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authorThomas Wolf2021-07-19 15:09:48 -0400
committerThomas Wolf2021-07-28 04:16:07 -0400
commit6c2f7f16d73f9ace63697d128ad5a3bce1c497ea (patch)
tree911f6d63ffde941cef261446172be3bb9f581e8e /org.eclipse.egit-feature
parent7e33345e72b15d75db1df14acfd901f5d899b829 (diff)
[compare] Ensure HiddenResources can create linked IFilesHEADmaster
Eclipse has a preference at 'General->Workspace->Linked Resources' where the user can disable linked resources. If he does, linked resources cannot be created anymore (but existing linked resources continue to work perfectly fine). EGit _needs_ to be able to create linked resources to fully implement comparisons in the merge tool. Otherwise comparisons using stage 2 as input but saving to a non-workspace file won't work properly, and the new "working tree pre-merged to 'ours'" input also relies on creating linked resources being possible. Therefore just enable creating linked resources by force and reset the preference afterwards unless it has been changed again in the meantime. Bug: 574780 Change-Id: Ia9536575f541f5574e7698e889119977d9f53ed6 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
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