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2016-05-22Replace uses of deprecated Repository.getRef()Thomas Wolf1-1/+1
Use Repository.findRef() or Repository.exactRef(), as appropriate. No functional change. Change-Id: Ie481c7fa5ac69d4778cf9f70ac2b019bee6e53c9 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2016-05-03Test stability: avoid asynchronous SWTBotTreeItem.expand()Thomas Wolf1-4/+6
Sometimes tests do not find children of expanded tree nodes. The root cause appears to be that expand() expands the node in an asyncExec.[1] Add a utility operation that after expanding waits until the desired node exists, and replace all calls to expand() that do expect children by that. [1] Change-Id: I23ea6a7bc519692c0e9dbe480bb2eb8dfb96adc1 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2015-09-17Add missing @Override annotations to all EGit bundlesLars Vogel1-0/+4
Bug: 477689 Change-Id: I490e6558db5133a60caf00af2b996feae0e2e832 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2015-07-01Use bot.viewById instead of bot.viewByTitleAndrey Loskutov1-2/+3
View title can change if it contains some context information, like "Synchronize" -> "Synchronize (Git (GeneralProject))". To make the tests more stable we should never use bot.viewByTitle. Change-Id: Ifc731c7be4e4f6ff5d2d654f5c793bbfa5d0bd70 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2015-01-02Don't run potentially blocking operations in UI threadAndrey Loskutov1-0/+1
Most of the egit operations started from UI thread are using non-blocking, false, new IRunnableWithProgress()) version. Let the rest follow the same pattern to avoid possible UI freezes. Bug: 450629 Change-Id: Ia6f2b30aa29f48ead46f8005ad0ec6f01011e00a Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2014-08-03Try to fix HistoryViewTest instabilityRobin Stocker1-7/+4
Recently failed here: Maybe using the Team menu and showing the view explicitly helps. Change-Id: I578f2210d60a50c797a0c41ac7a5d21cfce0b143 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2014-04-28Disable "Open This Version" for delete, add "Open Previous Version"Robin Stocker1-1/+33
Also change the text of "Compare With Version in Ancestor" to match the "previous" terminology (which is also used in the Compare With menu). Bug: 423594 Change-Id: Ie42b2dd1b17bc905f286c0babb3bef0823b04943 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
2013-12-01Push Tags wizardRobin Stocker1-1/+1
Can be started with one or more selected tags from the repositories view. It's also available from the team menu and the context menu of a repository. In the "Create Tag" dialog, there is an additional button which can be used to create the tag and then start the push wizard for it. Bug: 341076 Change-Id: Idbc4b6e241c37548ffa2e9697697ad3965de08e7 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2013-10-22Fix UI tests interfering with each other because of shared test setupRobin Stocker1-6/+5
The most common cause of unstable UI tests was that the test data (repositories and projects) was set up once per class, and then each test method used the same data. When one test method only reads the data but another modifies it, the test may fail depending on the order of execution. This is an attempt to fix this by changing the test setup so that it's done once per test method (@Before instead of @BeforeClass). To make it easier (and possibly faster) to clean up and reduce the possibility of accidentally sharing the data, the data for each test method is created in a separate directory. Change-Id: I2d7ae4e86c08483a1e8a2824a31648f9d6827bf8 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
2013-10-22Make tests with branch selection dialog also work with styled labelsRobin Stocker1-4/+3
With Ief9fe882779b321c6b03d240e9d4e0cc8412ed8c, the branch selection dialog now shows commit details in branch labels like the repo view. This change makes the tests also work when this is enabled. Change-Id: Iefa32154c97f199c92cdb2fc1fbde9506482c13c Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
2013-10-22Use util method to get package explorer tree in testsRobin Stocker1-14/+2
Switching perspectives should no longer be necessary, as TestUtil#showView opens the view if it is not yet open. Change-Id: Ideb9e03e1d2742cf1f92f4b2a42ba1a9a9e3cc7b Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
2013-06-10Ignore test HistoryViewTest.testRebaseAlreadyUpToDateMatthias Sohn1-1/+3
until we can consume hamcrest 1.3 which is required by SWTBot on Kepler. Bug: 409737 Change-Id: Ib34736350c57bad79e234c9cdc51c9db16e539fe Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2013-03-07Move UIText and UIIcons to the internal packageRobin Rosenberg1-1/+1
