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2014-12-18EGit v3.4.2.201412180340-rv3.4.2.201412180340-rstable-3.4Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-06-20Prepare 3.4.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn26-180/+180
2014-06-20EGit v3.4.1.201406201815-rv3.4.1.201406201815-rMatthias Sohn26-180/+180
2014-06-11Prepare post 3.4.0 buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-06-11EGit v3.4.0.201406110918-rv3.4.0.201406110918-rMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-06-11Re-add images with corrected filename caseMatthias Sohn55-0/+0
2014-06-11remove images with wrong caseMatthias Sohn57-0/+0
2014-06-11Update documentation for 3.4Matthias Sohn23-398/+414
2014-06-04Prepare post 3.4 RC3 buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-06-04EGit v3.4.0.201406041058-rc3v3.4.0.201406041058-rc3Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-06-02Enable buttons when content assist proposal is insertedDani Megert1-2/+8
2014-05-28Prepare post 3.4.0 RC2 buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-28EGit v3.4.0.201405281120-rc2v3.4.0.201405281120-rc2Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-27Ensure that transport error in RefSpecPage is loggedMatthias Sohn3-13/+5
2014-05-26Update Luna target platform to Orbit release R20140525021250Matthias Sohn2-2/+2
2014-05-22Add a flag in the StashCreateDialog to include untracked changesAndreas Hermann6-10/+127
2014-05-21Prepare post 3.4.0 RC1 buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-21EGit v3.4.0.201405211411-rc1v3.4.0.201405211411-rc1Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-21Add script to create EGit releaseMatthias Sohn1-0/+51
2014-05-21Use label "Rebase on" for rebase command in repositories viewMatthias Sohn1-2/+2
2014-05-21Merge "Register .gitignore as a text contenttype"Robin Rosenberg2-0/+13
2014-05-20Merge "Remove redundant secure store accessor methods"Matthias Sohn6-67/+50
2014-05-20Register .gitignore as a text contenttypeMatthias Sohn2-0/+13
2014-05-16Do not let PushToGerrit block the UIChristian Georgi2-22/+23
2014-05-16Include css/ directory in build.propertiesMatthias Sohn1-1/+1
2014-05-13Remove redundant secure store accessor methodsMatthias Sohn6-67/+50
2014-05-12Fix warning about unused return value in RebaseInteractiveViewTomasz Zarna1-1/+5
2014-05-12Fix warnings about allocated objects not used in SwitchToMenuTomasz Zarna1-3/+7
2014-05-12Add missing JoinedListTest#toArrayTestTomasz Zarna1-1/+4
2014-05-12Fix typo in parameter nameMatthias Sohn1-2/+2
2014-05-11Don't decorate empty directories with "untracked" icon (?)Tomasz Zarna2-6/+65
2014-05-11Shorten list of TestDecoratableResource constructor parametersTomasz Zarna1-72/+68
2014-05-11"Do you really want to checkout" dialog for branch switching needs a ?Tomasz Zarna1-2/+2
2014-05-11Fix Package Explorer text colors on dark themeAndrea Guarinoni4-2/+41
2014-05-09Luna RC1: Prevent compile error in CommonUtils.RESOURCE_NAME_COMPARATORMatthias Sohn2-6/+23
2014-05-05Prepare 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-05EGit v3.4.0.201405051725-m7v3.4.0.201405051725-m7Matthias Sohn26-27/+27
2014-05-04Use branch.<name>.mergeoptions to set merge defaultsKonrad Kügler3-61/+40
2014-05-03Update 4.4 target to use Luna M7 orbit repositoryMatthias Sohn3-12/+12
2014-05-03PlotLane: Use identity hashCode and equalsKonrad Kügler1-10/+0
2014-05-01[stagingView] Enable for submodulesRobin Stocker1-3/+1
2014-05-01Import: Connect projects from submodules to correct repoRobin Stocker5-25/+39
2014-05-01Also show Gerrit actions if notes refspec is existingMatthias Sohn1-1/+12
2014-04-30Disable "Show additional refs" by defaultKonrad Kügler1-1/+2
2014-04-28Disable "Open This Version" for delete, add "Open Previous Version"Robin Stocker5-29/+108
2014-04-28Commit Viewer: Tooltip text without newline charactersKonrad Kügler1-1/+1
2014-04-28Interactive Rebase View: Action buttons toggleKonrad Kügler1-1/+15
2014-04-27Suggest local branch name properly when remote contains a '/'Robin Rosenberg2-43/+3
2014-04-26Provide an option to fetch from Gerrit without checking out the branchMarc Khouzam3-22/+49
2014-04-26Commit Viewer: Provide "Show in History" in toolbarKonrad Kügler3-0/+57

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