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2017-06-30[releng] Update Mylyn Wikitext update site URLstable-4.8Thomas Wolf1-0/+3
Since March 2017, it is distributed via a separate update site that doesn't have a "latest" version. C.f. bug 513498. Two notes: * The Mars target (egit-4.5) is broken as of today: easymport.tpd no longer works; the bundle is no longer in the e4 snapshot update site. I don't know where we might get it from. * Wikitext is used only to generate org.eclipse.egit.doc. It's a build-time dependency only; it should not be in the target at all. However, trying to refactor this along the lines shown in [1] will be done later (and not in a maintenance branch). One problem with such a conversion might be that the latest version available in the maven repository is wikitext 2.9.0-SNAPSHOT. [1] Change-Id: If4668f14be43dba19b6d2321f42a1a2f7e646ce6 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2015-02-23Use Target Platform Definition DSL to generate target platformsMatthias Sohn1-0/+12
The "Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator" [1] heavily simplifies maintenance of target platforms. It allows to modularize target platform definitions which eliminates code duplication. The .target files understood by P2 and Tycho are generated from .tpd files which are written in the target platform definition DSL. In order to edit .tpd files and generate .target files install the "Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator" 2.0 or later [2] (Note: on Kepler you also need to add [3] to get Xtext 2.5 which is not available by default on Kepler). This tools is needed only if you need to change the Target Platform definition files (*.targetplatform and *.tpd) and re-generate the *.target files. In normal development you do not need this and can simply use the generated *.target themselves. In addition - update to Mars M5 Orbit repository for 4.5 - use Luna SR2 Orbit p2 repository for platform version Luna and earlier - update hamcrest to 1.3 which is used by swtbot on newer platform versions - update p2f file [1] [2] [3] Change-Id: Id0dfd18440211141ba8a16bdc7c8ed41f69fa9f4 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>

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