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2018-09-19[releng] Bump to 2.1.1Stéphane Bégaudeau50-67/+67
Change-Id: I98eb5edd7465b79c168eb216e34633ada92f822a Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-09-19[537506] Filter the sections of a tab using the contributor idAxel Richard2-2/+24
Sections were used in tabs without regard to their contributors id Bug: Change-Id: I96541937b89e7799442737ef804a3164a930ab4b Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <>
2018-09-19[537577] Use the afterSection to sort the sectionsAxel Richard18-3/+948
Bug: Change-Id: If36f06a1f8131740d894ceb8f2ab7b88b2a60483 Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <>
2018-07-18[documentation] EEF 2.1.0 release notesv2.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau2-0/+13
Change-Id: Ica03b16267154086dda36865e5d90f45bd153fb2 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-06-01[documentation] Add legal documentsStéphane Bégaudeau3-0/+302
Change-Id: I9d5829f0b8e1d5062789a57baf00b164ef17f60c Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-14[releng] Switch to Tycho 1.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau1-2/+11
Change-Id: I933ff3c168cdb7293a1c06232faed63e16904f06 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-14[releng] Update the oxygen target platformStéphane Bégaudeau2-3/+3
Change-Id: I241b703838f12e40e4c4b24a81e005efab3bf971 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[releng] Bump to 2.1.0Stéphane Bégaudeau47-50/+50
Change-Id: I8e9c5bf3d97c2a9d0fb200bedefea21545ee7f74 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[refactoring] Switch to Sirius Ext IDEStéphane Bégaudeau12-21/+27
Change-Id: I1cfc7aec2ac45d1944b1799098b60a6cf840330a Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-05-13[releng] Add Oxygen target platformStéphane Bégaudeau4-1/+97
Change-Id: I9e11441bfce28f242f0f662ff103827883eea932 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-04-11[cleanup] Fix wrong name in debug messages of EEFTabLaurent Redor1-7/+7
Change-Id: I06ea5d16b2ce44df50f60ca5c6d3c7df115e2ae9 Signed-off-by: Laurent Redor <>
2018-01-31[528330] Fix dialog messagev2.0.1_RESPINPierre-Charles David1-1/+1
Bug: 528330 Change-Id: I7d4fc3b4dda741ddfd5f9d91a93e8babd73aa41e Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2018-01-30[doc] Update the release notesv2.0.1Stéphane Bégaudeau2-0/+2
Change-Id: Ic657acfa6deb7bd1d7dd85c6da237dfd559474f5 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-01-26[530391] Fix an issue with text style updateStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+4
Bug: Change-Id: Iff337cfabd3f2aa830d430dc0ff9ee98dc2e9896 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2018-01-26Fix potential NPE in error reporting codePierre-Charles David1-2/+8
If the 'class' attribute is missing in the extension configuration, we'll hit the error handling block, but we should not pass null to MessageFormat.format() in this case. Change-Id: Ie44bf601dcd0ce209431d76e97963f73b47b4bca Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2018-01-26[530181] Add workarounds for combos under Windows 7Pierre-Charles David1-0/+27
By default, under Windows 7 (and only there), if a combo is opened, it will ignore concurrent requests to update its content. This means it can display stale values, but trying to update the displayed values once the combo is opened is broken under Windows 7. This is configurable with system property org.eclipse.eef.avoidUpdatingOpenedCombo if the situations appears in other systmes we're not yet aware of. If showing possibly stale values in the combo is an issue, a second system property, org.eclipse.eef.forceCloseToUpdateCombo, can be set to force the updating, at the cost of closing the combo. The user has to re-open it, but at least in this case the content shown is up to date. Bug: 530181 Change-Id: Iba6ae5767e208206adbc4207c50894d52dedd0b1 Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2018-01-26[528330] Handle possible text loss on widget lockingPierre-Charles David4-84/+234
Change-Id: I2405126335a9b6a5578082ff4c4ee455fd97327e Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2017-12-22[releng] Bump the version to 2.0.1v2.0.1_RC1Stéphane Bégaudeau46-47/+49
Change-Id: I21f38d90d2f441b60bc52cdfb31b7ab0209ab785 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-12-22[doc] Update the release notes for EEF 2.0.1Stéphane Bégaudeau2-9/+85
Change-Id: Ibe5648158010f88e21d661fc6ec139559facf7c0 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-12-22[529128] Fix a selection issue with List during refreshStéphane Bégaudeau1-3/+2
