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2021-01-07[releng] Switch to EEF 2.1.6HEADmasterStéphane Bégaudeau53-54/+54
Change-Id: Ibf3109e5d8f069c735b826d1efeb94aaf40f8b05 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2020-11-23Fix conditional style management for custom widgets.Nicolas PERANSIN2-0/+12
Change-Id: I252869f88a7ae149cf3c6a62934c9b93655ad87f
2020-11-16Remove extra vertical spaces.Nicolas PERANSIN4-27/+49
Change-Id: Idd694805066975f7f3cfe68d8bf5c71612b86811 Signed-off-by: Nicolas PERANSIN <>
2020-11-16Fix button alignment for hyperlink.Nicolas PERANSIN1-2/+2
Same behavior as label. Change-Id: Ie06ee880be4a32ca97e0cf57825b284b3bb72c59 Signed-off-by: Nicolas PERANSIN <>
2020-08-27[releng] Configure Maven repositories for deploymentMélanie Bats1-0/+14
Change-Id: I4227ac8eb2ac1d04fbaecd4dc928a2b9b0f356dd Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2020-08-21[cleanup] Remove test file created by mistakePierre-Charles David1-1/+0
Change-Id: I937e94b587e287b13452f3ebf7a80d70e510a9ac Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2020-08-21[releng] Switch to EEF 2.1.5Pierre-Charles David53-54/+54
Change-Id: I689d08030fdded22e1dd49713b8c9f4bfe3b8de4 Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2020-08-21[566252] Fix properties label appearancePierre-Charles David1-2/+4
It seems that the style used by the platform to render disabled labels has changed since was merged. Tweak the label's configuration to recover the same appearance and behavior as before. Bug: Change-Id: I96a7ae3e4d77c9f88271135f82931169b3814cee Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2020-02-10[releng] Contribute the aggregation files to simplify the relengStéphane Bégaudeau2-0/+26
The switch to JIRO has made the promotion more complex. Storing those files in the Git repository should make things easier to maintain. Change-Id: I23d30c471972e8f917808f6f49a5ad306f8299aa Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2020-02-10[releng] Switch to EEF 2.1.4Stéphane Bégaudeau53-54/+54
Change-Id: I260da3360027494761bc9d72f278e33288bbb0ed Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2020-02-10[releng] Switch to 2019-12Stéphane Bégaudeau7-5/+95
Change-Id: I1eb32f1fdff257c112660879951a6d2eb91450f2 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2020-01-14[550436] Fix potential NPE in sortTabDescriptorsByAfterTabAxel RICHARD1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7d949e8e2fbd177bc727d0571a053a8fa54f2bd8 Signed-off-by: Axel RICHARD <>
2019-09-12TestMélanie Bats1-0/+1
Change-Id: I2e4bfe7cefd8da7c18fcf04f7438376ea70be85a Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2019-09-05[releng] Switch to EEF 2.1.3Stéphane Bégaudeau52-53/+53
Change-Id: I3d4cf51eea3ffab83fdbf23d074ff2710fd60287 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-05[550436] Fix tabs order algorithmAxel RICHARD4-54/+343
The algorithm processing 'afterTab' elements was bugged and leaded to have wrong tabs order. Also add test cases. Bug: Change-Id: Idf802fdc0a0812486d279395751d138e0b3ccf50 Signed-off-by: Axel RICHARD <>
2019-09-03[releng] Remove unnecessary debug instructionsStéphane Bégaudeau1-3/+0
Change-Id: If6a07c5b9b327e16bc53afd5a2f5a736090494fe Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Fix an issue with the creation of the composite update siteStéphane Bégaudeau1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ia14cac1d1346fca3bd345de4831856d878ab1ed1 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Fix an issue with the debug statementsStéphane Bégaudeau1-8/+11
Change-Id: Id7ad34637e8f316a1b3e48aded8e6d9496c15fdd Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Fix an issue with the export of the environmentStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+3
Change-Id: I059eff1479458386f3af58d1b385dd6a21d18559 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Fix a typo in the promotion scriptStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3f9d386063767e12f530ad565e283129a0798610 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Add additional log to the promotion scriptStéphane Bégaudeau1-8/+8
Change-Id: I0c4ee8b84c03e5442d417614553218e414da60fe Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Update the promotion script for the new architectureStéphane Bégaudeau1-11/+16
Change-Id: I31d0db3d1241f5eaef7df467487eb1322790baed Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-09-03[releng] Switch to Tycho 1.4.0 releaseAxel RICHARD1-2/+2
Switch from snapshot to release Change-Id: I6aea9d6cc34b6479ff0765f257beeb65b6d30fbe Signed-off-by: Axel RICHARD <>
2019-03-07[releng] Fix an issue in the publish nightly scriptv2.1.2Stéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib9d31a97e10af9c441442f520e58f37afb249e11 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-02-15[releng] Update CheckStyle config to be compatible with CS 8.12Pierre-Charles David1-3/+3
Change-Id: I31cb294b731f21b72511d132eb94effc6d0d006e Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2019-01-31[releng] Update the platform version nameStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib85985ce8ca69a0d3c5f07d527ff3a0f593921f3 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-01-31[releng] Add support for the build using 2018-12Stéphane Bégaudeau4-1/+91
