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authorKevin Sawicki2012-01-10 17:43:07 +0000
committerKevin Sawicki2012-01-10 17:43:07 +0000
commitb429472a5d128ac95aa3618e1db759225ddcb45b (patch)
parentcf317d7e845a59ed2db433db6d5efaccd2eb08c2 (diff)
Update README for changes to build and dependencies
Apache HttpComponents is no longer required and neither is the custom build step for Android deployments Change-Id: Idba76185e50309a423dd8b06b026db9f2bb37f8e
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 18 deletions
diff --git a/org.eclipse.egit.github.core/ b/org.eclipse.egit.github.core/
index 700c0f3a..e79601c4 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.egit.github.core/
+++ b/org.eclipse.egit.github.core/
@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ the GitHub API JSON response. The [Google Gson](
library is used serialize and deserialize these objects to/from JSON.
### Client (org.eclipse.egit.github.core.client)
-This package contains classes that integrate with [Apache HttpComponents](
-to communicate with the GitHub API over HTTPS. The client package is also
-responsible for converting JSON responses to appropriate Java model classes as
-well as generating request exceptions based on HTTP status codes.
+This package contains classes communicate with the GitHub API over HTTPS.
+The client package is also responsible for converting JSON responses to
+appropriate Java model classes as well as generating request exceptions based on
+HTTP status codes.
### Service (org.eclipse.egit.github.core.service)
This package contains the classes that invoke API calls and return model classes
@@ -95,10 +95,10 @@ service.getClient().setCredentials("user", "passw0rd");
gist = service.createGist(gist); //returns the created gist
-### Using GitHub FI
+### Using GitHub Enterprise
Clients use an address of `` by default but this can be
overridden when the client is created for the case where you are using
-[GitHub FI](
+[GitHub Enterprise](
GitHubClient client = new GitHubClient("");
@@ -115,20 +115,9 @@ without dependencies:
### All-in-one
The GitHub Java API can also be built as a JAR that includes all the
-dependencies (Apache HttpComponents & Google Gson). This technique uses
+dependencies (Google Gson). This technique uses
the [Maven Shade Plugin]( to
build an all-in-one JAR file.
`$ mvn -f pom-jar.xml clean install -P shade`
-### Android applications
-A custom build step is required to use the GitHub Java API inside an Android
-application due to classloader restrictions of the Android SDK.
-The Android SDK comes with a specific version of Apache HttpComponents that is
-older than the version required by the GitHub Java API. A custom Maven profile
-exists that bundles relocated versions of the Apache classes so that correct
-versions can be loaded when running inside an Android application.
-`$ mvn -f pom-jar.xml clean install -P android-shade`

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