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2017-06-13Icon clean-up: use PNG, provide HiDPI versions, include SVG sourcesThomas Wolf10-0/+6221
SVG source are included in the repository under the ./icons top-level directory. * Copy SVG source files from eclipse.platform.images where applicable * Replace GIFs by PNGs * Provide HiDPI icons Adapt references where needed (plugin.xml and Copied SVGs include a comment where they come from. All EGit icons have been re-done in SVG. Differences in the generated pixel maps are minimal. Some basic components are under ./icons/components. The old GIF and PNG icons have all been replaced by newly generated PNGs and all have HiDPI ("@2x") versions. Wherever possible use components from existing platform icons already available; this not only simplifies icon creation but also makes it easier to conform to the color scheme used in platform. This has resulted in a few minor changes where the old gif icons did not match the new SVGs from platform. An example are icons containing a "file" object, for instance the reflog view icon: the old gif showed a dog-ear in the bottom-right corner of the "page", while current platform SVGs show a dog-ear top-right. The wizard banner images, being larger, show more pixel-level differences. That was to be expected since they were all re-done from scratch using the current platform wizard banner styles. Icon etool16/annotate.png should be changed. It's the icon for the "Show Revision Information" command, which was formerly named "Show Annotations". With the new name, an icon symbolizing a note doesn't make sense anymore. Due to bug 465456 we have to keep around all GIFs used as editor or view icons, otherwise users may experience FileNotFoundExceptions when starting on an old workspace because E4 stores icon URIs in workbench.xmi. This concerns: * eview16/rebase_interactive.gif * eview16/reflog.gif * eview16/repo_rep.gif * obj16/changelog_obj.gif * obj16/gitrepository.gif These GIF files have been re-created; they are identical to the new PNGs created from the SVG sources. Otherwise users might wonder why they sometimes get different icons for the same thing. Bug: 517169 Bug: 517171 Change-Id: I9bcf9ae8d8e0473e5cd9183488d37a3d268709b0 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>

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