These are not part of the API and should therefore not be in a public package and also not checked for API compatibility. Change-Id: I8439adce61515177d36227c844d6284de700964f Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2012-12-22Run "click context menu" synchronously where possible in testsRobin Stocker1-3/+3
This could further stabilize some tests, as running the context menu action synchronously makes sure that the action is complete before returning to the caller. The asynchronous variant is still necessary for when more UI interaction is required to complete the action. Change-Id: Id28b4cdc8b7e6ca6e993f736dcf70bb621cd8f0e
2012-09-02[historyView] Rebase: Pass a better Ref as upstreamRobin Stocker1-3/+25
JGit change I1333a8dd170bb0077f491962013485efb6f2a926 is about improving the ours/theirs conflict markers during rebase. The way the rebase action worked before, it would always pass the commit ID to rebase, which is not very helpful during a rebase conflict. This change makes it use a Ref if there is one. If there are multiple refs pointing to the selected commit: - and if the branch being rebased tracks another one, this tracked branch should be the one to pick if it's in the list - otherwise pick a remote tracking branch if it's in the list Also adds a "does it work at all?" test for rebase in History view. Bug: 336819 Change-Id: Ib78c3e8965e2f57e2c844a065629511ab1158160 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2012-05-17[historyView] Show commit SHA-1 in first columnKevin Sawicki1-4/+4
Move the Id column from position 3 to position 0 and show the SHA-1 abbreviated to 7 characters. Set the minimum width of the first column to show the entire abbreviated id text. This should make it easier to give the author/committer and date columns the remaining space after the message column but still be able to see the SHA-1 without being the focus of the content displayed. Change-Id: If39f8973d3d4b06b8b884bc02e70384e4d56c022
2012-01-20Fix failing tests in HistoryViewTestDariusz Luksza1-2/+3
Wait for showing GenericHistoryView before seleting this view. Also adds TestUtil.waitUntilViewWithGivenIdShows(String) helper method to simplify things in feature. Change-Id: Iddf141593c951fe471718c5b84236347cf54d33c Signed-off-by: Dariusz Luksza <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2011-11-29Show merge result when revert failsKevin Sawicki1-0/+30
Change-Id: Id5d4a99163317275afc9da556571e501e0b60e59 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2011-09-23Change decorator to make use of IndexDiffCacheChristian Halstrick1-6/+9
To improve performance of the GitLightweightDecorator it was changed to calculate decorations only based on cached IndexDiff results. If resources are modified new decorations are shown almost immediately. If the index changes (e.g. add operation) it takes for linux kernel repo 20 sec. (vs. 35 sec. before) to propagate decorations. Bug: 349361 Change-Id: I6142b26565835f4122527c13928a0f4cff596ec9 Signed-off-by: Dariusz Luksza <> Signed-off-by: Christian Halstrick <> Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2011-03-01[historyView] Fix redraw bug with Show all BranchesStefan Lay1-2/+34
Change-Id: If709597fa5726e230d591b474b07eeca03fd5bc3 Signed-off-by: Stefan Lay <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2011-02-23CommitMessageViewer: use Job to update Commit MessageJens Baumgart1-6/+0
A Job was used instead of busyCursorWhile to get a real asynchronous UI update. Usage of busyCursorWhile caused the issue that right clicks in the package explorer were lost. The logic that builds the commit info was moved to a new class CommitInfoBuilder. Bug: 337702 Change-Id: I906e794a631d81be6d58f8d4f35f62906204f5dc Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Lay <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2011-02-18Fix HistoryView tests after commit 611459632b77Mathias Kinzler1-0/+6
Due to the asynchronous updates, we have to add a few waits to make the tests work again. In the longer run, we should probably try and decouple the commit table, the message viewer, and the file list updates completely from each other by spawning jobs. Then the tests should join with these jobs to obtain proper synchronization. Change-Id: I8b872d82cc1da64a4db884b3e3848ca57e824645 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <>
2010-11-29Support spellchecking in tag dialogDariusz Luksza1-1/+1
Add spellchecking feature in tag message to improve user experience during creating a tag. Change-Id: Ic4f2ca17f59f2c6ecfefa425c1fa4decd3ab5272 Signed-off-by: Dariusz Luksza <>
2010-11-24[historyView] Fix a UI test after change 1934Mathias Kinzler1-1/+1
Change,1934 fixes an issue with the "Folder" filter option in the HistoryView. The test failed due a bug which is being fixed herewith. Change-Id: I8ece6c4c6d5e4d8ec545ebd1078d96dd69c4b3d8 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <>
2010-10-26Remove waitInUI from HistoryViewTestJens Baumgart1-6/+3
