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authorThomas Wolf2018-07-02 11:06:22 +0000
committerThomas Wolf2018-07-02 12:10:42 +0000
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Do not refresh projects that use a PessimisticResourceRuleFactory
With some setups where the Eclipse workspace is inside the git working tree EGit may end up trying to refresh a project that needs the workspace root as scheduling rule for a refresh. EGit generally uses multi-rules containing affected projects, though, and thus it may run into an IAE in that case. EGit-managed projects use an optimistic rule factory that uses the project itself as scheduling rule. So do normal unshared projects. So this can only occur if there are projects inside the git working tree that are not shared with EGit but with some other provider that does not use an optimistic rule factory. This is a rare occurrence, and such projects had better be git-ignored, too. Not refreshing such projects is a thus viable approach. Bug: 536472 Change-Id: I17c06fd69e232a7b864a98c4e95598fa7ab6b7b0 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
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