Bug: Change-Id: I1b2cd5d7d55d62cd0dd2066b32a5ffc08eb2e4e0 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-12-22[528330] Handle possible edition conflicts in the text widgetPierre-Charles David4-8/+345
Some conflict situations could cause the loss of user input inside a text field. If the user has started editing a text field when a concurrent refresh occurs and produces a different reference value that the one he started from, detect the potential conflict and react accordingly. If the new reference value is the same, keep the user input without interupting him. The reaction in case of conflict is configurable: the implementation in EEFTextLifecycleManager uses a new preference TEXT_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_MODE, which is not exposed in the UI but can be configured programmatically using EEFPreferences.setTextConflictResolutionMode(). The default preference value can also be overridden by configuration, using the -pluginCustomization startup flag to point to a plugin_customization.ini file with, for example: org.eclipse.eef.ide.ui/TEXT_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION_MODE=USE_LOCAL_VERSION EEFTextLifecycleManager supports three modes: * USE_MODEL_VERSION: overwrite the widget's content with the value computed from the new version of the model (no user feedback). This is the default. * USE_LOCAL_VERSION: keep the current value begin edited by the end-user in the widget (no user feedback); * ASK_USER: open a simple dialog box to ask the user which version to keep. Note that the simple dialog provided is only suitable for short (single-line) text fields. Conflict resolution can further be customized by providing a custom LifecycleManager which extends the default EEFTextLifecycleManager and overrides either: * askUserToResolveConflict() to take the preference in consideration, but implement ASK_USER differently, for example with a more sophisticated dialog. * resolveEditionConflict() to provide a completely different strategy (possibly ignoring the preference). Bug: 528330 Change-Id: I37125b40fcfaea3fd8dcfc59aa2dcb692dfe6919 Cherry-Picks: 528134 Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2017-12-20[528993] Complete I18N of plug-inPierre-Charles David5-6/+26
Add missing strings and fix the Messages class initialization. Bug: 528993 Change-Id: I653a39ddf2b1d60d2ecabb89548b2b9da7eca101 Cherry-Picks: 525990 Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2017-07-06[519298] Set the hyperlink data in case of a mono valued referenceMélanie Bats1-0/+1
Bug:519298 Change-Id: I57e7364163cd32c1755121c5114a5503f98e41c3 Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-07-06[519240] Fix an issue with olf property sections from EEF 1.5.xStéphane Bégaudeau1-21/+28
Bug: Change-Id: I2d0f6fd143892d85a4e3c7174b00f66e77b13aee Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-07-06[doc] Fix a typo in the documentationStéphane Bégaudeau2-2/+2
Change-Id: I51c9b6d538dec4dbfbf71039332df433b947eade Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-07-06[refactoring] Remove useless commentsStéphane Bégaudeau1-5/+0
Change-Id: I967dd4f14f9446144814f7d9a6818a3b4561189c Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-31[doc] Improve the documentationv2.0.0_RELEASEv2.0.0_RC2Stéphane Bégaudeau18-8/+59
Change-Id: I75adb0cbfcf1d4abe2e3026495cb79a7ba5c9110 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-30[517436] Fix an issue with the filter of TabElementTreeSelectionDialogStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+2
Bug: Change-Id: I2918c008f27a4b9fd643455521c281c636fdbd08 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-22[496076] Review the tool bar lifecyclev2.0.0_RC1Mélanie Bats1-3/+28
The toolbar actions are not removed when we select another page. Then if a page without action is selected first the actions are not provided when a page which defines action is selected. We review the creation/deletion of the toolbar actions to be done during the aboutToBeShwon and aboutToBeHidden phases. Bug: 496076 Change-Id: If849f60e2c5b2929fbe3d1fcfb1d9fb9161d1437 Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-22[496076] Provide a default image for toolbar actionMélanie Bats2-4/+23
If the image expression is not set for a toolbar action a default image is provided. Bug: 496076 Change-Id: If67e2aaaed4196f06f1887a2545e2ac59dc5b2d9 Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-22[517050] Improve the layout of the reference widgetStéphane Bégaudeau1-0/+1
Bug: Change-Id: I3215f92d514ef0068e15ee836e68a3ac575c579c Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-22[516741] Recompute the property view when a group is expandedMélanie Bats2-1/+40
