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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-05-28Merge branch 'Wizard_Fix' of ssh:// Le Fur3-9/+11
2014-05-28UPDATED:Goulwen Le Fur5-13/+39
2014-05-28fix change recorder init in SemanticPECNathalie Lepine3-9/+11
2014-05-28UPDATED: trying to add compatility to win32 for EEF Tests launch configGoulwen Le Fur1-1/+1
2014-05-28UPDATED: EEF environment configuration improvementGoulwen Le Fur2-10/+8
2014-05-27ADDED: EEFListening system for widgetsGoulwen Le Fur23-299/+599
2014-05-26fix delayed thread cancel if not enough time in textNathalie Lepine1-1/+11
2014-05-26clean codeNathalie Lepine14-158/+246
2014-05-23add customizer strategyNathalie Lepine40-2716/+1383
2014-05-20fix call and instances number of recorder in properties editing contextsNathalie Lepine16-232/+208
2014-04-24fix dispose recorderNathalie Lepine3-6/+5
2014-04-24wizard edition bug fixNathalie Lepine34-397/+986
2014-04-15FIXED: instantiation trouvles in E4EditUIProviderNathalie Lepine1-7/+19
2014-03-20fix : pb focus on text/texarea on modify listenerNathalie Lepine2-16/+32
2014-03-14fix editing strategyNathalie Lepine3-23/+35
2014-03-14fix change recorderNathalie Lepine1-26/+20
2014-03-14update item providerNathalie Lepine2-4/+16
2014-03-14some fixNathalie Lepine3-3/+36
2014-03-14fix edition on element list double clickNathalie Lepine1-0/+3
2014-03-13fix textarea update with getter/setterNathalie Lepine13-191/+390
2014-03-12fix views pageNathalie Lepine1-3/+0
2014-03-12add views creation in views editor pageNathalie Lepine3-259/+280
2014-03-12fix widget is disposedNathalie Lepine1-5/+7
2014-03-12some fixNathalie Lepine3-3/+2
2014-03-07fix editor views pageNathalie Lepine1-34/+3
2014-03-07fix bug synchronising editor/viewNathalie Lepine7-696/+132
2014-03-07updated eef editor/view synchroNathalie Lepine5-64/+401
2014-03-06fix EEF Editor and view synchronisationNathalie Lepine4-13/+37
2014-03-06updated EEFSelectionDialog :Nathalie Lepine2-43/+102
2014-03-06fix npeNathalie Lepine1-15/+17
2014-03-05update eef editor/view synchroNathalie Lepine20-64/+421
2014-03-04add eef reflective view extensionNathalie Lepine1-0/+15
2014-03-03add new file from previous commitNathalie Lepine4-0/+1355
2014-03-03Merge branch 'v2_0_0' of ssh:// Lepine2-0/+5
2014-03-03add eef reflective viewNathalie Lepine16-743/+1079
2014-03-03fix widget is disposed exceptionNathalie Lepine1-9/+11
2014-02-26Merge branch 'v2_0_0' of ssh:// in...Goulwen Le Fur12-288/+469
2014-02-26FIXED: some bugsGoulwen Le Fur2-0/+5
2014-02-26remove model view in binding tab folder in EEF EditorNathalie Lepine1-11/+0
2014-02-26add createReflectivePropertiesEditingContext(PropertiesEditingContextNathalie Lepine2-40/+124
2014-02-25fix editor previewNathalie Lepine3-12/+11
2014-02-24add binding settings preview in editorNathalie Lepine7-99/+170
2014-02-24fix NPE on property binding preview in editorNathalie Lepine3-139/+166
2014-02-21UPDATED: fixed some e4 compatibility.Goulwen Le Fur26-101/+218
2014-02-14UPDATED: fixed pem incompatibilityGoulwen Le Fur2-26/+26
2014-02-14ADDED: Error logging on PEM loading exceptionGoulwen Le Fur4-6/+22
2014-02-13Merge branch 'v2_0_0' of ssh:// in...Goulwen Le Fur1-4/+42
2014-02-13UPDATED: Better java code invocation. ReflectService replaced by EEFInvokerGoulwen Le Fur59-1013/+701
2014-02-13Merge branch 'v2_0_0' of ssh:// Lepine3-1/+51
2014-02-13add tests for EMFServiceNathalie Lepine1-4/+42

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