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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-01-24UDPATED: FIXED #426558 clearedGoulwen Le Fur94-1247/+1339
2013-09-02regen without TypeEReferencesPEContextNathalie Lepine1-3/+15
2013-09-02regen non regNathalie Lepine1-4/+4
2013-09-02add patch from Stephane Thibaudeau stephane.thibaudeau@obeo.frNathalie Lepine43-217/+1824
2013-08-29add non reg Nathalie Lepine3-24/+40
2013-08-28add non reg for LinkEOVFC and LinkEReferenceViewerNathalie Lepine165-1162/+6707
2013-08-28add patch from Stephane Thibaudeau stephane.thibaudeau@obeo.frNathalie Lepine37-116/+2726
2013-08-27change version 1.2.0 to 1.30.0Nathalie Lepine16-16/+16
2013-03-12REMOVED: bad launch configGoulwen Le Fur1-41/+0
2013-01-11UPDATED: synchronized generationv2.0.0Goulwen Le Fur11-156/+250
2013-01-09UPDATED: applied Arichard patchGoulwen Le Fur17-184/+240
2012-12-21FIXED: classcast exception in MVE controlGoulwen Le Fur12-211/+229
2012-12-19FIXED:Goulwen Le Fur274-10132/+10156
2012-12-19UPDATED: All tests are now ComposedGoulwen Le Fur73-73/+73
2012-12-19REMOVED: old testsdGoulwen Le Fur13-449/+0
2012-12-19UPDATED: Readded all testsGoulwen Le Fur1-116/+116
2012-12-18Merge branch 'v1_2_0_BRANCH' of ssh:// Le Fur109-0/+1083
2012-12-18Trying to fix some testsGoulwen Le Fur4-117/+140
2012-12-18Bug 396751 - User should be able to define use of viewer sorter inNathalie Lepine19-0/+165
2012-12-18Bug 396751 - User should be able to define use of viewer sorter inNathalie Lepine90-0/+918
2012-12-18fix Bug 396752 - SmartModelNavigation in multi-view component isNathalie Lepine18-677/+1844
2012-12-17Bug 396754 - Filter in element selection dialog doesn't work properlyNathalie Lepine7-196/+0
2012-12-11REMOVED: duplicate testsGoulwen Le Fur70-1638/+2
2012-12-11remove unecessary testsNathalie Lepine134-1680/+69
2012-12-11change bot name in composed testsNathalie Lepine71-71/+71
2012-12-11remove tests on comboNathalie Lepine1-10/+0
2012-12-11Merge branch 'v1_2_0_BRANCH' of ssh:// Lepine2-362/+241
2012-12-11remove tests on comboNathalie Lepine11-330/+0
2012-12-10UPDATED: eef config for conferenceGoulwen Le Fur1-60/+45
2012-12-10FIXED: added eef config on sample conference editorGoulwen Le Fur1-1/+17
2012-12-07ADDED: All testsssss wwwwoooohhohoooooooooGoulwen Le Fur1-144/+163
2012-12-07Merge branch 'v1_2_0_BRANCH' of ssh:// Le Fur4-165/+138
2012-12-07UPDATED: Better AllTests for NRGoulwen Le Fur1-228/+87
2012-12-06fix testNathalie Lepine2-2/+2
2012-12-06remove existing project in setUpNathalie Lepine1-224/+224
2012-12-06remove unused test suiteNathalie Lepine1-27/+0
2012-12-06FIXED: Preventing deadlock in saveGoulwen Le Fur1-1/+8
2012-12-06regen nonreg architectureNathalie Lepine252-8063/+8906
2012-12-06regen non reg architectureNathalie Lepine249-7420/+8249
2012-12-06ADDED: Conf to testsGoulwen Le Fur1-3/+46
2012-12-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v1_2_0_BRANCH' into v1_2_0_BRANCHGoulwen Le Fur169-2579/+3919
2012-12-06UPDATED: testsGoulwen Le Fur2-1258/+195
2012-12-05fix href in non regNathalie Lepine1-3/+3
2012-12-05regen conferenceNathalie Lepine42-1267/+2045
2012-12-05add all tests test suite for non regNathalie Lepine126-1309/+1855
2012-12-05FIXED: Missing icons in MBot editorGoulwen Le Fur74-507/+1842
2012-12-03ADDED: dependency to EefNR editorGoulwen Le Fur1-1/+2
2012-12-03UPDATED: Added pviews testsGoulwen Le Fur40-347/+424
2012-12-03UPDATED: re-added tests since it should work nowGoulwen Le Fur1-54/+54
2012-12-03UPDATED: ignore test failureGoulwen Le Fur2-54/+55

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