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3_maintenance'>R2_3_maintenance[315018] gmf-R2_3_maintenance ahunter 100831 A few GMF plugins do not have pr...ahunter9 years R3_0Fixed: "Bundles missing required files" report for Junoskovalsky8 years R3_0+codestyle[385584] (part of) - conditionally generate @Overrides formgolubev7 years R3_0+crlfs[388804] - TOE regenerated with GMFT3.0 SR1mgolubev7 years R3_0_maintenanceto fix build #125 in .maintenance streammgolubev7 years R3_1_maintenance[428843] test aspects generation unders xtend / xpandskovalsky6 years R3_2_maintenance[releng] Feature versions upgrade mgolubev5 years R3_3_maintenanceLinkLF - fix NPE while move affixed node with connected linkatischenko4 years bugzilla111892_group_support[111892] gmf_head crevells 070518 First milestone of group/ungroup support (p...crevells13 years fix-qvto-testsFix compilation errors in qvto files due to enum type errors.ghillairet6 years masterBug 354145 - Provide a Tycho plugin for code generationskovalsky4 years ocl-content-assistMissed project files added, +dependency to jdt.annotations to supportmgolubev7 years ocl_qvtFallback root excluded to exclude old xpand templates from the compilation pr...ashatalin11 years originAdded code coverage with Jacoco.mistria8 years qvto-bridgeMerge branch 'qvto-bridge' of ssh:// years temp[422869] - debug output cleanupskovalsky6 years