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2012-07-18Rename "EGit Import Support" feature to avoid confusionRobin Stocker1-2/+3
The old name is pretty generic and confuses people, resulting in "EGit cannot be installed" questions on Bugzilla, Stackoverflow and to me personally. They were checking all EGit features and were confused when the installation did not complete, e.g. on Eclipse 3.7. With the more specific name and an extended description, it should be clear that this is an optional feature that is only needed by plugin developers. Change-Id: Ie7a137f202dba07e252fc4e587a0f78e66a1b5f7 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
2012-05-23Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences headerTomasz Zarna1-0/+159
Add extensions required to import a plug-in using SCM URL from its MANIFEST.MF. To give it a try, open Plug-ins view, select a plug-in, right click and Import As > Project from a Repository.... Then follow instructions in the wizard. Importing with a tag is not supported yet, see bug 367712. This allows EGit compilation against all supported eclipse platform versions but only builds the p2 repository when built against Juno. This should be improved in a subsequent change. Bug: 327381 Change-Id: Ia4eb34fec24f5fe714a1b5a2b50fe0393e8d3f39 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>

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