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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-12-18EGit v3.5.3.201412180710-rv3.5.3.201412180710-rstable-3.5Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-12-18Merge branch 'stable-3.4' into stable-3.5Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
2014-12-18EGit v3.4.2.201412180340-rv3.4.2.201412180340-rstable-3.4Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-11-12Prepare 3.5.3-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn26-181/+181
2014-11-12EGit v3.5.2.201411120430-rv3.5.2.201411120430-rMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-11-07Fix IAE from setStyleRanges in SpellcheckableMessageAreaRobin Stocker3-21/+31
2014-10-13Prepare 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn26-181/+181
2014-10-13EGit v3.5.1.201410131835-rv3.5.1.201410131835-rMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-09-30Fix "Stashes" menu not being shown in Team menuRobin Stocker2-3/+94
2014-09-26Prepare 3.5.1-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn26-181/+181
2014-09-26EGit v3.5.0.201409260305-rv3.5.0.201409260305-rMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-09-25New EGit project logo (SVG)Robin Stocker1-121/+101
2014-09-24Add EGit Contributor Guide to documentationMatthias Sohn16-1/+1895
2014-09-24Update documentation for 3.5.0Matthias Sohn64-236/+371
2014-09-23New EGit project logoMatthias Sohn1-0/+0
2014-09-20Include word "Edit" in tooltip of "Amend" toolbar buttonRobin Stocker1-2/+2
2014-09-20Extended squash_down.png icon to 16x16 pixelsVadim Dmitriev1-0/+0
2014-09-17Improve icons for interactive rebase fixup and squash actionsMatthias Sohn9-14/+32
2014-09-16Remove use of alternating row colors in some more placesRobin Stocker4-6/+0
2014-09-16Fix deadlock caused by GitProjectData.logAndUnmapGoneMappedResourceRobin Stocker3-5/+28
2014-09-14[stagingView] Fix context menu for modified+added fileRobin Stocker3-13/+28
2014-09-12Add "Repository" submenu in Team menu of files and foldersRobin Stocker3-37/+118
2014-09-12Fix Team > Advanced not being available in editor context menuRobin Stocker1-48/+15
2014-09-08Add Team > "Create Patch..." for working setsRobin Stocker4-42/+25
2014-09-08Add Team > "Show in History/Repositories View" for working setsRobin Stocker5-76/+37
2014-09-07Prepare post 3.5.0-rc1 buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-09-07EGit Sohn26-27/+27
2014-09-04Simple push wizard links to Advanced push wizardMickael Istria3-0/+32
2014-09-04Add "Show Annotations" to ruler menu of revision editorRobin Stocker4-17/+93
2014-09-04Show a rebase result dialog if cherry-picking fails.Maik Schreiber3-3/+22
2014-09-04[historyView] Use separate diff viewer instead of embedding into messageRobin Stocker9-285/+171
2014-09-03Suppress "Unnecessary cast" errors in Eclipse Mars (4.5)Markus Keller22-81/+82
2014-09-03Disable interactive rebase view action toolbar if selection is emptyVadim Dmitriev2-2/+14
2014-09-03Update interactive rebase plan row status iconsVadim Dmitriev4-7/+1
2014-09-03Fix inconsistent usage of DND event dataRobin Stocker1-3/+1
2014-09-02Merge "[stagingView] Fix amend message being counted as "user-entered""Matthias Sohn1-5/+9
2014-09-02[stagingView] Fix amend message being counted as "user-entered"Robin Stocker1-5/+9
2014-09-02Close dialog Team displays on first synchronize with no resultMatthias Sohn1-1/+1
2014-09-02Allow to move multiple commits by DND in the rebase interactive viewVadim Dmitriev1-11/+26
2014-09-01Handle -m option for Merge commandAxel Richard1-0/+17
2014-09-01Provide more context in cherry-pick confirmation dialogRobin Stocker2-4/+67
2014-09-01Enable linking with merge tool inputRobin Stocker2-2/+26
2014-08-31Commit Dialog: Add "Select for Commit" to files context menuRobin Stocker3-0/+25
2014-08-30Merge "[repoView] Sort tags in natural order"Robin Rosenberg1-0/+6
2014-08-28Make commit order in the interactive rebase view configurableVadim Dmitriev9-14/+295
2014-08-28[repoView] Sort tags in natural orderAndreas Hermann1-0/+6
2014-08-27Commit dialog: Replace help button with link to Staging viewRobin Stocker4-3/+59
2014-08-27Don't use alternating row colors for file diff viewerRobin Stocker1-2/+0
2014-08-27Add missing mnemonics to menu itemsRobin Stocker3-20/+24
2014-08-27Fix IAE in Gerrit configuration page on null schemeRobin Stocker1-1/+3

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