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2015-11-13EGit v4.1.1.201511131810-rv4.1.1.201511131810-rMatthias Sohn38-39/+39
2015-10-26Don't delete projects on disk unless the user said soThomas Wolf2-3/+45
2015-09-28Prepare 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn38-246/+246
2015-09-28EGit v4.1.0.201509280440-rv4.1.0.201509280440-rMatthias Sohn38-39/+39
2015-09-28Fix potential NPE in ReleaseStartOperation.findHead()Matthias Sohn1-1/+4
2015-09-27Update documentation for 4.1Matthias Sohn22-299/+305
2015-09-27Fixed potential NPE in GitFlowRepository::findHeadMax Hohenegger1-3/+9
2015-09-27Fixed 'When on master branch, gitflow options are disabled.'Max Hohenegger4-49/+23
2015-09-26Properly handle GitURI exceptions on invalid URI'sAndrey Loskutov3-11/+31
2015-09-26GitURI should not try to parse "path" part if it is missing in the URIAndrey Loskutov2-1/+14
2015-09-23Allow saving feature finish options as defaultMax Hohenegger9-4/+130
2015-09-22Fixed FindBugs warning: Inner class should be staticMax Hohenegger1-2/+2
2015-09-22Refactored feature finish UI tests to reduce redundancyMax Hohenegger4-169/+123
2015-09-21Change usage of SubProgressMonitor to SubMonitor in org.eclipse.egit.uiPhilipp Bumann2-10/+14
2015-09-21Added support for keeping branch after Gitflow feature finishMax Hohenegger11-13/+189
2015-09-21Un-generified getAdapter() to keep Eclipse 3.8-4.4 source compatibilityAndrey Loskutov2-2/+2
2015-09-21Use save action to add missing @Override annotations on saveMatthias Sohn11-33/+99
2015-09-20Merge "Obey hyperlink preferences in SpellcheckableMessageArea"Matthias Sohn6-69/+570
2015-09-20Obey hyperlink preferences in SpellcheckableMessageAreaThomas Wolf6-69/+570
2015-09-20Consider initial selection in Reflog view.Tobias Baumann3-6/+37
2015-09-18Add icon to Gitflow menu contributionsMax Hohenegger2-8/+13
2015-09-17Merge "Add missing @Override annotations to all EGit bundles"Matthias Sohn157-0/+411
2015-09-17[historyView] Added "Focus On This File" menu for selected fileAndrey Loskutov4-3/+37
2015-09-17Add missing @Override annotations to all EGit bundlesLars Vogel157-0/+411
2015-09-17Focus file list in GitHistoryView when context menu is shownThomas Wolf1-0/+9
2015-09-16Configure version of tycho-surefire-plugin in parent pom.xmlMatthias Sohn6-5/+5
2015-09-16Pin tycho-surefire-plugin versionThomas Wolf1-0/+1
2015-09-16Improve performance of HyperlinkTokenScannerThomas Wolf1-12/+154
2015-09-16Add a sort order to the unstaged changesDenis Zygann6-9/+180
2015-09-16Always run preferences listener UI update code in UI threadAndrey Loskutov1-3/+9
2015-09-16Specify modal dialog style for results of "dry run" in push dialogAndrey Loskutov5-8/+17
2015-09-15Add missing .gitignore for o.e.egit.ui.importer.testsMatthias Sohn1-0/+3
2015-09-15Merge branch 'stable-4.0'Matthias Sohn31-265/+1053
2015-09-14Prepare 4.0.3-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn38-226/+226
2015-09-14EGit v4.0.2.201509141540-rMatthias Sohn38-39/+39
2015-09-13Merge changes Ief5d8000,I18808837Matthias Sohn8-28/+220
2015-09-13Don't use IPath.equals() since it is broken on WindowsAndrey Loskutov2-1/+47
2015-09-13Introduce new preference page for Staging viewAndrey Loskutov5-0/+71
2015-09-13[scalability] Staging view should handle huge amount of entriesAndrey Loskutov3-28/+149
2015-09-13Check for objects adaptable to IResource in ShowBlameActionHandlerThomas Wolf4-73/+370
2015-09-13Don't use IPath.equals() since it is broken on WindowsAndrey Loskutov2-2/+46
2015-09-12Fixed NPE in StagingView if no repository is selectedAndrey Loskutov3-14/+28
2015-09-11Add check for warnings and errors before commitPawel Nowak7-51/+410
2015-09-11Minor clean ups in new CommitMessageViewerThomas Wolf5-114/+157
2015-09-11[Importer] More direct re-use of EasymportWizardMickael Istria22-35/+868
2015-09-11Deprecate unused and obsolete methodsThomas Wolf1-2/+20
2015-09-10Rewrite CommitMessageViewer to use JFaceThomas Wolf6-251/+439
2015-09-10Fixed: Specifying non-existing master does not abort initializationMax Hohenegger10-43/+337
2015-09-10Fixed Findbugs warning: Usage of known nullMax Hohenegger1-1/+1
2015-09-09Fixed 'Merges do not appear to be using --no-ff flag'Max Hohenegger9-42/+148

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