Change-Id: I81c2886d30155b2dddff2c69f99e71643650e03e Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-01-31[releng] Update the build for 2018-09Stéphane Bégaudeau8-12/+116
The Javadoc is no longer created during the build due to a regression in Java 9, 10, 11. See for additional information. The crux of the issue comes from the fact that after Java 9, the file package-list has been renamed into element-list. Change-Id: I4e7d2fd8e0198baa76a1ede03f0612d81327915c Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-01-31[releng] Switch to EEF 2.1.2 and update the build to PhotonStéphane Bégaudeau52-51/+147
Change-Id: I4911bdd08944e1d7072736d03ae23430e710d6f5 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2019-01-30[539718] Improve up/down action of the EEF reference widgetGuillaume Coutable1-1/+2
Updates the selection using the up/down action of the EEF reference widget. Change-Id: I1c7bf3a0ec8e0580ac3cedd797bec7994252d0a9 Signed-off-by: Guillaume Coutable <>
2018-10-11[documentation] Update the release notes for EEF 2.1.1v2.1.1Stéphane Bégaudeau2-3/+3
Change-Id: Id3b8dfe7a20b832e121ccc47be200de2c5ebb413 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-10-10[531547] Improve the filter tab descriptor extension pointStéphane Bégaudeau5-5/+45
Two additional parameters are now available in order to filter a tab descriptor: - The current workbench part - The current selection Bug: Change-Id: I53a389857d75f38815030c57544b936a11ec3a05 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-26[doc] Update the release notes of the release 2.0.2Stéphane Bégaudeau2-7/+23
Change-Id: I2c4f409ee0b0bb7c16873ba5e3fdd12bff5f70df Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-21[releng] Second part of the switch to EPLv2Stéphane Bégaudeau384-5243/+5946
- Java files - Metamodels Change-Id: I66cb5cf73ad4a8689ac81e06fe0f826a35f1df4a Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-20[releng] First part of the switch to EPL v2Stéphane Bégaudeau125-1840/+8491
- pom.xml - plugin.xml - settings - - Change-Id: I6f229043d0356fcf9564cd7df8dc56c7f9a5ab23 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-19[releng] Add support for automatic module nameStéphane Bégaudeau16-0/+16
Change-Id: Ib4d74382548ccd08402081cfaa142272b3d6ca41 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-19[releng] Bump to 2.1.1Stéphane Bégaudeau50-67/+67
Change-Id: I98eb5edd7465b79c168eb216e34633ada92f822a Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-19[537506] Filter the sections of a tab using the contributor idAxel Richard2-2/+24
Sections were used in tabs without regard to their contributors id Bug: Change-Id: I96541937b89e7799442737ef804a3164a930ab4b Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <>
2018-09-19[537577] Use the afterSection to sort the sectionsAxel Richard18-3/+948
Bug: Change-Id: If36f06a1f8131740d894ceb8f2ab7b88b2a60483 Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <>
2018-07-18[documentation] EEF 2.1.0 release notesv2.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau2-0/+13
Change-Id: Ica03b16267154086dda36865e5d90f45bd153fb2 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-06-01[documentation] Add legal documentsStéphane Bégaudeau3-0/+302
Change-Id: I9d5829f0b8e1d5062789a57baf00b164ef17f60c Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-14[releng] Switch to Tycho 1.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau1-2/+11
Change-Id: I933ff3c168cdb7293a1c06232faed63e16904f06 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-14[releng] Update the oxygen target platformStéphane Bégaudeau2-3/+3
Change-Id: I241b703838f12e40e4c4b24a81e005efab3bf971 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[releng] Bump to 2.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau47-50/+50
Change-Id: I8e9c5bf3d97c2a9d0fb200bedefea21545ee7f74 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[refactoring] Switch to Sirius Ext IDEStéphane Bégaudeau12-21/+27
Change-Id: I1cfc7aec2ac45d1944b1799098b60a6cf840330a Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[releng] Add Oxygen target platformStéphane Bégaudeau4-1/+97
Change-Id: I9e11441bfce28f242f0f662ff103827883eea932 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-04-11[cleanup] Fix wrong name in debug messages of EEFTabLaurent Redor1-7/+7
Change-Id: I06ea5d16b2ce44df50f60ca5c6d3c7df115e2ae9 Signed-off-by: Laurent Redor <>
2018-01-31[528330] Fix dialog messagev2.0.1_RESPINPierre-Charles David1-1/+1
Bug: 528330 Change-Id: I7d4fc3b4dda741ddfd5f9d91a93e8babd73aa41e Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2018-01-30[doc] Update the release notesv2.0.1Stéphane Bégaudeau2-0/+2
Change-Id: Ic657acfa6deb7bd1d7dd85c6da237dfd559474f5 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-01-26[530391] Fix an issue with text style updateStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+4
Bug: Change-Id: Iff337cfabd3f2aa830d430dc0ff9ee98dc2e9896 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>

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