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--- a/doc/org.eclipse.eef.documentation/pages/releasenotes.textile
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.eef.documentation/pages/releasenotes.textile
@@ -9,6 +9,13 @@ h3(#eef2.1.0). Changes in EEF 2.1.0
* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> Update the releng process
* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> Fix some debug messages
+h3(#eef2.0.2). Changes in EEF 2.0.2
+h4. User-Visible Changes
+* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> Fix an issue with the order of the legacy tabs which did not use the afterSection part of the extension declaration
+* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> Fix an issue with the legacy tabs used by taking into account the contributor id
h3(#eef2.0.1). Changes in EEF 2.0.1
h4. User-Visible Changes

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