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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-09-08EGit v5.13.0.202109080827-rv5.13.0.202109080827-rMatthias Sohn35-36/+36
2021-09-06Update documentation for 5.13 releaseMatthias Sohn28-295/+243
2021-09-04Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.13Matthias Sohn4-26/+95
2021-09-02Handle long error messages in InputDialogThomas Wolf4-26/+95
2021-09-01Prepare 5.13.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn35-36/+36
2021-09-01EGit v5.13.0.202109011149-rc1v5.13.0.202109011149-rc1Matthias Sohn35-36/+36
2021-09-01Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.13Matthias Sohn64-711/+2320
2021-09-01Fix the Orbit link in org.eclipse.egit.repository/pom.xmlMatthias Sohn1-1/+1
2021-09-01[refresh] Ignore paths in closed projectsThomas Wolf2-6/+258
2021-08-29Fix: Gitflow Start-Dialogs do not fully display long Error Messages.Max Hohenegger1-0/+5
2021-08-28Don't refresh the CommitEditor when not visibleThomas Wolf1-54/+72
2021-08-28Extract EditorVisibilityTracker from BlameOperationThomas Wolf2-43/+69
2021-08-28[compare] Compare two arbitrary DiffNodesThomas Wolf8-0/+156
2021-08-28[compare] Enhance the diff viewerThomas Wolf2-16/+136
2021-08-28[history] Enable "Focus on this File" for bare repositoriesThomas Wolf7-34/+199
2021-08-27[compare] Disable "Link with Editor" for multi-file comparisonsThomas Wolf3-26/+247
2021-08-27[compare][history] Compare multiple files with working treeThomas Wolf1-7/+34
2021-08-27[compare][history] Compare commit against working treeThomas Wolf2-11/+46
2021-08-27[compare] "Compare With" sub-menu for the repositories viewThomas Wolf5-12/+323
2021-08-27[merge] Fix label when input from stage 2 is savedThomas Wolf3-2/+78
2021-08-27[compare] Comparing the working tree with a commitThomas Wolf7-70/+206
2021-08-27[compare] Refactor GitCompareEditorInputThomas Wolf7-406/+369
2021-08-27[merge] Use a compact tree for the directory structureThomas Wolf2-18/+108
2021-08-27[test] Try to stabilize AutoShareTestThomas Wolf1-8/+16
2021-08-26Update orbit to R20210825222808 for 2021-09Matthias Sohn33-50/+50
2021-08-25Prepare 5.13.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn35-36/+36
2021-08-25EGit v5.13.0.202108250949-m3v5.13.0.202108250949-m3Matthias Sohn35-36/+36
2021-08-25Lighten Fetch/Push wizardMickael Istria2-66/+68
2021-08-24Give example on Fetch wizard of what remote refs can beMickael Istria1-1/+7
2021-08-24[test] Use a local test directoryThomas Wolf1-5/+5
2021-08-24Fix EGit's search menu contributionThomas Wolf2-0/+17
2021-08-24Don't refresh on working tree changes for non-EGit repositoriesThomas Wolf2-0/+193
2021-08-23Update Orbit to S20210817231813Matthias Sohn18-305/+305
2021-08-17[osgi] TransportConfigurator needs to wait for the workspaceThomas Wolf2-1/+8
2021-08-16[spotbugs] Fix report about inconsistent synchronizationThomas Wolf1-5/+7
2021-08-16Move the EGitCredentialsProvider to EGit coreThomas Wolf38-314/+593
2021-08-15[blame] Fix creating an enriched hover controlThomas Wolf6-106/+199
2021-08-15[blame] Update revision information when HEAD changesThomas Wolf2-44/+260
2021-08-15CommitSelectionDialog: restrict to single selectionThomas Wolf2-20/+80
2021-08-15Don't try to update diff input on closed diff editorAndrey Loskutov1-2/+5
2021-07-28[compare] Ensure HiddenResources can create linked IFilesThomas Wolf3-3/+87
2021-07-26Accessibility: associate labels with FilteredCheckboxTreesThomas Wolf4-0/+28
2021-07-25[history] Fix showing old branchesThomas Wolf3-36/+76
2021-07-22Fix HistoryPageInput.equals()Thomas Wolf3-9/+53
2021-07-21[blame] Follow in history only if linking with selection enabledThomas Wolf2-0/+21
2021-07-21[history] Keep the target commit in viewThomas Wolf1-3/+10
2021-07-19Update orbit to I20210713220109Matthias Sohn38-476/+562
2021-07-18[repo view] "Show in System Explorer" on repository nodesThomas Wolf3-26/+25
2021-07-18[staging view] Use custom drawing for the conflict type indicatorThomas Wolf5-75/+138
2021-07-14Change singletons to enumeration literalsThomas Wolf176-611/+477

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