Bug: 516741 Change-Id: I7e8fae8942e81a9dca8ac991fb13e505ee3ed8e3 Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-17[516667] Improve the layout of the hyperlinksMélanie Bats1-10/+1
Bug: 516667 Change-Id: Ic4f4339c49b30a2c4a6385db57b4847d79e1d6ff Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-17[496076] Contribute actions on the groups and pagesMélanie Bats78-187/+1574
Bug: 496076 Change-Id: I49a1f2756786231f889742a13de7586d0084d6a7 Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <> Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-16[496069] Add support for images in the buttons and widget actionsMélanie Bats69-142/+819
Bug: 496069 Change-Id: I61c6f72a7ab8b233f9841894c66658863e52f5c2 Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <> Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-16[496080] Add support for indented pagesMélanie Bats74-156/+315
Bug: 496080 Change-Id: I99bd545b1a02a5e7770360eab3f446034dcc2069 Signed-off-by: Axel Richard <> Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-16[515701] Add an onClick expression on the reference widgetMélanie Bats24-250/+523
When the reference is: * a single valued reference: if the on click expression is set, the reference is represented as an hyperlink else the reference is represented as a label * a multi valued reference: if the on click expression is set, the reference is represented as a table with clickable lines Bug: 515701 Change-Id: I1d3d74fa03ec78cd156ecbb0b57d772bab245250 Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-16[515586] Handle dynamic mappings recursively for the force refreshStéphane Bégaudeau1-4/+25
Bug: Change-Id: Ie02fd19ac68e5253061661856c82589612df84f6 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-16[516668] Introduce arbitrary ID's to identify EObjectscbrun3-4/+103
This commit introduce arbitrary ID's to identify EObject when a page is computed in order to stop relying on EcoreUtil.getURI() which has a number of problems - performance is not great when having deep models (but arguably this code is not a hot spot) - the URI might change over time for a given EObject, for instance in Ecore renaming an EClass will lead to a change of URI, and then a spurious reset of the page (and the widget focus gets lost) Bug: 516668 Change-Id: I392754c88fdee5bcaaf98043d4c2894559accc4b Signed-off-by: Cedric Brun <>
2017-05-16[releng] Fix the build for Guava 21Stéphane Bégaudeau3-5/+8
Change-Id: Ifcae7c749f801cc2ed51caca22d360126472607e Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-05-15[516667] Remove extra space after hyperlinkMélanie Bats1-2/+11
Bug: 516667 Change-Id: I4098079a4b0fce194e11e7a81014e521d4fee88a Signed-off-by: Mélanie Bats <>
2017-05-02[515586] Force the refresh of the UI with a dynamic mappingStéphane Bégaudeau145-1756/+1665
A new property is available on a dynamic mapping for to let the specifier force the refresh. Bug: Change-Id: I4210a7adfea7dc977ebf891f5198d1cacbf12aed Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[refactoring] Remove dependencies to GuavaStéphane Bégaudeau15-114/+141
Change-Id: I8a13f6415bd6d79cde118dc484a85fb47db60619 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[releng] Fix missing about.html in the build.propertiesStéphane Bégaudeau3-0/+3
Change-Id: I7e536e2e2ac70f8bc4c014144ba7e498da8692ef Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[refactoring] Improve some listeners for the widget actionsStéphane Bégaudeau3-37/+30
Change-Id: I18af48743401f0cbe2437523121138833e279179 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[cleanup] Remove useless @SuppressWarningsStéphane Bégaudeau1-1/+0
Change-Id: Ib2ac9855538132f999fb1ec087ec2c5c3f66ea77 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[refactoring] Fix a warning for an unused exceptionStéphane Bégaudeau3-7/+9
Change-Id: I231f6627c5be3b2cef63b579ad530d19aa7763a6 Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[refactoring] Reduce the number of potential NPEsStéphane Bégaudeau17-101/+134
Change-Id: I62a933320eb08dfe3df8e4f93d39cbc903dd753d Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>
2017-04-19[513254] Add support for read-only status decoratorPierre-Charles David7-0/+33
Bug: 513254 Change-Id: If1ca0d47fab31c4d9c51a3445a551421de5d7dbf Cherry-picks: I5a73bfc6387ce0683088fbf20a6ff6b04801a1e1 Signed-off-by: Pierre-Charles David <>
2017-03-30[refactoring] Replace IConsumer by java.util.function.ConsumerStéphane Bégaudeau32-174/+170
Change-Id: I2a08f80b07d49242d071d7fe41fac26d9457298f Signed-off-by: Stéphane Bégaudeau <>

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