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+Eclipse EGit Github Connector
+EGit Github Connector is an Eclipse plugin for working with Git repositories
+hosted on Github. It is based on the JGit library, which is a Git implementation
+in pure Java and integrates with EGit which is the Eclipse Git Team Provider.
+This package is licensed under the EPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file
+for the complete license.
+- In general, EGit supports at least the latest two Eclipse releases.
+ For details, please see
+- Newer version of EGit may implement new functionality, remove
+ existing functions and change others without other notice than what
+ is written in the commit log and source files themselves.
+Post question or comments to the mailing list.
+You need to be subscribed to post, see here:
+Bugs are tracked in [Bugzilla](
+Create new bugs [here](;component=GitHub)
+**This project does not use pull requests.**
+Pull requests to this GitHub repository will be ignored.
+Push patches to Gerrit at as explained
+in the Contributor Guide:
+About Git
+More information about Git, its repository format, and the canonical
+C based implementation can be obtained from the Git websites:

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