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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-02-21Prepare 2.3.2-SNAPSHOT buildsstable-2.3Matthias Sohn30-181/+181
2013-02-21EGit v2.3.1.201302201838-rv2.3.1.201302201838-rMatthias Sohn30-181/+181
2013-02-20Workaround for bug in StyledText#addBidiSegmentListener(..)Markus Keller1-1/+60
2013-02-13Prepare post buildsMatthias Sohn30-31/+31
2013-02-13EGit v2.3.0.201302130906v2.3.0.201302130906Matthias Sohn30-31/+31
2013-02-13Update documentation for 2.3Matthias Sohn32-572/+219
2013-02-13Move "Ignore" further down in the team menuMatthias Sohn1-8/+8
2013-02-12Auto-share projects located in a git repository by defaultMatthias Sohn4-4/+6
2013-02-12Mark org.eclipse.debug.ui as optional dependencyDariusz Luksza2-4/+20
2013-02-12When staging a missing file only remove it from indexMatthias Sohn1-1/+1
2013-02-12Unregister project auto-sharing listener on shutdownMatthias Sohn1-0/+5
2013-02-12Auto-ignore derived resourcesMatthias Sohn14-6/+206
2013-02-12Enable reuse of isIgnored(IPath) checkMatthias Sohn2-27/+44
2013-02-11Remember "Search for nested projects" checkbox state in import wizardsRobin Stocker3-2/+38
2013-02-11Show error to user if staging failsRobin Rosenberg1-4/+11
2013-02-11Change table in commit dialog to filtered treeGunnar Wagenknecht3-24/+82
2013-02-08Mark .git team private when re-mapping a repositoryMatthias Sohn3-0/+12
2013-02-06[historyView] Highlight filtered files in file diff viewerRobin Stocker6-13/+165
2013-02-06Add checkbox to Import Projects page for nested project searchRobin Stocker7-36/+80
2013-02-06Prevent IO_FAILURE by checking for conflicts in ref name validationRobin Stocker3-1/+20
2013-02-06Prepare post 2.3 rc1 buildsMatthias Sohn30-36/+36
2013-02-06EGit v2.3.0.201302060400-rc1Matthias Sohn30-36/+36
2013-02-06Look for a ChangeId in the footer, not in the bodyStefan Lay1-3/+3
2013-02-04Customize diff file headlines in diff tab of commit viewerTobias Pfeifer5-11/+112
2013-02-03Only return existing IFile from getFileForLocationRobin Stocker3-20/+46
2013-02-03Do not replace Change-Id in commit message in case of a conflictStefan Lay1-2/+5
2013-02-02Make sure cancel of INDEX_DIFF_CACHE_UPDATE job is finishedRobin Stocker1-0/+5
2013-02-02Fix "Compare with commit..." when project is root of working dirRobin Stocker2-10/+17
2013-02-01Sort projects only once in ProjectUtil.getProjectsContainingRobin Stocker1-13/+24
2013-02-01[sync] Only refresh on repository change if affectedRobin Stocker1-3/+10
2013-02-01[sync] Fix performance problem with GitModelCache#getChildrenRobin Stocker8-196/+244
2013-01-31Fix NPE during shutdown in ContainerTreeIterator$ResourceEntryRobin Stocker1-9/+17
2013-01-31Gracefully ignore linked resourcesFran├žois Rey42-218/+550
2013-01-31Update to latest orbit release and update platform versionsMatthias Sohn5-42/+140
2013-01-30[sync] Merge common code of GitCacheTreeTraveral and GitTreeTraversalRobin Stocker3-69/+14
2013-01-30[sync] Remove unused code in GitTreeTraversalRobin Stocker1-94/+1
2013-01-30Remove blocking of UI in show annotations (blame)Robin Rosenberg1-2/+0
2013-01-29Merge changes Ib9ac9ecd,I26dbc133Robin Rosenberg4-12/+199
2013-01-28Merge "Don't use ContextChangeSet#getComment(..), it's deprecated and internal"Tomasz Zarna1-6/+3
2013-01-28[repoView] Add "History" to Show In menu for all perspectivesRobin Stocker1-3/+4
2013-01-27Merge "Rename ProjectUtil.findContainer as it does not return folders"Robin Rosenberg2-9/+10
2013-01-27Show only the one target when performing reset to HEADRobin Rosenberg3-33/+47
2013-01-27Rename ProjectUtil.findContainer as it does not return foldersRobin Rosenberg2-9/+10
2013-01-26Only refresh projects with changed resourcesMarkus Duft1-4/+10
2013-01-26Add clean action for repositoriesMarkus Duft10-0/+459
2013-01-26Merge "Enable reset in the repositories view whenever applicable"Matthias Sohn1-1/+1
2013-01-26Merge "Make all methods and states of RepositoryState testable properties"Matthias Sohn3-16/+81
2013-01-26Merge "Conditional label of context menu item for checkout in GitHistoryViewer"Matthias Sohn3-3/+34
2013-01-25Merge "Introduce a method to find projects containing paths"Robin Rosenberg2-0/+193
2013-01-25Conditional label of context menu item for checkout in GitHistoryViewerTobias Pfeifer3-3/+34

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