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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ h3(#properties). Properties
* domainClass: The domain class is used in order to determine if the page can be used for the current input. If the page uses a domain class, it will only be displayed if the current input is an EObject with an EClass which directly matches the domain class or with one of its superclass matching the domain class.
* semanticCandidateExpression: The semantic candidate expression is used to select the object that will be used as the current context of the page. It allows you for example, to use an object as the input of the view but then decide that in a specific page, you want to display the properties of another object. This expression must return one object or a collection of objects to be used as the new context of the page. More information are available below in order to create multiple pages from one definition.
* preconditionExpression: The precondition expression is used in order to determine if the page should be displayed or not. This expression must return a boolean.
-* groups: The list of the "groups":page.html that should be used in this page.
+* groups: The list of the "groups":group.html that should be used in this page.
* semanticValidationRules: The validation rules of the page. For more details regarding the validation in EEF, have a look at the documentation of the "validation":validation.html.
* actions: The list of the Toolbar Actions used to create buttons in the toolbar of the page. Those actions can contain a tooltipExpression wich should return a string used as the tooltip, an actionExpression executed when the user will click on the button and an imageExpression used to configure the appearance of the button. The imageExpression must return a string with the following structure PROJECT_NAME/IMAGE_PATH, for example: org.eclipse.sample/icons/Icon.gif

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