/+10
2013-07-30Restore undo/redo facilities in EMF Compare text merge viewer.Mikaël Barbero1-0/+18
7870aeb68103ee678b86f735ef3c269da28e2ec9 was to greedy about removing toolbar actions! Change-Id: I130bc87885c0a7c260fc57016fc631666909ffc1 Signed-off-by: Mikaël Barbero <>
2013-07-29Add diagnostic to comparison object.Cedric Notot1-0/+19
- Add eAttribute to Comparison EClass - Regeneration of model and edit - Checking for error and monitor cancellation in EMFCompare class - Display a diagnostic dialog if comparison diagnostic contains an error at least. Change-Id: I942fa3283c2b71398837b4c8993bbfaae018eb74
2013-07-29Use EMF Compare's AdapterFactory registry in content merge viewer.Mikaël Barbero2-2/+6
Change-Id: Iec1ec4d9e78231f424e6ab1c4044cc451f33961a Signed-off-by: Mikaël Barbero <>
2013-07-29Prevent potential ConcurrentModificationException.Mikaël Barbero1-0/+2
If we do not instantiate our own TreeItemAdapterFactorySpec, it is shared across compare editor. Then the 'disposal' list is shared too, and it may cause ConcurrentModificationException when closing a compare editor that reveals a previously opened one. Change-Id: I3a7ddd7e24c69424c65495952d227744b492573e Signed-off-by: Mikaël Barbero <>
2013-07-26[413707] Remove merge buttons in content merge viewerAxel Richard3-166/+75
Bug: 413707 Change-Id: Ic00cc0268947f9c19adfabd5838b35d0acf22bdc
2013-07-25[400424] Next Difference button doesn't select the next differenceAxel Richard2-1/+239
Bug: 400424 Change-Id: Ib7bb6bea6527854bef4341d4aa813b279fa95385
2013-07-25[411663] Prevent comparison between an object and one of its container.Axel Richard2-161/+182
Bug: 411663 Change-Id: Ibea41f025cf8113f5c4a1c8153079c41bd8b0980
2013-07-24[413608] Merge a diff already merged raises an exceptionAxel Richard1-1/+4
Fix: doesn't allow (disable merge buttons) to merge a diff already merged. Bug: 413608 Change-Id: Ia2e691bc0de7b258d3165d9aca2edd1460780def
2013-07-23[413511] Do not include root of TreeIteratorMikaël Barbero1-1/+1
Roots were erroneously added to the TreeIterator of their children in two cases: - Match#getAllSubmatches() - Graph#getAllParents() Bug: Change-Id: Ic8bdd0f2464d0e864e9377025c8ba3b14ed6e93a Signed-off-by: Mikaël Barbero <>
2013-07-22[413225] Fix Consequences are not properly highlightedAxel Richard2-5/+2
When both sides are not editable, the consequences of a diff in the structure merge viewer were not properly highlighted (case not managed). Bug: 413225 Change-Id: I5aa54b36e1bb21c5189d4ab313a806facd50524d
2013-07-18[413232] Display "Compute Differences" in SMV when compute modelAxel Richard1-3/+1
Bug: 413232 Change-Id: I3c0580988d07c31a926e0e164aff27fec2cc3d1d
2013-07-16[413042] Fix Save editor always display the default group.Axel Richard2-3/+7
Bug: 413042 Change-Id: I5d5d1e6de70a25e1f9f751d840462f761f6adc86
2013-07-16Update merge/navigation actions behaviorAxel Richard4-121/+96
-Add compare merge/navigation actions for Juno -Merge actions are now always enabled when a diff is selected -Fix not managed case on Accept and reject actions. Change-Id: Ia3766001e47f324ce56212389e8f1875006a684c
2013-07-16[411493] Selected filters are not always applied to CMV parts.Axel Richard2-9/+59
Bug: 411493 Change-Id: I6ec62945920d0c850ed098d09ffdad89e80b7bf7
2013-07-16Merge "[412748] EMF Compare Property View"Mikael Barbero4-1/+206
2013-07-16[412748] EMF Compare Property ViewAxel Richard4-1/+206
The compare editor now display the properties of the selected item in the properties view. Bug: 412748 Change-Id: I7c207cf4f2dddd0d7b1379367111a5bf6af3c581
2013-07-16[412827] Fix ArithmeticException on Tree Ruler annotations.Axel Richard1-1/+1
The TreeItem getLastVisibleItem(TreeItem item) method was searching for visible child even when it was not expanded, but it shouldn't. Bug: 412827 Change-Id: Idb2aff234ce41fa04ee0f5307439c8cbde082d43
2013-07-16Refactor Groups.Mikaël Barbero27-1353/+416
-IDifferenceGroup are now Adapters. -Use TreeNode as new ItemProviders instead of EDiffNodes. -Add a new Group: By Resource. Change-Id: I26b451997ce42ce37cee266bb0d9e80c07287984
2013-07-08[412088] NPE in CVS Team Support due to EMFResourceMappingVictor Roldan Betancort1-176/+170
Bug: 412088 Change-Id: I7b48dd1f08a1a5fcd3a6f70f6b88981f3ab38dfd Signed-off-by: Victor Roldan Betancort <>
