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Add introduction, update links and remove outdated information. Change-Id: Icb7e3db06bf1eaea58bf96df0840305a9c34ca55 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
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Eclipse Git Plugin
-This package is licensed under the EPL. Please refer to the COPYING
-and LICENSE files for the complete licenses within each package.
+EGit is an Eclipse plugin for working with Git repositories. It is based
+on the JGit library, which is a Git implementation in pure Java.
-This package is actually composed of three major components plus
-three for packaging.
+This package is licensed under the EPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file
+for the complete license.
-- org.eclipse.egit.core/
+This package is composed of the following major components:
+- org.eclipse.egit.core
An Eclipse plugin providing an interface to org.eclipse.jgit
and support routines to allow processing against the Eclipse
workspace and resource APIs, rather than the standard Java
- file APIs. It also supplies the team provider implementation.
+ file APIs. It also supplies the team provider implementation.
-- org.eclipse.egit.ui/
+- org.eclipse.egit.ui
An Eclipse plugin providing the user interface on top of
-- org.eclipse.egit.core.test/
+- org.eclipse.egit.core.test
Unit tests for org.eclipse.egit.core.
-- org.eclipse.egit/
+- org.eclipse.egit.ui.test
+ UI tests for org.eclipse.egit.ui.
+- org.eclipse.egit
A plugin for packaging
-- org.eclipse.egit-feature/
+- org.eclipse.egit-feature
Also packaging. This project is for building an Eclipse "feature"
out of the plugins above.
-- org.eclipse.egit.repository/
+- org.eclipse.egit.repository
This package is for producing a p2 repository, i.e. a web site
you can point your eclipse at and just upgrade.
+There are other components which provide integration with other plugins.
-- Symbolic links are not supported because java does not support it.
- Such links could be damaged.
-- Only the timestamp of the index is used by jgit check if the index
- is dirty.
+- Symbolic links are not yet supported because they used to be
+ unsupported by Java. Such links could be damaged.
- Don't try the plugin with a JDK other than 1.6 (Java 6) unless you
are prepared to investigate problems yourself. JDK 1.5.0_11 and later
@@ -53,9 +58,8 @@ Warnings/Caveats
have no information about other vendors. Please report your findings
if you try.
-- CRLF conversion is never performed. On Windows you should thereforc
- make sure your projects and workspaces are configured to save files
- with Unix (LF) line endings.
+- CRLF conversion works for some things, but is in general still being
+ worked on.
@@ -70,7 +74,10 @@ Compatibility
Package Features
-- org.eclipse.egit.core/
+The following list is not complete, but it gives an overview of the
+- org.eclipse.egit.core
* Supplies an Eclipse team provider.
@@ -87,7 +94,7 @@ Package Features
* Resolves through linked containers.
-- org.eclipse.egit.ui/
+- org.eclipse.egit.ui
* Connect team provider wizard panels.
@@ -104,50 +111,40 @@ Package Features
* Creating new commits or amending commits.
+ * View for staging changes (whole files and partial staging),
+ showing their differences and committing them.
* Graphical history viewer with the ability to compare versions
using eclipse built-in compare editor.
- * Clone, push, fetch
-Missing Features
-There are a lot of missing features. You need the real Git for this.
-For some operations it may just be the preferred solution also. There
-are not just a command line, there is e.g. git-gui that makes committing
-partial files simple.
-- Merging.
+ * Clone, push, pull, fetch
-- Repacking from within the plugin.
+ * Merge, rebase, cherry-pick
-- Generate a Git format patch.
-- Apply a Git format patch.
-- Documentation. :-)
+Missing Features
- gitattributes support
- In particular CRLF conversion is not implemented. Files are treated
- as byte sequences.
-- submodule support
- Submodules are not supported or even recognized.
+ In particular CRLF conversion is not yet fully implemented.
-- The Eclipse plugin cannot handle files outside any Eclipse project. You
- need commit changes to such files outside of Eclipse.
- Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list.
+Post question or comments to the mailing list.
+You need to be subscribed to post, see here:
-See SUBMITTING_PATCHES in this directory. However, feedback and bug reports
-are also contributions.
+See the EGit Contributor Guide:
About Git
@@ -156,7 +153,4 @@ About Git
More information about Git, its repository format, and the canonical
C based implementation can be obtained from the Git websites:

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