waitInUI() was removed from HistoryViewTest by joining execution jobs. This improves test performance and stability. Change-Id: I441c12d4ed480e4ae7650314cc4e460c95fc906c Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-09-24Fix ui tests accessing history view too earlyJens Baumgart1-26/+40
Test cases in HistoryViewTest sometimes failed on Windows because History view was accessed too early. Problem was fixed by joining GenerateHistoryJob. CommitActionTest was fixed by joining the commit job. Change-Id: I2badd891e8791f15d7ab74eb75e38409867541e6 Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-09-24Fix HistoryViewTest problem with virtual tablesJens Baumgart1-4/+17
HistoryViewTest failed on Linux because a selected table item of the virtual history view table was not loaded. Table items of a virtual table are only loaded if the item is visible. The fix forces loading the selected table item. Change-Id: If24731c3c0544ff9c3cda368dd8f95d48f6f43dd Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-09-06History View: fix view menuMathias Kinzler1-3/+3
Eclipse UI Guidelines mandate that all toolbar actions should also appear in either the toolbar menu or a context menu. This adds the toolbar items to the view menu where possible and also adds specific menu label texts with mnemonics instead of the lengthy tooltips currently re-used in the menu. Change-Id: I068a6dcc599fe7d13810d1e2519cb8fa578cefa0 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-08-27Fix UI tests after Tag dialog changeStefan Lay1-4/+1
The title label of the Tag dialog was changed. UI tests are adapted with this change. Change-Id: I3fac60a3e1015e610007efd668969afe937095a0 Signed-off-by: Stefan Lay <>
2010-08-18History View: build menu programmaticallyMathias Kinzler1-7/+9
It turned out that using the "global" (workbench) selection for building the context menu in the history view is not feasible, as the GenericHistoryView does not handle registration of the selection providers properly (see bug 322751). Thus we build the context menu programmatically again (using commands instead of actions) and remove the menu contributions from the plugin.xml. The changes in the test coding were needed to fix issues with failing tests (some of them, but not all being related to the changes in this commit). Some UI tests are still failing due to bug 322868. Bug: 321516 Bug: 322751 Change-Id: I1375afc763f15b0e5a1b932bbb1ae24694ea6428 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <>
2010-08-11Checkout branch: use common UIMathias Kinzler1-3/+5
This makes the "checkout branch" UI re-usable for both the Repositories View and the History View so that we have the same labels and so on. Change-Id: Id087c439eb06a8c0771c81a007667d0c35ecec98 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <>
2010-08-10Git History View: cleanup and usabilityMathias Kinzler1-9/+12
This change is intended as first step to imporove the usabily of the Git History View. From the end user perspective, the following changes are noticeable: 1. there is a new toolbar button "Show all versions for the resource" which makes the "resource mode" explicit (in other words, we now have four radio buttons insted of three where selection of no button at all would represent the fourth option) 2. "Wrap comments" and "Fill paragraphs" is only available when the context menu is opened on the comment viewer 3. The file-specific menu entries (compare, open) were promoted to the top of the context menu if a file is selected Internally, all the "popupMenu" contributions were removed and replaced with command contributions and the corresponding actions were refactored out of the GitHistoryView class into handlers in order to improve maintainability. Change-Id: I318476873c0142e18e3cf8928ea693f3adaba1ab Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <> Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <>
2010-08-05History View: Create Branch/Tag on commitMathias Kinzler1-1/+85
This allows to create a branch or tag on a commit by right-clicking the commit in the history view. Bug: 320469 Change-Id: I5a3a2db49b6713123d099969f6281d8231174899 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <> Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <>
2010-07-22TeamMenuTestsMathias Kinzler1-0/+240
Add some UI tests for the following Team-> menu actions: BranchAction CommitAction PushAction FetchAction MergeAction TagAction DisconnectAction ShareProjectAction and for the history view Also added memory settings for extended PermGen to both existing launch configurations in order to make Synchronize tests work and removed redundant third lauch configuration. A minor fix on CreateTagDialog was needed to make it testable. Change-Id: Ieee337d2aeeb0d2fe2ee12dacc398cdd2d258aa7 Signed-off-by: Mathias Kinzler <>

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