2013-06-27[398361] Enhanced Model Merge UIAxel Richard35-747/+3661
- Add new Ruler next to StructureMergeViewer - When select diff in StructureMergeViewer, highlight required and unmergeable diffs, and create annotations in Ruler - Add new merge and navigation actions in StructureMergeViewer toolbar. - Delete old merge and navigation actions in ContentMergeViewer toolbar. Bug: 398361 Change-Id: I3d43fe9c4938404361f835e93631ed744a2c4377
2013-06-24Invalid path for local file revision, regression introduced in e8c43e5Laurent Goubet1-2/+22
Change-Id: Iba1bfab4cd232fb744811fb968f959cc6d7f3587
2013-06-24Do not log warning when there are not potential coherence issuesLaurent Goubet1-4/+6
Change-Id: I998f97d339284e02e6771909936ec5690983525f
2013-06-24[411464] Dot not use a view for the traversal's sets.Laurent Goubet4-17/+15
This also adds to the storage traversal API to make it more clear that its wrapped set is not immutable. Bug: 411464 Change-Id: Iab69d01ac3c82a060af85a98b8d21cb493b8b899
2013-06-21Bypass EGit's "repository relative paths".Laurent Goubet6-17/+188
Change-Id: I0b597a57b99b609c3016f44f715769d5044a455d
2013-06-21Filling of the implication link with UML subsets.Cedric Notot2-5/+5
Like equivalences, the merge of a difference may imply the merge of other ones. But, contrary to equivalences, this implication link is unidirectional. So, if A implies B, B does not imply A. In the context of UML, references can be defined as subset of other ones. So, the merge of the add of a reference which is subset of another one implies the add of this last one. In the same way, the delete of a reference which is superset of other ones implies the delete of these last ones. Note that some superset references can be defined as 'union' (that is to say that each superset reference is in one of the subsets). Union supersets are derived, so they are not managed by EMF Compare. The implications are set in Diff#implies and Diff#impliedBy. The reference merger of EMF Compare scans these links to mark as merged the impacted differences without merging them (because the merge itself will be managed by the 'meta-model'). Change-Id: If3a62076c3569b1ba0aa4628c657765cd8ad7711
2013-06-20Prevent logical model from containing multiple starting pointsLaurent Goubet5-53/+311
During local comparisons, the logical model is computed for all three selected resources. If there is one resource in the workspace that reference (or "is referenced") by more than one of the compared resources, we'll end up with a logical model that will be identical for all of these resources. We now constrain the graph traversal to avoid iterating over other "compared resource" (say "R2") when we already started from one (R1). This keeps us out of R2's own dependency graph. Afterwards, we remove the intersection of the graphs before creating the actual comparison scope. Change-Id: I97438e644fdea423f3af08be1e09784c01423e91
2013-06-20Missing copyrights, typoLaurent Goubet3-0/+34
Change-Id: I920fd45c0d8011c25fcd5f65705dbe2402bb2e9d
2013-06-19Merge "Cache the dependency graph as Team calls it _a lot_"Mikael Barbero8-169/+428
2013-06-19Deprecate use of EMFCompare#createDefaultScope(...)Laurent Goubet1-1/+2
Change-Id: Ie4af0c2180a6df04bad8edeba038e6dd1141cf63
2013-06-19Cache the dependency graph as Team calls it _a lot_Laurent Goubet8-169/+428
We really often need the dependencies graph, this introduces a cache so that we can avoid re-computing it every single time. It will also listen to workspace changes to react to potential changes in the graph. Change-Id: I9f54a018cfedeba8c0fb2ba936c929c11d66371e
2013-06-18Useless code, resources, and warningsLaurent Goubet7-551/+6
Change-Id: I520b6a7e8d7b5ae27b9199b64ce7861ffd064901
2013-06-18Introduce extension point for the model resolvers.Laurent Goubet11-11/+441
Change-Id: I4e6e785d1e750fa089059e622feb6cdf457c02bc
2013-06-18Enhanced placeholders displayAxel Richard2-5/+3
After merging a diff and before saving, a merged diff is now display in the content merge viewer sides. If it is a deletion/unset, insertion points are dispalyed on both sides, if it is an addition/set, the item is displayed on both sides. Change-Id: I67e6ea0ec6b99700a604b3c5a00ca7408210639c

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