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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-09-19API compatibilitylgoubet1-2/+25
2019-09-18Remove part of guava useslgoubet11-240/+233
2019-09-18Bump to 3.3.9lgoubet24-27/+27
2019-09-18Open the compare navigatable as internal APIlgoubet1-1/+1
2019-09-18Register the navigatable so that the toolbar actions worklgoubet1-0/+1
2019-09-17The navigatable's cache needs to be cleared when we refresh the viewerlgoubet1-0/+10
2019-09-16The MatchEngineFactory doesn't make use of its setterslgoubet1-19/+15
2019-09-16Happy checkstylelgoubet15-85/+297
2019-09-11Update setup filelgoubet1-14/+7
2019-09-10Target platform based on 2019-063.3.8RC13.3.8lgoubet7-7/+164
2019-09-10Behavior change in 2019-06 - Exceptions are now in the diagnosticlgoubet1-30/+31
2019-09-09Remove the 32 bit platforms for our target configurationslgoubet1-10/+0
2019-09-06Index issue when merging non-unique attributes' elements3.3.8M7lgoubet1-0/+7
2019-09-06Diffs depending on pseudo-conflicts do not reject the other sidelgoubet3-8/+15
2019-09-06MOVE differences also need to take into account the FeatureFilterlgoubet1-3/+16
2019-09-06Inaccurate conflict detection for moves in non-containment featureslgoubet2-8/+16
2019-09-06Moves with non-unique values and addition/deletions of duplicateslgoubet2-20/+48
2019-09-06Only MOVE diffs need to be ignored when computing the LCSlgoubet1-4/+6
2019-09-04Conflict detection on index changes must take FeatureFilter into accountlgoubet9-19/+139
2019-09-04Make sure the UI won't try to compute the LCS for huge listslgoubet4-16/+20
2019-08-30The "accept/reject" all non-conflicting action shouldn't touch conflilts3.3.8M6lgoubet3-26/+57
2019-08-30Fix diff, conflict detection and merging of non-unique attributeslgoubet61-199/+1770
2019-08-28Potential out of bounds exceptionlgoubet3-5/+5
2019-08-27Compatibility with jgit
2019-08-22Performance - use DiffCrossReferencer when possiblelgoubet1-5/+35
2019-08-22regression - right-click actions on single diff selections not shownlgoubet1-0/+2
2019-08-06Open SMV API to allow implementers to access the raw list of children3.3.8M4lgoubet1-3/+29
2019-08-06Prevents exceptions from being thrown from the viewer refreshlgoubet1-20/+151
2019-08-05Performance - use streams instead of guava iterations/concatenationlgoubet13-134/+103
2019-08-05Performance - remove useless guava transformationlgoubet1-59/+13
2019-07-23549477 - NPE in TreeNodeItemProviderSpec.getChildren3.3.8M3Michael Keppler1-0/+3
2019-07-22[549463] Save fails when content merge viewer swappedChristian W. Damus1-3/+4
2019-07-17[522080] [UML] Add-add conflicts in stereotype application not detectedChristian W. Damus23-6/+744
2019-07-17Fix detection of pseudo conflicts on single-valued attribute changeslgoubet10-10/+131
2019-07-16Regression on the group/match right-click actions in SMWlgoubet1-2/+2
2019-07-16Properly describe what the conflict resolving actions will do.lgoubet1-2/+2
2019-07-16[506928] ComparisonScopeEditorInput does not respect configuration3.3.8M2Martin Fleck6-5/+172
2019-07-16Cancel Faster in ProximityEObjectMatcherStefan Dirix1-6/+22
2019-07-16Add StructureMergeViewer customization optionslgoubet2-38/+70
2019-07-16Shortcut the UMLPostProcessor's subset implications when possiblelgoubet1-4/+10
2019-07-16Activation of all Git testsAxel Richard13-1207/+36
2019-07-16Prevent NPE from overriden Resource implementationslgoubet2-7/+13
2019-07-16Ignore "originalTargetObjects" from the EMF Compare change recorderlgoubet2-33/+112
2019-07-10Bump versions to
2019-07-04Enabled "accept change" action on multiple diff selectionWilliam Piers1-9/+28
2019-07-04Adapt tests to EGit change of behaviorlgoubet1-6/+24
2019-05-29Enable users to merge all conflicts at once through right-click action3.3.7RC13.3.7lgoubet1-2/+17
2019-05-23Merging single-valued containment changes can lead to dangling elements3.3.7M5lgoubet6-3/+206
2019-05-23Prevent LCS computation when we do not need ordering changeslgoubet1-11/+241

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